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Christmas Gifts From Avon 2020

Christmas 2020 from Avon has a so much to choose from. We even have a theme of Paris this year to bring home a city of Romance. Travel this year can be hard so we are bringing Paris to you!

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Many people are taught to give their babies gentle soaps and lotions to keep their skin healthy and soft. As we get older though, I have noticed not as many parents do this beyond the infant or toddler stage.


4 Avon Skin Saviors + 1 POPULAR Brand

Each one of us has a different need when it comes to our skin. We have oily, we have dry, and we have combination skin. This post I will focus mostly on a total of 5 products I have found to be saviors not just to myself, but to some Avon customers as well.

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Uh-oh, What’s In My Makeup Bag.

To start, I don’t have an actual bag. I need one though. No it’s a gallon size ziplock bag. Oh, the tragedy! This has got to be a no-no to other makeup bloggers and maybe some YouTubers.

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How to: Skin-So-Soft as an Amazing Brush Cleaner

I am going to admit something about my self here: Until a few years ago I never actually cleaned my brushes. Sure, maybe I cleaned ones used for eyeshadow when I needed to change color and didn’t want to muddy up my look.