Busy Bee Hair Buzz

Busy Bee Hair Buzz

Beeswax, to some, is a new ingredient to many products. You have it in lip-balms and in candles and a list of other everyday items. The history of the use of beeswax is fairly lengthy. We as humans have used it since ancient times. It still doesn’t mean that it doesn’t wax (no pun intended) and wane in how popular it is. It will most likely always be of some use in the future just as it has always been since man started using it.

Brief History of Beeswax and Other Bee Products

Researchgat.net has a great book on beeswax and beeswax products. It has a book by Stefan Bogdanov entitled, Online Beeswax Book. In chapter two he talks about the history, use, and trade of beeswax. He mentions the many uses throughout different civilizations of the world that beeswax is used. From Egyptians using it for their curls, to the Chinese beauty regiments using it as anti-aging ingredient. Today it is used in Creams, lotions, lipstick, mascara, eye shadows, deodorants, hair creams, depilatories, hair conditioners according to Bogdanov’s book, last accessed February 29, 2020. But that isn’t the earliest known thoughts that was have on beeswax being used by man. Valencia Spain has cave paintings dating back 8000 years that show people collecting and sharing beeswax.

You may be wondering what kind of beeswax is used in cosmetic products. Well, Wikipedia mentions that, “Purified and bleached beeswax is used in the production of food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. The three main types of beeswax products are yellow, white, and beeswax absolute. Yellow beeswax is the crude product obtained from the honeycomb, white beeswax is bleached or filtered yellow beeswax, and beeswax absolute is yellow beeswax treated with alcohol.” and that furthermore, “Beeswax is also an important ingredient in moustache wax and hair pomades, which make hair look sleek and shiny.”

Benefits of Beeswax in Hair Products

There are a few reasons why this ingredient is in hair products. It isn’t just to make everything look smooth and shiny. It also lock in moisture and has vitamin A. In addition to making the hair smooth, it makes it straight. It seals the ends of hair to and prevents strands from further damage from split ends. It promotes hair growth. Some of us can’t grow hair like we used to. I know mine has slowed down. I used to be able to grow enough out each year to donate some to cancer patients. But at some point my hair stopped growing that fast. It can sooth scalp conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and dandruff.

Avon’s Propoli Thera Products Featuring Beeswax and Honey

Avon’s products do all of the above as a benefits to their products and they have a decently sized line of Propoli Thera. Geared mostly to those in need of repair, people with dry and brittle hair can also benefit from the products they have to offer. It is also free of sulfates and parabens. It is not vegan though as vegans do not use honey or anything having to do with bees. That’s including beeswax. It can be used daily, not that you need to wash your hair daily unless there is a reason. Otherwise it isn’t good for your hair. It is safe for color treated and permed/chemically treated hair.

It’s Key Ingredients:

• Propolis (tree sap plus beeswax) – Contains minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants to help restore weak and brittle hair.
• Honey (made by bees from the nectar of flowers) – Helps restore moisture.
• Royal jelly (the food of bees) – Helps lock in shine and restore hair’s natural luster.

Volumizing Shampoo. Made with beeswax, honey and royal jelly (what bees eat), our rejuvenating shampoo provides weightless volume and hydration while giving your tresses a fuller, thicker and stronger appearance. Each, 16.9 fl. oz. Sale price $15 (Reg $18)
Volumizing Conditioner Made with beeswax, honey and royal jelly (what bees eat), our rejuvenating conditioner provides weightless volume and hydration while giving locks a fuller, thicker and stronger look. Each, 16.9 fl. oz. Sale Price $15 (Reg $18)
Repairing Conditoner (The shampoo looks the same). Beeswax, honey and royal jelly (what bees eat) blend with vitamins and amino acids to form our rejuvenating conditioner. Treat your tresses to this soothing formula, which will repair damaged hair while giving it a smooth and manageable appearance. 16.9 fl. oz. Sale Price $15 ea. (Reg $18 ea.)

Hair Mask. Treat your tresses to our rejuvenating hair mask, made with beeswax, honey and royal jelly (what bees eat). This nutrient-enriched formula will help deeply nourish your hair and repair damaged split-ends. Sale Price $15 (reg $18)
Our rejuvenating hair serum is made with beeswax, honey and royal jelly (what bees eat), and will help strengthen, protect, moisturize and smooth hair. Not to mention, it adds shine as you style! 5.7 fl. oz. Sale Price $15 (Reg $18)

How to Use Them

  • Shampoos: Apply to wet hair, massage from roots to ends, and rinse thoroughly.
  • Conditioners: Apply to freshly washed hair, focusing on the ends, leave on as long as desired, wait 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  • Hair Serum: Apply 1-2 pumps evenly on damp or dry hair, do not rinse, and style as usual.
  • Hair Mask: Apply a quarter-sized amount from roots to ends, paying attention to damaged ends, leave on for several minutes, rinse thoroughly, and style as usual. Can be used 1-5X a week. For extensively damaged hair, use daily and be used as a pre-wash.

My Review

The first time I used the product, I think I may have used a tad too much and didn’t rinse my hair out as well as I should have. So, it did leave my hair feeling extremely thick and it weighed down my hair. I had to re-wash my hair the next day and make sure to rinse it out. My hair felt less thick (that is what the voluminous set does after all) but did look fuller. I feel that to get the full affect of this product it would be best to use every other day. That way the hair isn’t getting over washed. I did love how the shampoo and conditioner worked in my fine hair. Given that I don’t wash my hair THAT often I think I will use it for special occasions and stick with my Chi Shampoo and Conditioner set. See the post I wrote on those here.

Frontal view of my unwashed hair. Looking very limp and oily. Obviously I am not happy showing this. 🙂
After sing Polori Thera Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. So much nicer!
Side View from the left.
Wonky. You can tell my hair isn’t soft and the color is not right like it is when it is clean.
Need to apologize for the off centered appearance here. My hair looks softer as well.
Side view from the right. Same as the other picture. It looks very dark from the oils weighing it down.
So much better. My hair looks lighter in color and you can see where my grey hair is.

Tips For Extra Volume

  • Sleep with hair in a bun.
  • Blow Dry Hair Upside Down
  • Use Hot Rollers for Added Bounce

Product Links

Avon Elastine PropoliThera Hair Serum

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Avon Elastine PropoliThera Repair Conditioner

Avon Elastine PropoliThera Volumizing Shampoo

Avon Elastine PropoliThera Volumizing Conditioner

Avon Elastine PropoliThera Hair Mask

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Make A"room"a For the Mind

Make A"room"a For the Mind

Along with CBD on the rise since the Farm Bill of 2018, there has also been a rise, for several years, on essential oils. Many people make their own for sale. Many companies have established businesses for the sole purpose of using and selling essential oils. This is because of a mass movement to go “au natural”. People have steered to less chemically based products to accompany their modern life styles of non-GMO, locally sourced, plastic free, and waste free. The list is endless really for this movement that encompasses many different kinds of products. Yet, this isn’t the first time essential oils were all the rave. They have a long history in the world of man’s use for them. From topical use, use in foods, use in medicines, and for aroma therapy.

There are books and websites and YouTube videos that cover the history of essential oils. For sake of not overdoing content here, I want to break the history down enough so that you get the gist.

Brief History of Essential Oils

Ancient Egypt used essential oils in everyday life. They used it for cosmetics, medicine and for the embalming process of their great Pharaohs and other members of the royal family. China and India used it pretty much the same way but also in Ayurvedic medicine. Which is a holistic heading system consisting of the body, mind and spirit that promoted health and fight disease. The Greeks followed the Egyptians and used essential oils. In fact Hippocrates endorsed the use of them. Romans took the idea from the Greeks (as they did with many other things) and used essential oils in the bath. This is just a brief run down of how essential oils have been used since ancient times. These, of course, were herbal infused oils and mixed with other natural oils such as olive own. Distilled oils, what we use now, is a more recent creation.

Misconceptions of Essential Oils

It is only fair to discuss the misconceptions of essential oils. I used to sell essential oils and recall some information about them. Here are a few misconceptions I am aware of regarding essential oils.

1: Essential oil purity Equals Essential oil quality

There are a lot of discrepancies about this. First off it depends on the plant, the batch, how it is processed. Quality here is subjective. But not every oil is made for the same purpose. Some you can ingest. Other’s you can’t Always check the product information and look at the bottle. It should be on there. That being said, there are synthetic oils out there. Be wary of those.

2: Therapeutic Grade is it’s Own Grade

All oils have some therapeutic element. Again it is how it is used. I don’t ingest any oils. For the products I used to sell you could ingest them but I never cared for the sharp taste. I tend to use mine for skin and for breathing in. There is no therapeutic grade. This is mostly a gimmick. Grade is more along the lines of where a product has more or less ingredients. Food Grade is a term you may have heard of and this basically means the product is made for consumption and isn’t toxic. Avon’s essential oils are not food grade. Grade is also not to be confused with quality. That would denote how well a product works for a customer. Not it’s function. Food can be therapeutic. Much study is done on that.

3: A Skin Reaction Means Detoxing

No. Just NO! If you have a reaction to an oil, you maybe allergic. It is best to seek medical help if this happens.

4: Each Part of the Plant Can Be Used for the Same Oil

Actually this isn’t true. It’s like saying any part of your body can be used for the same function. Which is not correct. Certain parts of a plant can be used differently in oils. Therefor they wont work the same other other oils from the same plant on the body. Take the dandelion for example. Different parts can be used in a tea and others for topical use.

5: Essential Oils Have Vitamins

I have no idea where this came from. Granted, food wise, plants such as spinach have nutrients. The same cannot be said for the oils that are extracted from plants. Nutrients are added in after the oil is made and used in a product. Avon’s oils do not have nutrients in them.

6: It’s Safe Because It is Natural

Not all plants are safe and not all oils are safe. Never confuse these two words. Arsenic is a natural element.. Poison Ivy is a natural element. They are NOT however safe. It is even shown that some oils are not safe to our pets. I advise you not use them for pets. Oils are made in a specific way so they are safer to use. But again, if you have a reaction, stop using it and see a doctor.

The Products

Earlier this year Avon introduced two new essential oils: Calm and Energize. They are part of a set called Minding-My-Mood.

Energize – Feel refreshed and focused with lively mandarin and stimulating ylang-ylang (an exotic floral derived from the tropical ylang-ylang tree).
Calm – Channel your tranquil inner bliss with comforting lavender and soothing star anise (a fragrant spice).

These are hypoallergenic and Dermatologist-tested.

1. Apply directly to pulse points, such as wrists, neck, temples, base of skull and bottom of feet.
2. Add a few drops to a warm bath.
3. Mix a few drops into body lotion.
4. Add to a room diffuser (10-20 drops or to your liking).


Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil
Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil
Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil
Caprylyl Glycol.

This video starts after 7 mins of the whole video and just before the product is shown. This is from over a month ago. I haven’t meant to be so late on making a blog for this.

These products are great for using for everyday use. You can use the energize for the morning or while doing school work, like I do. To keep motivated. I even use it while cleaning because though I can really get on a roll for cleaning, sometimes I need a push. I diluted the Calm oil and sprayed it on my pillow at night to help sleep. I can’t say that my cat is fond of my use of lavender. He hates it. 🙂 The products are sold together and not separately and are priced at $24.

Three Powerful Reasons to Use Chi Essentials by Avon

Three Powerful Reasons to Use Chi Essentials by Avon

When it comes to the market on hair, the market value is in the 85.5 billion dollar range. With an expected growth of up to 102 billion in the US alone. Asian countries have the largest market with North America coming in second. Hair has been a way to get attention by either gender for centuries now. Hair has a different meaning and therefore a hairstyle can have a different meaning in all cultures of the world. It is a sign of beauty, a sign of culture, and also a sign of status.

Take a minute to think of what hair means to you. Think of where you may have formed your opinions about hair. Most likely it is due to where you live, your religion and/or your culture. American Indians typically have long hair. It is a strong part of their culture in that men and women are considered to be particularly attractive with long hair. It is considered offensive for them to be told to cut it even to conform to our American standards of looking civilized. This is also the case with other cultures and religions that take pride in cultural hairstyles. American Indians being an example because still to this day, they are ostracized for their culture. Just as many other peoples in America are for their hair. I would like to go into some history behind hair before getting into why Chi Essentials by Avon has three great reasons to buy it.

A “Short” History of Hair

I have touched on some of what makes Native American hair so important. Of the other cultures/religions that have long hair, there are Rastafarian, Sikh, and Nazarites. To name a few. In many Asian cultures, though having long hair is not uncommon, it is the fact of having well kept hair that symbolizes maturity. I can understand this. Seeing disheveled hair is hard on the eyes. Also, time periods should be taken into account. Long hair is not simply a trend at times, it is part of society. Just as skirt lengths have constantly changed, so has hair length. The Middle Ages denoted long hair to status. Most people had long hair. Queens are known for their unique hair styles. Though it isn’t uncommon to see pictures of them with their hair hidden away, they still have long hair. The idea of long hair being the social norm is seen in many paintings of the period,

For those in those wondrous far-off days,

The women shall adopt a craze

To dress like men, and trousers wear,

And to cut off their locks of hair; […]

–Ursula “Mother Shipton” Sontheil, 1583(?)

Short hair has it’s place as well. Most of the time it is on the part of the man to have short hair. Until relatively recently, women have had long hair. Jewish cultures typically have short haired men for example. The history of short hair is more difficult to discuss. Because there isn’t much beyond men keeping short hair, for the most part, and women not cutting their hair because it was seen as their trying to be more masculine. Unless you become a nun. In which case it is more for a ceremony and afterwards you could grow it out but not have any flashy hairstyle. Short hair in many respects indicates the shunning of conventional appearance. To not go with society. More for the women than the men.

Why this is Important

You may be wondering why discussing the history and significance of hair is being discussed in a hair care blog. Because next to why we have hair the way we do in any form must be maintained. Washing hair is care. Conditioning it is care. To keep up with appearances, we have to care for our hair.

Bringing me to the reasons why hair care is important and why Chi Essentials is a good option. To maintain hair we must know our hair type and what we want in our hair to best keep up with how we want it to look. Price is also considered because, admit it, not all of us can afford the right kind of care but it never hurts to know anyway.. Just in case we have the opportunity to splurge.

Three Reasons Why

  • It’s good for all hair types

I have fine hair. Meaning most likely my hair gets oily. I prefer a shampoo that rids the excess oil and also doesn’t weigh my hair down. Because there are two looks for a fine-haired girl: voluminous or like a wet dog. Chi Essentials by Avon is great for daily use (not that you want to go daily unless there is a reason) and for all hair types. I want to add in to not go for creamy shampoos or conditioners for fine-haired clients because products that are clear and have no color, are a better choice. The addition of colors and such are aesthetics. Keeping in mind that people with curly hair, for example, may opt for a no-poo routine. Still, this product is good for dry, curly hair, color-treated and chemically treated hair. As is its companion, conditioner.

With conditioner, which I use little off because I find it also weighs my hair down, if you have dry hair or curly hair, you can leave it on a few minutes and then wash it out.

  • It has less harmful ingredients

Many ingredients found in modern hair care products are harmful to the hair. They strip the natural oils, they create build-up, and sometimes they can breakdown the hair if you are using the wrong products, to begin with. A few of the ingredients you should watch out for are parabens, synthetic colors, and Phthalates. None of which this product line has. They have been found to cause reactions in some and in many places around the world, like Europe, they have been banned.

  • Bang for your buck

If you can shell out more than a few dollars for quality hair products, Chi Essentials is worth the spend. Both the shampoo and conditioner are $18. Most of the time people look for lower prices but this carries with it, a possibility, that the quality isn’t as good. Not to say that sales or clearances or great products demean the efficacy of a product. There are decent priced shampoo and conditioners out there that don’t have harmful ingredients and are good for your hair type.

Tying All Reasons Together

I’d like to tie all the reasons to buy this product line together. what makes this product worthwhile is what people want out of a hair product. For the most part, that is the ingredients. Vitamins A and B strengthen the hair. Among all of its amazing ingredients, it has aloe, pomegranate, and hibiscus. these ingredients together boost moisture, reduce frizz (even us fine-haired ladies and men hate the frizzy), balance our natural pH in our scalp and hair and increase elasticity. For all hair types and lengths, we want the best for our hair and there are some things that all of us want: healthy hair. It is not just a fad that we talk about hair. Or that there are a gazillion products to choose from. But knowing what to look for and why is the key factor in choosing a hair product.

My Experience

The other day I was getting myself and the kids cleaned up. I have to keep a schedule otherwise I will forget to make sure everyone is smell good and clean. Plus, kids tend to not care or keep with routine. This is where parents are helpful. I went to use the small bottles that came with the Chi Essentials Hair Color Kit and before I could pay attention, the water was cold. I had forgotten to wait for it to heat up again after one child took a shower. I had to quickly wash my hair and didn’t feel I had used the products as I should. I could feel some of the products in my hair. For the parts that were properly cleaned and conditioned, my hair was great. This means I can show you how my hair looks when it needs a wash and how it looks after a wash.

Before. I pulled my hair to the side. It easily stayed that way without any product to hold it.

Before the wash my hair was oily, I hate when it looks oily. Because it doesn’t look soft. the shine is gone but also replaced with a different shine. The oily kind. My hair parts weird and sometimes if it is really bad, I can make a ponytail with not tie.

After the wash, my hair looked much more healthy. It had the right amount of shine. It was soft and the smell was just as soft. The colors were vibrant and after three days my hair still looked decent. I wash my hair every four days. I was worried about this product at first because I tend to use Shikai Tea Tree Shampoo. The smell is strong but I am used to it and it never failed to cleanse my hair and my hair stayed clean for 3.5 days. I plan on using it as a weekly cleanser to make sure I don’t get build up in my hair. Because it was great for that. Still, I have found an awesome, great product. I never expected a product to be this great in my hair. All hail the power of Korean products.

More About Chi Essentials Shampoo and Conditioner by Avon

Replenishing Shampoo

•Nutrient-rich blend •Gentle for daily use •Won’t strip hair of its natural oils •Safe for color-treated hair •Provides balanced care for the hair and scalp •Helps to maintain nourishment and shine

Moisturizing Conditioner

•Nutrient-rich blend •Lightweight •Gentle for daily use •Provides rich moisture to hair and scalp •Strengthens the hair from root to ends •Increases hair’s elasticity •Helps to reduce split ends and frizz •Provides balanced care for the hair and scalp •Helps to nourish and maintain the shine

About Chi and Our Partnership

I have yet to write about our partnership with Chi. Some people may not know about the partnership. I’d like to give you information about it because it is worth knowing.

CHI HAIRCARE is produced by Farouk Systems, Inc., a Houston-based company of hairdressers for hairdresser.  We are known for manufacturing high-quality professional hair care products under the industry-leading brands: SunGlitz®, CHI® and BioSilk®. The company was founded in 1986 by Farouk Shami a hairdresser whose mission is to provide the professional beauty industry with the most advanced American technology based  “Education, Environment and Innovation”. — As noted on their website, last accessed January 28, 2020. To view their info and this source, click here.

Avon Partnership was first introduced last year and mentioned in notable magaizines such as GC magazine where they wrote:

According to the social selling beauty company, which was acquired by LG Household & Health Care, Ltd., it has now access to “cutting-edge technology and best-in-class quality of Korea’s leading consumer goods company” and will utilize these new R&D capabilities for cosmetics, personal care, fragrance, hair care, packaging and design

The collaboration with The Face Shop will include a collection of skin care and makeup in exclusive shade ranges and new-to-Avon formats such as cushion formulations of foundation, highlighter and blush. 

The collaboration with Chi will include three hair care products crafted from a unique blend of certified organic botanicals including aloe vera, pomegranate, and hibiscus.

Evy deAngelis, head of sales enablement for New Avon, stated, “We couldn’t be more thrilled and excited about our new alliance with LG Household & Health. As a company, Avon has always served two equally important constitu­encies: passionate consumers and our community of inspirational represen­tatives. Under the new ownership of LG H&H, known for its pre-eminence in technology and innovation, we’re able to offer our consumers and represen­tatives an unparalleled slate of new initiatives and product offerings.” This portion of the article was taken from its website and last accessed on January 28, 2020, by me. I hold no attempt to say that this information was of my own but can also verify as an Avon Representative that it is true.

To buy this product, visit my online Avon store here. If you are a first-time buyer you can receive 10% off your first order. If you spend $40 you qualify for free products when applicable and the A Box which is a $40 value for $10. Products therein change biweekly.

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