My Clean Face is 5 Minutes AM/PM Simple

My Clean Face is 5 Minutes AM/PM Simple

I never was one to really keep a routine regarding my face growing up. In fact I didn’t really have one until about a year ago. Growing up I just washed with a generic bar of soap and water. When you’re young, it doesn’t really matter as you haven’t had your hormones kick in yet and you have no wrinkles to worry about. Just dirt from playing outside.

Now that I am older, and as of last year, I started my own very simple routine. I don’t like over complicating the process. Some people have very meticulous routines. I just use a few products. Plus I get busy and don’t want to take long. Unless makeup is involved. I have include some pictures, taken to the best of my ability, I wish the shadows weren’t involved, of what I use in the morning and at night.

Here I use Anew Ultimate Cleansing Cream. Many of the products I have are trial versions. I have a small bathroom so space for everything is a must. I love this cream. You don’t have to wet your face first. You just put the cream on an then rinse it off. Then I use the Anew Hydra Fusion De-Puffing Eye Serum. I sometimes look like have been crying the whole night even after a good nights sleep. This has an applicator. You don’t need very much, either. Then I use the Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum to give my face a glow and some good old C. Then the Vitamin C Lip Balm. I still have yet to see my lips plump. I swear hey said it did that but either way I do nibble on my lips. No reason, really. Just a bad habit that I have no clue how it started. To top it off I apple Anew Ultimate Multi Performance Day Cream with SPF 25. Needing to protect you face in the sun, or no sun in the winter, is just goo health practice. This morning routine, unless makeup is involved, takes me about 5 minutes.

My nightly routine is just as simple as my morning routine. I use Anew Hydra Fusion Cleansing Water. I am almost out of it and need more because I love it that much. You just use it on a cotton ball or reusable cleaning pad and you take off the days dirt and oils that have built up. Next, Anew Hydra Fusion Replenishing Serum. As you can tell I use a lot o Anew products and also Hydra Fusion produts. For having combination oily skin, it hasn’t been harsh and I have developed sensitive skin since I was young and none the products irritate my face. But if you use them and they do that, then lessen the usage. Still, the serum give me back some moisture I may have lost during the day You can also use it in the morning and follow up with the Gel Cream. I know I am just shy of 40 and to be honest I am not too worried about wrinkles. I welcome crows feet. I think they add so much to a woman’s face. It’s just the forehead lines I am not fond of. I get makeup creases with them. I have one that is especially deep and granted it may never go away but I might as well work on those finer lines. The retinol is meant for deep lines. My deep on has softened some. Topping off my night time routine I use Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Night cream to lock in the moisture I just added. Again, this routine takes me about five minutes unless makeup is involved. Then I add more steps.

What kind of routine do you have and have you always had one? Let me know in the comments.