Avon Hair Color Overview

Avon Hair Color Overview

Due to the rise in popularity of my review of Avon’s new line of hair color by Chi, I find it only fitting that I go over all the other colors that we have to offer.

Have you ever wondered how long hair dye has been around? Initially hair color began in 1500 BC with the use of henna on grey hair by the Egyptians. No surprise there. Ladies of the night in Roman times had yellow hair to signify their profession (I found that rather interesting, thank goodness that label still isn’t around) but otherwise, the most popular color was black until they introduced more colors. The Saxons used hair color to show rank on the battlefield. According to Byrdie Beauty, “English chemist William Henry Perkin made an accidental discovery that changed hair dye forever. In an attempt to generate a cure for malaria, Perkins created the first synthesized dye in 1863 . . . and it remains the foundation for most permanent hair dyes today.” Still, if you want to talk more modern times, you can look no further than the French when Eugène Schueller, the founder of L’Oréal, is recognized for creating the first synthetic hair dye in 1907. It is easy to think that blonde is the most popular of colors and it is and was back in the early days of hair color. The 1970s brought in more color choices for women. Keep in mind that it was Clairol that produced the first at home in a box hair dye for consumers. Then out came a vibrant hair color rainbow selection that is all aware of in the 1980s and 90s. Something I loved looking at as a kid while my mom told me no. She actually didn’t mind my plum purple hair of course but as a kid, the answer was no. I had always wanted either purple or blue hair. I went with purple while my sister went with blue and she never knew I liked that idea.

“Because you’re worth it” is still used today and really it covers not just L’Oreal but all other hair color lines out there. Avon is no different. But what makes Avon’s hair color line separate but not alone is that it is a gentler hair dye. Many hair dyes break down hair. I can attest to this when I went Plum Purple a few years ago. I don’t regret ever doing that. Even if my hair became dry and with split ends when I finally went back to my natural dark brown. You must always look at the label and keep in mind what may not work for you and what you should be aware of even if you don’t have a reaction as results of harsh chemical treatments may not arise immediately after you dye your hair. You may notice that hair salon products differ in this manner as a result of vague language in federal regulation. The way hair dye works are by using ammonia (that harsh smell we all know to accompany dying our hair at home) that breaks apart the hair’s layers to get to the shaft. Then hydrogen peroxide will bleach the hair and trap inside it p-phenylenediamine. What’s more, is that these and other chemicals have obvious and not so obvious results in their use. Such as issues with respiratory and asthma, and eye injury. Also, they aren’t safe to use while pregnant. I won’t say that Avon’s new line of hair color by Chi is safe for pregnancy, I suggest not doing that whatsoever while pregnant. Avon’s line has no ammonia and no hydrogen peroxide. Its first ingredient is water and the other more natural ingredients are Silk Amino Acids, Hydrolyzed Silk, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, and aloe. Yes, there are other ingredients but these are the most important components that make better. I have tried this product and you can read my review here. Avon’s new hair dye line is vegan friendly and not tested on animals.

When you replace the damaging ingredients in hair dye products, the benefits you get are keeping your hairs elestisity, Since the harsh chemicals that I used when dying my hair plum purple also damaged my hair and results in my having to use a hair balm for a full 6 months afterward (thank goodness for hair balm), I was able to reverse the damage. I also didn’t use any heating tools for a full year. Also, your beautiful and sometimes erratic curls will not be harmed and made into a mess. The chemicals I mentioned change their pattern. I have very slightly wavy hair. My hair was much more straight after dying but not in a “noticeable by anyone else” way. Harsh chemicals can do some crazy hair color changes to your hair. When the purple faded in my hair I had a mix of orange, blonde, blue, and green in my hair. It. Was. Weird. This happens to those with fine to medium hair. I have fine hair and didn’t know this until after all was said an done. The porosity will change and also dry out your hair. As what happened with me. This is why coloring hair in a dramatic way will need to be taken in steps. If not you will upset at the results. Watch enough Brad Mondo and you will know how much it takes for the chemicals to damage you hair. This is why this new line is great. Since using it I having had dry hair or split ends. The color faded a bit but then again I am a natural dark brunette and we have unique issues very much like those with black hair.

Before we get into hair colors, it’s best to know what your skin color is and to know what will look best on you. The chart is as follows though not with the names of the colors sold through Avon (it does give you an idea of hair color choices though):

WinterDark Brown, Jet Black, Platinum BlondeGolden Blonde, Copper Red, Caramel or Honey
SpringIcy Blonde, Ashy Blonde, Ashy Brown, Platinum BlondeHoney Blonde, Golden Brown, Any Golden Base
AutumnRich Auburn, Chocolate Brown, Honey Blonde, Golden BrownPlatinum Blonde, Ash Brown, Blue, Green, or Violet Undertones
SummerGolden Blonde, Caramel Brown, Champagne Blonde, Honey or Butter PlatinumAshy Brown or Blonde, Black, Blue or Green Base Colors

You may notice that this goes by seasons rather than my skin tone names such as warm, cool, neutral. Let me help you understand this a bit better. Seasons are based on a mix of skin color, eye color, and overall tone. Being that we don’t have eyes to see in this picture I will use skin tone and hair color. But I will keep in mind the eye color. Be sure to look below the suggested hair colors for a better idea of how your natural hair color may look after using the product. Everyone is different and these are suggested hair colors. I found that the pictures used for natural dark blonde a bet hard to convince of color and that is why I will be using other pictures below the suggested colors depending on your skin tone.

Spring is clear, light, and warm. Defined by clear color skin with a light undertone with cheeks that turn a peach color when you blush. Your natural hair is blonde to medium brown or strawberry blonde. Eyes can be blue, turquoise, green, hazel or light brown. For this coloring, the best color choices are:

summer is a cool undertone with low contrast between skin and hair. Cheeks turn a rosy color when you blush. Natural hair color light blonde to medium brown with ashy undertones and you may have an eye color that is either blue, grey-blue, cool green, grey-brown, or slate. Suggested colors are:

Autumn is a skin tone with a warm golden undertone rich overall coloring and low contrast between skin and hair that is medium brown to black or a medium to deep red that had golden or other red undertones. Eyes are hazel, medium to black-brown, olive or warm green. I fall under this one but my skin tone is more neutral. I call myself neutral autumn. Suggested hair colors here are:

Winter is cool or olive undertones with high contrast between skin and hair and eyes. Hair is generally ashy mid brown, dark brown or black. Think of Snow White. Eyes are medium brown to dark brown, grey-blue, clear blue (I have met a girl with ice blue eyes that is the epitamy of a Snow White) or cool grown. Suggested colors are:

Now don’t forget that there is a deal with the color of your veins. You can fall somewhere between seasons for this reason. I do. I have a neutral skin tone but am definitely and autumn. I have gone straight black before but wouldn’t recommend it. I like red but it is too hard to accomplish for my hair type. If you read my review I actually added grey to my hair and yes, Avon has grey colors. I find these great to enhance overall grey hair as seen below or to go from blonde to grey. I had highlighted parts of my hair and then added the medium silver blonde. I loved the results.

Now to see how each hair color looks on natural hair colors.

A helpful tip in knowing what the numbers mean is that the higher the number the lighter the color. The letters stand for tone.

  • A – Ash
  • B – Blue
  • BV- Blue-Violet
  • C – Cool
  • G – Gold
  • M – Mahogany
  • N – Neutral
  • NA – Neutral Ash
  • NB – Neutral Brown
  • NN – Natural/Neutral (no excess warmth)
  • O – Orange
  • OR – Orange-Red
  • P – Platinum/Purple
  • R – Red
  • RR – Really Red (red without brown)
  • RB – Red-Brown
  • RC – Red-Copper
  • RO – Red-Orange
  • RV – Red-Violet
  • V – Violet
  • VR- Violet-Red
  • W – Warm

I hope this post was found useful in deciding to dye your hair given that we are in such difficult times (if you are reading this at some point after what is going on, it was during the COVID-19 pandemic and lock-downs happened and hair was dyed). I certainly found the hair dye rather helpful in giving me more gray hair. I have been looked at oddly for wanting gray hair but recall that not too long ago it was all the rage. I am happy to say that I am not at all against going grey but that isn’t to say some still want to cover theirs. Avon’s new line by Chi is great at covering grey hair. It covers 50 percent of grey hair. These coloring systems can be bought here and is currently $26.50 (Campaign 9 2020, regularly $32). Don’t forget to get the shampoo, conditioner, hair serum and heat protection spray in which I also wrote about here. Also, stay tuned for my review of Avon’s Chi flatiron and description of the new Chi hair styling products we will be rolling out next campaign. Have fun and stay safe.

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Three Powerful Reasons to Use Chi Essentials by Avon

Amazing to Dye For Hair Color Line by Chi

Three Powerful Reasons to Use Chi Essentials by Avon

Three Powerful Reasons to Use Chi Essentials by Avon

When it comes to the market on hair, the market value is in the 85.5 billion dollar range. With an expected growth of up to 102 billion in the US alone. Asian countries have the largest market with North America coming in second. Hair has been a way to get attention by either gender for centuries now. Hair has a different meaning and therefore a hairstyle can have a different meaning in all cultures of the world. It is a sign of beauty, a sign of culture, and also a sign of status.

Take a minute to think of what hair means to you. Think of where you may have formed your opinions about hair. Most likely it is due to where you live, your religion and/or your culture. American Indians typically have long hair. It is a strong part of their culture in that men and women are considered to be particularly attractive with long hair. It is considered offensive for them to be told to cut it even to conform to our American standards of looking civilized. This is also the case with other cultures and religions that take pride in cultural hairstyles. American Indians being an example because still to this day, they are ostracized for their culture. Just as many other peoples in America are for their hair. I would like to go into some history behind hair before getting into why Chi Essentials by Avon has three great reasons to buy it.

A “Short” History of Hair

I have touched on some of what makes Native American hair so important. Of the other cultures/religions that have long hair, there are Rastafarian, Sikh, and Nazarites. To name a few. In many Asian cultures, though having long hair is not uncommon, it is the fact of having well kept hair that symbolizes maturity. I can understand this. Seeing disheveled hair is hard on the eyes. Also, time periods should be taken into account. Long hair is not simply a trend at times, it is part of society. Just as skirt lengths have constantly changed, so has hair length. The Middle Ages denoted long hair to status. Most people had long hair. Queens are known for their unique hair styles. Though it isn’t uncommon to see pictures of them with their hair hidden away, they still have long hair. The idea of long hair being the social norm is seen in many paintings of the period,

For those in those wondrous far-off days,

The women shall adopt a craze

To dress like men, and trousers wear,

And to cut off their locks of hair; […]

–Ursula “Mother Shipton” Sontheil, 1583(?)

Short hair has it’s place as well. Most of the time it is on the part of the man to have short hair. Until relatively recently, women have had long hair. Jewish cultures typically have short haired men for example. The history of short hair is more difficult to discuss. Because there isn’t much beyond men keeping short hair, for the most part, and women not cutting their hair because it was seen as their trying to be more masculine. Unless you become a nun. In which case it is more for a ceremony and afterwards you could grow it out but not have any flashy hairstyle. Short hair in many respects indicates the shunning of conventional appearance. To not go with society. More for the women than the men.

Why this is Important

You may be wondering why discussing the history and significance of hair is being discussed in a hair care blog. Because next to why we have hair the way we do in any form must be maintained. Washing hair is care. Conditioning it is care. To keep up with appearances, we have to care for our hair.

Bringing me to the reasons why hair care is important and why Chi Essentials is a good option. To maintain hair we must know our hair type and what we want in our hair to best keep up with how we want it to look. Price is also considered because, admit it, not all of us can afford the right kind of care but it never hurts to know anyway.. Just in case we have the opportunity to splurge.

Three Reasons Why

  • It’s good for all hair types

I have fine hair. Meaning most likely my hair gets oily. I prefer a shampoo that rids the excess oil and also doesn’t weigh my hair down. Because there are two looks for a fine-haired girl: voluminous or like a wet dog. Chi Essentials by Avon is great for daily use (not that you want to go daily unless there is a reason) and for all hair types. I want to add in to not go for creamy shampoos or conditioners for fine-haired clients because products that are clear and have no color, are a better choice. The addition of colors and such are aesthetics. Keeping in mind that people with curly hair, for example, may opt for a no-poo routine. Still, this product is good for dry, curly hair, color-treated and chemically treated hair. As is its companion, conditioner.

With conditioner, which I use little off because I find it also weighs my hair down, if you have dry hair or curly hair, you can leave it on a few minutes and then wash it out.

  • It has less harmful ingredients

Many ingredients found in modern hair care products are harmful to the hair. They strip the natural oils, they create build-up, and sometimes they can breakdown the hair if you are using the wrong products, to begin with. A few of the ingredients you should watch out for are parabens, synthetic colors, and Phthalates. None of which this product line has. They have been found to cause reactions in some and in many places around the world, like Europe, they have been banned.

  • Bang for your buck

If you can shell out more than a few dollars for quality hair products, Chi Essentials is worth the spend. Both the shampoo and conditioner are $18. Most of the time people look for lower prices but this carries with it, a possibility, that the quality isn’t as good. Not to say that sales or clearances or great products demean the efficacy of a product. There are decent priced shampoo and conditioners out there that don’t have harmful ingredients and are good for your hair type.

Tying All Reasons Together

I’d like to tie all the reasons to buy this product line together. what makes this product worthwhile is what people want out of a hair product. For the most part, that is the ingredients. Vitamins A and B strengthen the hair. Among all of its amazing ingredients, it has aloe, pomegranate, and hibiscus. these ingredients together boost moisture, reduce frizz (even us fine-haired ladies and men hate the frizzy), balance our natural pH in our scalp and hair and increase elasticity. For all hair types and lengths, we want the best for our hair and there are some things that all of us want: healthy hair. It is not just a fad that we talk about hair. Or that there are a gazillion products to choose from. But knowing what to look for and why is the key factor in choosing a hair product.

My Experience

The other day I was getting myself and the kids cleaned up. I have to keep a schedule otherwise I will forget to make sure everyone is smell good and clean. Plus, kids tend to not care or keep with routine. This is where parents are helpful. I went to use the small bottles that came with the Chi Essentials Hair Color Kit and before I could pay attention, the water was cold. I had forgotten to wait for it to heat up again after one child took a shower. I had to quickly wash my hair and didn’t feel I had used the products as I should. I could feel some of the products in my hair. For the parts that were properly cleaned and conditioned, my hair was great. This means I can show you how my hair looks when it needs a wash and how it looks after a wash.

Before. I pulled my hair to the side. It easily stayed that way without any product to hold it.

Before the wash my hair was oily, I hate when it looks oily. Because it doesn’t look soft. the shine is gone but also replaced with a different shine. The oily kind. My hair parts weird and sometimes if it is really bad, I can make a ponytail with not tie.

After the wash, my hair looked much more healthy. It had the right amount of shine. It was soft and the smell was just as soft. The colors were vibrant and after three days my hair still looked decent. I wash my hair every four days. I was worried about this product at first because I tend to use Shikai Tea Tree Shampoo. The smell is strong but I am used to it and it never failed to cleanse my hair and my hair stayed clean for 3.5 days. I plan on using it as a weekly cleanser to make sure I don’t get build up in my hair. Because it was great for that. Still, I have found an awesome, great product. I never expected a product to be this great in my hair. All hail the power of Korean products.

More About Chi Essentials Shampoo and Conditioner by Avon

Replenishing Shampoo

•Nutrient-rich blend •Gentle for daily use •Won’t strip hair of its natural oils •Safe for color-treated hair •Provides balanced care for the hair and scalp •Helps to maintain nourishment and shine

Moisturizing Conditioner

•Nutrient-rich blend •Lightweight •Gentle for daily use •Provides rich moisture to hair and scalp •Strengthens the hair from root to ends •Increases hair’s elasticity •Helps to reduce split ends and frizz •Provides balanced care for the hair and scalp •Helps to nourish and maintain the shine

About Chi and Our Partnership

I have yet to write about our partnership with Chi. Some people may not know about the partnership. I’d like to give you information about it because it is worth knowing.

CHI HAIRCARE is produced by Farouk Systems, Inc., a Houston-based company of hairdressers for hairdresser.  We are known for manufacturing high-quality professional hair care products under the industry-leading brands: SunGlitz®, CHI® and BioSilk®. The company was founded in 1986 by Farouk Shami a hairdresser whose mission is to provide the professional beauty industry with the most advanced American technology based  “Education, Environment and Innovation”. — As noted on their website, last accessed January 28, 2020. To view their info and this source, click here.

Avon Partnership was first introduced last year and mentioned in notable magaizines such as GC magazine where they wrote:

According to the social selling beauty company, which was acquired by LG Household & Health Care, Ltd., it has now access to “cutting-edge technology and best-in-class quality of Korea’s leading consumer goods company” and will utilize these new R&D capabilities for cosmetics, personal care, fragrance, hair care, packaging and design

The collaboration with The Face Shop will include a collection of skin care and makeup in exclusive shade ranges and new-to-Avon formats such as cushion formulations of foundation, highlighter and blush. 

The collaboration with Chi will include three hair care products crafted from a unique blend of certified organic botanicals including aloe vera, pomegranate, and hibiscus.

Evy deAngelis, head of sales enablement for New Avon, stated, “We couldn’t be more thrilled and excited about our new alliance with LG Household & Health. As a company, Avon has always served two equally important constitu­encies: passionate consumers and our community of inspirational represen­tatives. Under the new ownership of LG H&H, known for its pre-eminence in technology and innovation, we’re able to offer our consumers and represen­tatives an unparalleled slate of new initiatives and product offerings.” This portion of the article was taken from its website and last accessed on January 28, 2020, by me. I hold no attempt to say that this information was of my own but can also verify as an Avon Representative that it is true.

To buy this product, visit my online Avon store here. If you are a first-time buyer you can receive 10% off your first order. If you spend $40 you qualify for free products when applicable and the A Box which is a $40 value for $10. Products therein change biweekly.

Do not forget we have a raffle going on. Win a chance to get the whole set of Chi Essentials Shampoo, Conditioner, Heat Protection, and Serum. 5 winners total. Plus! Each winner’s Representative is also a winner. Ends 2/4/2020.

Enter for a chance to win a set of the NEW! Avon CHI Essentials (4 products in total). 5 winners total. Plus! Each winner’s Representative is also a winner. Ends 2/4.
Current A Box: Naturally Radiant. Reg $33. Buy for $10 with qualifying order.

Amazing to Dye for Hair Color Line By Chi

Amazing to Dye for Hair Color Line By Chi

Be sure to notice the update down below as well as a link to the new post about the line.

Since 1907 when the founder of L’Oreal created the first hair dye product, women have continuously colored their hair to match fashion trends and celebrity looks. Women can change their appearance and cover up unwanted grey hair either at the salon or at home. So, it is no surprise that Avon has launched its line of new hair color. This made so many representatives very anxious to try the product so they can show off to their customers the amazing results. Before I jump right into my experience with the hair color I chose, I want to give you a short rundown of the reasons why it’s a great product.

Over 80% natural, ammonia-free formula
• 100% gray coverage that stays true for up
to 8 weeks
• No parabens, PABA, phthalates, PPD,
gluten or sulfates
• Comes with a deluxe size of our sulfate-free,
color-safe CHI Essentials shampoo,
conditioner and serum
• 1-800 number with direct contact to CHI
Color professionals

The line so far contains 12 colors. Ranging from a dark brown to light brown, to two reds, two darker shades of blonde and two what I call mature colors. That being Medium Silver Blonde and Extra Light Silver Blonde.

Avon Hair color in 12 Shades.

Now, on to my thought of the product I used. I bought the Medium Silver Blonde. Why? Because I am already getting some beautiful grays. I am not ashamed. For a long while, I said I wouldn’t dye my grays and hide them. I find no fault in getting gray hair. I know that many women and men don’t like this factor of aging. I understand. I do. I just find that there is something to be proud of in getting older. True, we aren’t as young as we were. Many of our late nights are gone. Especially after having kids. Some of us are lucky and don’t gray much as we age. Others start to gray in high school.

About the Ingredients Not Found

The fact there is no ammonia in this product makes it great in that there is no harsh smell. In fact, it is a relaxing smell. Two big thumbs up in that department. It is one of the many reasons why women don’t like dying their hair. The smell is overwhelming. But not with Avon CHI Essentials Hair Color. I like being able to work a product in my hair without feeling like my nose will fall off.

As for grey coverage for up to 8 weeks, I can’t say just yet how long the color will last. I did frost my hair before putting on the product so I could better show the color it can produce. I will update this post in March to let you know how well the product stayed true to not fading. I also can’t speak for it covering grays. In truth, I feel it blended the gray I already had. I am not upset by this.

None of the bad stuff people don’t want in their product. I’ll briefly touch on the ingredients not found in Avon CHI Essentials Hair Color.

Parabens, as noted by phhairscience.com, are “Parabens are a common category of preservatives used in cosmetics and hair care products. Compared to other, safer alternatives, they are cheaper and mimic anti-microbial agents in plants. However, they also have the ability to mimic estrogen and cause breast cancer. Research has found that parabens and mineral oil may cause considerable damage to the hair and scalp,” last accessed January 27, 2020. This is good news for people not wanting to continuously damage their hair from repeat dying. After my experience of lightening my hair a few years ago to go plum purple, I can safely say I don’t want to have brittle hair again. And thus, having to use a hair balm to repair.

PABA is generally a natural product but due to some being sensitive to it and not being able to use it to the benefits it can have, it is taken out of products for allergy reasons. For those who are sensitive to PABA,, according to mdsun.com, “People with a PABA sensitivity will develop allergic contact dermatitis and may suffer photo contact dermatitis when exposed to sunlight after applying a product with PABA to their skin. This can cause burning or stinging and a rash. Since PABA is frequently mixed with alcohol or other synthetic materials in order to be absorbed into the skin and be active, even those without a PABA allergy can still be sensitive to those products.” mdsun.com does offer great insight into how this ingredient isn’t always bad but also lets you know why it may not be suitable for people with sensitivities.

Phthalates are used in a wide range of products. There are also a few different forms of it. Not just one. It prevents stiffness and brittle outcomes. Like in nail polish. But has been scientifically found to interfere with male and female hormones. Making is best left out of this line of hair products by Avon.

PPD is used in hair dye to help give it a more natural look. But, just as with PABA, people may have an allergy to it. Its side effects are pretty much the same as PABA. Symptoms can calm down after the ingredient has oxidized but that still doesn’t mean a reaction can’t still occur. Therefore it isn’t in this product line.

You may be wondering why this product is gluten-free. Isn’t gluten a food item? You ask. Yes. Yes, it is. But it can also be used as a preservative. Even in food and hair products. Many people are not gluten-free but some are gluten-free due to the condition known as Celiac Disease. I have known roughly three people with this condition. It is no laughing matter and they take the condition seriously. In fact sometimes even with taking precautions, symptoms can still occur from the least likely products. Even contamination from other products with it posses a threat to those with Celiac. I want it to be known that you can also have a sensitivity to gluten but not have Celiac. It’s a different kind of precaution. As in that case you can’t say by how much of that ingredient will cause a reaction. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

So what does it have in it if it doesn’t have all that other stuff? This line has many ingredients but to name a few of the great ones:

• Aloe – with vitamins and essential nutrients to help nourish every strand
• Silk – a natural protein that helps strengthen hair
• Olive oil – infuses hair with replenishing moisture

My Experience

Get on with it already, you must be thinking. Alright, alright.

The product contained:

Avon Chi Essentials Hair Color Kit

Everything you need:
• Bottle of color, 2 fl. oz.
• Developer, 2.5 fl. oz.
• CHI Essential Shampoo, 1 fl. oz.
• CHI Essential Serum, .5 fl. oz.
• Pair of gloves
• Shower cap
• Instructions

My frosted hair.

I first frosted my hair, it is similar to highlighting and a once very popular way of adding subtle color to hair for a long while. I have very dark brown to black hair. It is near impossible to lighten if I want to add a color that is better used on lighter hair. Then I used the chosen Avon Chi Hair Color in Medium Gray Blonde.

My hair after using Avon’s Chi essentials Hair Color in Medium Silver Blonde.

The results were wonderful. It blended with my hair. I did use the color all over my head after frosting it. I didn’t want to waste product. It added a subtle change to my natural hair. Blending in the color it gave to my newly lightened hair. It blended the handful of grays I already had. The smell was great. I didn’t itch while waiting for it to do its work. It washed out rather easily. You know how frustrating it is to wash out color after more than five minutes. And then I gently washed with the small bottle of Chi Hair Shampoo and Conditioner. The next day I used the serum that was also provided in the kit. It added moisture to the hair. Ensuring the color stays and is hydrated. A must when you dye your hair. Especially since I did lighten some of it. The color has stayed in since. I am happy and have had compliments on it already. I am providing a link to the video I made that included the product as well as others which I have also written on. I highly recommend this product. The color is wonderful. As always, make sure to do a patch test to ensure you don’t have any reactions to the product. And call the professionals in the number provided on the box if you have any questions. You can get a refund through me if I am your rep, or through your already established Avon representative if you feel the product didn’t live up to your expectations.

Update (April 7, 2020): The grey has faded for the most part but where it was my hair isn’t exactly blonde after I did the highlighting. Also, given the recent popularity of this post, I have created a new post about all the other colors and determining which is right for your skin tone. Read it here.

Did you try the product? If so, what color did you use? Show me via my Instagram or Facebook page after leaving a comment below.

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