Just One Last GlimmerKiss (Edited)

Just One Last GlimmerKiss (Edited)

Recently Avon added new colors to it’s GlimmerShadow line and also added a line to go with it called GlimmerKiss. Glimmerkiss is a small side line of liquid lipstick that offers rich color pigment with sparkle in four new shades. You can build it up from a subtle shimmer to an all-out metallic look. It is weightless, long lasting and smooth to the touch. It is paraben, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free.

History of Lipstick

Thinking of lipstick, it is easy to think that it has only been around for a short while. When really it has been around for roughly 5,000 years! In Sarah Scheffer’s book ‘Reading Our Lips: The History of Lipstick Regulation in Western Seats of Power‘ she suggests that it may have been the Sumerians that invented the idea of lipstick. Used by both men and women back then. Gemstones were crushed and used on the face. Something similar I figure to women now adorning their faces with fake jewels. Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile, crushed bugs. (A collective ew is okay here) and also in Egypt it was seen that women of status wore lipstick. It didn’t matter if you were a boy or a girl. You could wear it. Greeks, though it was originally worn by ladies of the night (more of the reason why any makeup that was seen as stand-outish was considered to be part of the women of the nights repertoire), used crushed mulberries and sometimes vermilion. A toxic ingredient. Which is no surprise as many early cosmetics had toxic ingredient. Queen Elizabeth I wore makeup to look young that did no help to her ailing health. The aborigines of Australia painted their lips for pubescent rituals.

Photo by Hakim Santoso from Pexels
Elizabeth I, oil on panel attributed to George Gower, about 1588.

So why has lipstick still been ever so popular? For one, it’s nice to wear and gives out faces an added depth. It has also become part of a symbol of strength to women. In WWII women were encouraged to wear bright red lipstick as a symbol of morale which started in Great Britain and came to America.

Also, lipstick is now connected to the fight against breast cancer. Which Avon supports the funds for. A double whammy if you will. I first heard of this in the movie Lipstick starring Sarah Chalk (the replacement Becky of the sitcom Roseanne) based on the best selling book, ‘Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy’ by jounralist Gerlyn Lucas who went through the trails of breast cancer.

I will not get any compensation for any clicks to this link. I am not an affiliate. This picture and the link to it are more or less added to the page for informational purposes.

And last but not least in the quick “brush” with lipstick history, lipstick didn’t always come in a tube. It was applied with a brush. Much like how GlimmerKiss and other liquid lipsticks are applied now.

About GlimmerKiss

I have always been hesitant of any liquid lipstick, as stated with my lip gloss Crave Review, here, I have come to expect each liquid lipstick to be sticky. GlimmerKiss surprised me. Not only was it highly pigmented, it went on smooth, it had a high sparkle (and I am not a sparkle kind of gal) and it wasn’t sticky. At all. I chose Ruby for my color. Suitable reds have been my go-to for a while. Not that I am against others but I wanted to at least try this one before getting any others. I liked how it stood out and stayed on for a long time. The only time I noticed any come off was when I was eating a slightly greasy croissant at a local cafe. I don’t imagine many lipsticks to be oil resistant anyway. I will update this short and sweet blog post once I get all the other colors to show off to you. Meanwhile they are $9.99 each. You can buy them here on my online store. Check out the new sweeps going on for Chi Products, essential oils, and Belif Aqua Bombs here. Worth $202. The sweeps ends March 31, 2020. And also check out our mini giveaway of the new up and coming VDL Primer Set. I have recently made a video of one of the primers as well as the new Cashmere foundation and concealer line we will have out next week on Wednesday. Below I also have a video on GlimmerShadow and GlimmerKiss. I take you back to the 80’s to show off all the sparkle that this current campaign reminded me of.

Ingredients of GlimmerKiss


Other ingredients will vary depending on color of GlimmerKiss such as colorants. The lipsticks are currently $9.99 each (reg $14).

How I Looked with Ruby GlimmerKiss

I went full on 80’s the best I could.

Avon is also undergoing a large product expansion. We will be rolling out a series of new products this year. I have already done a video on the new Cashmere line and the new VDL Primer product line. I will be writing up a post for those as well, shortly. We also will be adding more hair styling tools to our CHI line in cooperation with the Chi Company itself. I have written on the shampoo and conditioner and hair dye that we now offer within the Chi products we have. In the new line coming up we have a hair dryer, a flatiron, and a curler along with a protein spray to add more elasticity to your hair. I will create a page especially for upcoming products with a video you can watch to see them. Some items are already out. Other products are makeup from VDL such as lipsticks. All to give a glass look. Your face will look smooth and have a subtle shin to it much like glass. There are new serums coming out as well. We women are always looking for a new serum to help with wrinkles, aging, environmental protection, irritation, and to help with many other skin issues. And of course there are always seasonal items and always a new jewelry item for your eyes to ogle and your heart to want. It’s hard to not burn a hole in your pocket. So, keep an eye out for all this and more. Avon is never short on amazing products and that is why we are still in business and empowering women internationally. Fighting breast cancer and saying no to domestic violence. Your support says you can be pretty and still support and kick butt.

5 Things I have learned About Makeup

5 Things I have learned About Makeup

I was young when I started using makeup. But I didn’t use a whole lot. I only used eyeliner. I have a condition called trichotillomania. It’s a condition where a person pulls out their hair. It’s uncontrollable and generally starts in puberty. Something I learned it that when not addressed early enough, it is rather hard to stop. I won’t go into it but it once of the reasons I wear eyeliner to this day. I do still have trichotillomania. I was never treated early enough. It began when I was 13. I began wearing eyeliner, even to bed because I was that self conscious about it, at age 15. For a long while I wore it every day. Now, I don’t wear it every day. Some days I may not wear it when I go out. Like to take our garbage or check the mail. But I do wear it if I have to go somewhere. Sometimes that’s the only thing I put on. It’s rare to catch me without it on outside of the house. Or in a picture.

I started to sparingly wear makeup in my last year of high school. My step dad has an amazing eye for colors and so he helped pick them out. He is even really good at picking out something someone would like. It’s not common in all guys. I started with neutral colors maybe a bit of pink. I didn’t start to really know how to put makeup on though until just a few years ago. I am almost 40. It took me that long. But in the short 10-ish years I have started using makeup, there are at least 5 things worth mentioning in what i have learned.

Start Small

You don’t need to go all out when you first wear makeup. I think that’s what most tweens do when they experiment. Or even little girls do and even some boys. Many makeup artists are male so don’t get too upset if your little boy does this. He may grow up to be a famous makeup artist to the celebrities. Start with tinted lip glosses. Avon sells Dew Kiss Lip Dew. It adds just a tint of color to your lips. I started using that at 15 as well. Mostly to keep my lips soft but I liked the color it added. It is a long time favorite for many. Maybe do some eye liner and mascara but no eyeshadow, Keep it simple. Watch videos or ask friends and family their techniques for applying makeup. You can practice at home even if you aren’t going anywhere and since you can take a selfie now, use that to see how you like it.

Dew Kiss Lip Dew Regularly $2, on sale for Campaign 17 at $1.29 shop my store at www.youravon.com/ashleybarnes

Don’t Do It for Others, Do It for You

One of the many things I think girls and women may feel is that they should do it for others. Yes, some men and women are shallow and will base how you look on how they treat you and how they say others will treat you. The fact of the matter is, do it for yourself. Especially if someone finds out there may be a deep meaning as to why you do it. Such as people with noticeable scars or birthmarks or skin conditions you want to mask. I say let your real you come out but if you really want to hide it, that is your choice. Not others and if they find out what you look like without makeup and chastise you for it, well they aren’t a great person to be around to begin with. Makeup should be something to enhance how you feel about yourself. Yes, many celebs do it for appearances sake. But that’s the message we get and sometimes for the wrong reason. They have to represent a brand that isn’t everyone. Make your own personal brand. The more authentic, the more real you are being about it. And you don’t need to wear makeup each time you walk out the door. Some women fear too much about being seen with no makeup. Relax. You are human.

Don’t Overdo It

It may come as a contradiction from the previous lesson I mentioned. You don’t need to do a whole lot sometimes. Yes, the no makeup makeup look does take more effort than most people think, but at the same token you don’t need so much makeup it looks like you could leave a dent just by touching it. You don’t need overly bright colors if it takes away from another feature. Smokey eye looks can go horribly wrong. I saw a girl back in high school with what would be a good example of racoon eyes. I tried hard not to look for too long. I am sure she was trying to do an emo look but even the way she did it was a bit too much. The rest of her looked fine.

Take a Break

Just as I said in my 5 Things I Learned About Skin Care (previous post), it’s fine to take a break from wearing makeup. Let your skin be skin. Someone sees you without makeup, oh well. It’s your day off from makeup. It isn’t a must just to be seen. Any non-shallow person will not judge you for being without makeup. Even today, I am not wearing any. I’m writing.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Not all of use are great at applying makeup. So practice is a must. I still can’t do some eyeliner lines without using that tape as a guide. I hate the tape. It bugs my face, but it helps. Getting it right takes practice. Contouring takes work. You have to blend so much and know where to highlight and where to contour for you face shape. What parts you want to accentuate? Sometimes though there’s a feature you want to even out and even some guides wont be helpful. If you are able to ask a professional about it then that helps too. I took stage class in high school for one year. We learned not just about the types of theatres plays were done in in history and other theatre history as well, we learned about plays and, stage setup and even using stage makeup. It was then that I knew why the news lady on tv had such a highlight on her nose. It was to bring out her nose as a feature. In stage, contouring helps with what image you want to set for your character. Along with lighting. If your playing an elderly person, it’s not just using a nose prosthetic, but also the way makeup is used to give the idea you are older than you are. And that type of technique takes practice. It’s the same with everyday makeup. I get told a lot that I look like I’m 20. This is without makeup on. It doesn’t help I have a lean build and am short and have no chest. But my face apparently looks young. So, with makeup I use techniques to make myself appear older. But it takes practice to get it right when you are learning. Also, I am actually closer to 40. Yes, I know. Take it as a compliment. But that’s hard when you get treated like you don’t know anything and couldn’t possibly have three kids much less one who is 16. Tell me I look 20 years younger in ten years.

What are somethings you have learned about makeup? Share in the comments.

Uh-oh, What’s In My Makeup Bag.

Uh-oh, What’s In My Makeup Bag.

I hadn’t had the chance to write this week. And when I looked down to see what to write next, since It will be at least another month before I can do a review (really really wanted to do one on Avon’s new Lip Tattoo), I saw that I had written down to write about what’s in my makeup bag. Oh, goodness. To start, I don’t have an actual bag. I need one though. No it’s a gallon size ziplock bag. Oh, the tragedy! This has got to be a no-no to other makeup bloggers and maybe some YouTubers. I used to have a small makeup bag. it was just a dark black one. It’s been ages and I have no clue where it wold be now.

On with what’s in my makeup bag. I don’t just keep a few things. No, I can never tell what look I might be doing so it’s a big full of a variety of things. but I do tend to move thing in and out depending on what I have been into wearing.

So, starting from the top left and gong to the bottom right, in my bag I have:

My whole makeup bag. Look at the next caroursel to see the pics and the descriptions that go with each pictures.
  1. A Profusion Cosmetics 21 Color Pallette in Sultry. A gift from family from last Christmas. No, its not a bad pallette. Some colors are nice but some don’t live up to their color presented. Still, worth using though.
  2. An Avon Holiday Spectacular Blockbuster set containing 66 eyeshadows, 5 blushes, 4 lipgloss, and two bronzer blushes
  3. Two Avon True Color Lipstick Sample Packs of ten (one is missing a color) in Nourishing and Ultra Hydrating.
  4. LA Splash Classic Horror Lip Stain, Dracula Themed. I got this last year for my daughters Halloween costume. She was a cowgirl Vampire.
  5. Physicians Formula Bronze Booster. I tend to use this the most in the summer to give what ever tan I have obtained a boost.
  6. Avon True Color Transforming Contour Stick in Light/Medium. Fairly new I got it because another contour stick set was all used up. I like that the contour side doesn’t go on as thick as my previous contour stick.
  7. Avon Magix Tinted Moisturizer in Light/Medium. I LOVE this. It’s a whole face moisturizer that can be used by it self or with your regular routine. It blurs imperfections. Like my large nose pores. And gives the face some vitamins. I feel like I have tanned just a touch when I wear it,
  8. Avon True Color Setting Spray. Also new. I was previously using LA Colors Setting spray. It ran out an it gave me a reason to by more from Avon.
  9. Avon True Color Blush in Perfect Plum. I don’t use it all the time and it’s one of the very few purples that have ever looked good on me.
  10. Avon True Color Concealer Corrector. I Compared this to Loreal’s True Match corrector concealer. While I like both, this one isn’t as messy. I had to be light handed with Loreal’s product.
  11. Avon Nourishing Lipstick in Peony Blush. This matches my natural lip color to a T. I am not sure how many girls can say the same.
  12. Avon True Color Powder Foundation in Light Beige. I don’t always match my foundation to the my powder. For some reason it never works for me. So, I go a bit lighter and then it leaves my face looking less…. unnatural.
  13. Avon Glimmer Shadow in Rose Gold, Fools Gold, Iron Violet, and Ultramarine. I also have it in Jade. But not in my makeup bag at the moment.
  14. Avon Glimmerstick Lip Liner in Pink Cashmere. This also matches my natural lip color as well as the Peony lipstick I have. Glimmerstick Eyeliner in Blackest Black. My go to color. I have never gone with another color unless it was a very dark brown but it’s been years since I have used that shade. Glimmersitck Eyeliner in White Awake. I Occasionally use this is a look calls for white. But I always pair it with another liner.
  15. Avon Crave Lipgloss in Salted Caramel, Honey Tea, Cherry Creamsicle, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Brownie, and French Toast. I don’t use them much unless I’m adding color to my lipstick for extra oomph.
  16. Avon Skin-So-Soft Hand Cream. It may seem odd, but yes I use this when doing my makeup. Not a lot just a little because I am picky how my hands feel when doing my face.
  17. LA Colors Jumbo Eyepencil in Seashells. I use this to help some of my eyeshadows appear more pastel. It also helps keep some eyeshadows from dusting off.
  18. Loreal Brow Stylist Brow Plumper. I have not yet tried Avon’s brow products. I have when they first had a brow gel ages ago. This I use for more natural brow look. Yes, I do draw on my brows after I shape them but recently I have been doing a more natural look. This works very well.
  19. Last but not least Revlon’s Cream Shadow Pallettes in Wild Orchads and Moonlit Jewels. This aren’t new. They are a bit older but still in good condition and some are barely used. I use my own applicator for these since they don’t already come with them.