Easily Create a Useful Facebook Group: Avon Biz Boost

Easily Create a Useful Facebook Group: Avon Biz Boost

One thing I have noticed with the Social Selling for Avon Social group I am in on Facebook is that a LOT of people ask about whether or not they should have a group for their Avon and many don’t know the differences or benefits of having one. As both a business page and group page can seem very similar and therefore confusing. I had this issue up until recently. Though I took the rather quick course on Avon Social Training about setting up a group page, I find that the courses lack a bit of explanation beyond setting up anything social media-wise. Sorry Brains (name of the techs and specialists the bring up the ability to share posts through our Backoffice on Avon). We need something a bit more detailed.

It has been a few weeks since I have posted anything new and while I have a long list of things to write on and pages to update and yada-yada-yada, I must stress that it’s a mix of quarantine/social distancing/ and the end of the school year (college semester and the beginning of summer break (here in America at least) and I needed some time to just not do a whole lot. Granted I have made new sales during all of it, I just wanted time to relax. I still want more time off. But I know I can’t do that forever. I have goals. Even with goals, I need rest. It is essential after all so I can keep going. As we all need time to relax and not do as much if not anything. I happen to be doing laundry while writing this up. I wrote the rough draft yesterday and my brain almost wasn’t having me do that. It took hours!

On with the post.


Let’s first get into the differences between Facebook pages and Facebook groups. That way I don’t already confuse you with the similarities. A page is like a web page for fans. Where you can all keep up on updates whatever that page is about. Pages also require real people to run them just as they would with a personal page and this is how they can verify that it is more or less a legit page. Celebrities and TV shows are common pages that we see. Business pages are there to promote goods and services. They also show up in search engine results via Google or whatever search engine you use Ann can give information to potential customers looking into your brand.

Groups are community-based where people with shared interests can converse and share opinions. You get a notification on posts on a group depending on your preferences. Where you don’t get the same with pages unless you set them up to be seen first on your wall feed. The one way that you will see pages more than groups on your wall is with your ad preferences or interests if Facebook also tracks your web perusing’s. Make it is put out advertisements and of course this is how Facebook makes money in the first place. Though it isn’t recommended for Avon representatives to do this with their page as there are a lot of tricky things that go into placing an ad especially if there is anything to do with health involved with the ad. Such as with Espira it’s better not to promote that product as it is considered to be not FDA approved anyways

Groups also reach out to more people And have a better organic reach than most pages that don’t do advertisements. Groups are a more efficient way of promoting your page however and getting a better organic reach.

Now the question is should you or shouldn’t you? I have made a rather simple chart consisting of three questions referencing two either one to help you figure out if you want or need a group for your business page at all.

Do you want to inform people of events or announcements?Do you have people who want to connect with each other via interests?
Do you want to produce content/blogs?Do you want member driven content?
Do you want others to know you are a business?Do you want to attract supporters?

Now, most Avon reps have a page. I want to state that many reps use their page for business. This is not a bad idea per se. One of the perks there is you don’t have to add followers or send requests to people you already know. BUT, groups for personal pages run as a business are a bit different. I prefer to keep my personal page and business page separate. Groups for personal pages are great if you are setting up events or whatnot that involve friends. Such as if there is going to be a reunion of some sort and you want to invite and include anyone on your friends list a personal group page would be more ideal. Whereas a business group page is not just for any friends or family that might be your customers but for other customers who aren’t your family or friends and are found outside of all of that and for people looking for business but not needing to be on your personal page or your personal group page. And also business group pages can reach people that you don’t know outside of your area that can be both potential customers or supporters. hopefully, that isn’t all too confusing. not every Avon representative has a group page. But it is not a bad thing to use if you want to get more people to your business page. It’s like using a fundraiser to get more customers you’re not necessarily promoting your business you are using your business to promote a charity or fundraiser of your or a customer’s choice so you’re reaching the people in a different way than you would with a business advertisement in a newspaper, for example. Also, pages get interaction with “likes” and groups get more interaction with comments. Though both can get them one seems to dominate over the other depending on a mix of things.

Theme (Subject matter/Interest)

I want to feel a simple yet more detailed description of setting up a business group page for your Avon business. It isn’t just enough to think of a name for your group but to think of a theme, if you will that you know people can all connect on. My mentor for example likes to show-off her nails using Avon nail Polish that her salon nail tech helps her with. You could use something similar for hand in nail care with Avon by setting up a group surrounding anybody interested in taking care of beautifully polished manicured and decorated nails. And my first time creating a page I have decided to go with skin and beauty care because they do go hand in hand a lot of people want to look pretty with or without makeup in that requires skincare which leads to beauty care. I decided to go with this because of the popularity of my Kashmir foundation post On YouTube getting the most views. Though one of my most popular block posts has been on hair dye. Now a lot of my other posts related to her care or popular but not quite as popular as the hair dye but All in all I feel that my skincare and beauty care post between the two is it good seemed to go with.

I want to give an example of different groups I am in that have different themes or interests.

  • Hirschsprung’s. My daughter has an intestinal disease, and this is a support group for both people and family members of people with the disease.
  • Congenital Rubella Syndrome. I was born with CRS and have yet to meet anyone in person with the same condition; this way I can feel less alone in my condition.
  • Mompreneurs. As someone trying to work from home selling Avon and writing up posts and such, I am essentially in business by myself and I find these kinds of groups helpful. Mind you not all entrepreneurs are willing to accept Avon reps as legit business folk and I have run into many people who feel Avon is an all-out scam. Believe what you will. I won’t argue simply because this is what I do. Avon has been around for a very long time.
  • Two Avon related groups, one for my Mentors team that I am a part of and one for learning how to sell on social media that also keeps us up on new features we can use. I also follow Avon USA and Avon International which are a mix of being a page and a group.
  • Book Clubs, I love books and do have a page for that but also use it as a group.
  • Blogging, I blog, and having support is great not just for knowing when new versions of WordPress come out but to also promote my posts and share others. It’s a community worth looking into.

To note:

There are a lot of ways to connect a group to your page. Groups I do have is for my potential team, which I need to start building this summer as one of my business goals, and with this group, I want to be able to connect everybody that would be on my team to help discuss things that are coming up and such and I’ve wanted to start doing that more and more and I’ve been taking notes for my mentor who runs her group. She not only connects to us through her Avon business group page but through email as well as through text if need be. We also have meetings on Thursdays and today happens to be a Thursday so I will be attending that. And it’s just a great way to connect with other people that are Avon representatives within that same group. We have done well this year as a team and we have risen again this year on our sales. this is what a group page does, it brings people together. Whereas, again, with pages, it’s more to promote rather than two connect with the same interest.

In creating a page, as I have mentioned above, today I’m taking the leap and finally creating my new group page. I have mentioned that you can create a group for your personal profile and that it is a bit different when you create a group page for your business profile. and since we are creating a business page group I will walk you through how to set that up.


  • Go to page settings of your business page – Turn on the group’s tab in Templates and Tabs.
  • Create Group – Go back to the regular viewing of your page and click groups. From here you will see “create group”.
  • Fill out Fields – This part has changed a bit over the years. So, if any information you find here is different elsewhere, check the date of the post. This post for example is for the 2020 year. A post that is dated from 2010 may have slightly different instructions. Either way, fill out the information about your group. Such as:
  • Naming your group – Mine will be ISpeakAvonlish Beauty care Tips.
  • Invite people who already like your page if you have any
  • Select Privacy
  1. Private – Only members can view this page and the posts therein.
  2. Public – Anyone can view, member or not
  3. Group Visibility – This is for search within Facebook (recall that pages are found more in search engines outside of Facebook but not groups, as much)
    • Visible – Anyone can find this group
    • Hidden – Only members can find it.

I need to stress something has come about recently, if you select your group as private, you cannot change it later as groups used to be able to do. There isn’t even a “secret” option that you may be familiar with. Keep this in mind when creating a group.

  • I’m ready for my cover photo Mr. Daville! – You can either picture a cover photo from a search, create one in Canva, or use one from Avon’s Social section of creating and posting Avon related things from your Backoffice. I created mine ahead of time. I wanted it uniquely mine. Note that group cover photos are differently sized than page cover photos or personal profile cover photos. They measure 1640×856 last, I recall.
  • Complete the About Section
  • Refine Group Settings – Here you can change group type. Yes, type. I don’t mean theme. There are 6 kinds of groups.
  • General (I will be using this one for my new page)
  • Buy and Sell
  • Gaming
  • Social Learning
  • Jobs
  • Work
  • Create group rules – You can get to this either from the side or within the 3 dotes above the post area, click Moderate Group then Create Rules. There are pre-made ones you can use, and you can add others yourself.


  1. Turn notifications on to “All Posts” That way you can moderate better. If you decide to have other admins for the page, this will help them as well.
  2. Use messages to chat with members privately. We now have rooms on Facebook. I will write up on that in another post.
  3. You can create events on group pages like you can with personal or business pages.
  4. Use Files. If you have a group for your team, here you can create files to help others keep up anything business-related. If you don’t need it, don’t worry about it.
  5. Use Insights. Just like with pages, you can see how different posts are doing and adjust accordingly. Knowing what works and what doesn’t.
  6. Connect your websites. Your business page will already be connected and easily accessible to others. But if you want to add your website, you can.

I hope you found this useful and if you have any questions, feel free to ask down below in the comments. Stay safe. I have provided a video if you would like to watch that for a different method of instruction.