Salt of the Mouth, Light of the Smile

Salt of the Mouth, Light of the Smile

When Avon came out with a new toothpaste that has pink Himalayan sea salt in it, I was curious as to how that would work. For the most part, I knew salt to be something we add to food for flavoring, to help when we have a wound that needed cleaning, or for people who suffer from low blood pressure (salt helps raise blood pressure). Some people veer away from salt when they have health issues. I decided to give this toothpaste a try along with the cute toothbrush. First, let’s get into the many not diet uses so that you can better understand the many benefits and uses of salt.


Salt has been used since 6050BC. That is a long time to be using salt, and even I was shocked to find this out. It’s part of many cultures and civilizations. It is no shock that salt was used by the ancient Egyptians and Phoneticians. Both have contributed much to modern uses of many things. In fact, “salary” is derived from the word salt as it was once used as a currency. Salt, along with bread, is not unheard of as an offering to guests in many cultures as a gift of good luck. The phrase, “Not worth his salt” refers to slave trade in exchange for salt currency. I find that part a bit sad, to be honest.

Salt is used in various ways in religion. Buddhists toss salt over their shoulder after a funeral before entering a house so as to ward off evil spirits. I may have to start doing that. This gives way to using salt to keep out evil and we see this done in many movies involving occult practice. Though not all of the movie depictions are accurate. You can learn more about the extensive history of salt here.

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Non Food Use

The fact that salt can be used in everyday items should come as no shock. Salt can be found in soaps, dish detergent, laundry detergent, and inn chemical applications. For sake of keep things beauty related, I will focus more on how salt is used in bath and body products.

In soap, salt helps balance out the softness/hardness of a soap bar. Depending on how you like it, of course. Salt is a disputed item in soap making. I personally cannot say whether or not it works. Though I can describe how it is supposed to work. Salt makes a soap harder while it cures. It helps heal the soap faster. It won’t make the soap like a brick, of course. That would depend on other ingredients in the soap.

If salt is used in soaps, whether we know it or not, unless we look at the label or make it ourselves, it is also used in salt scrubs for the bath. Salt gently exfoliates the skin and makes it feel soft. This I can attest to as my daughter seems to have issues with her skin needed to be scrubbed, but I worry about being too rough. So I make salt scrubs for her to keep her skin clean, soft, and not looking rough. Salt scrubs are more abrasive in comparison to sugar scrubs (obviously). So if you need a better clean, salt scrubs are the go-to. Salt pulls away irritants to the skin. A bit in the way it does if you have an infected hangnail. It doesn’t sting like a salt soak for a hangnail, of course. Unless you have cuts. Salt scrubs are great for relaxing muscles and are used in salt baths for that exact reason. I wouldn’t recommend this for delicate skin. Just a 411.

Salt in toothpaste can also be used to exfoliate the teeth. This may sound odd since your teeth don’t need to be soft. But they do need to be clean. Some people have a hard time getting certain spots on their teeth. There may be some build up from inadequate brushing and not seeing the dentist. Which is best for when you need a good cleaning. Colgate even mentions the benefits of using salt in your toothpaste. That is a good thing to know because if a brand such as them can boast about it, that means Avon’s new line is perfect for those wanting to take up on the benefits.

Avon Perioe Himalaya Pink Sea Salt Toothpaste

Avon’s new line has four products. Two in tubes, two inn pumps, and either flavored with a soft mint or floral. The new line is made with pink Himalayan sea salt and is chemically similar to regular table salt. It also has potassium, magnesium, and calcium along with several other trace minerals that give it it’s color. This is also why it tastes different. It is a natural mineral, unlike table salt, which is often refined to the max. Benefits of Perioe is that it has 2.9X as much toothpaste as the tube; it is vegan friendly and Fluoride-free. I can’t forget that it also has aloe vera in it. This line not only cleans your teeth, it helps whiten but not in the same way as regular whiteners, which I recommend asking a dentist about before using anyway as it isn’t always kind to whiten teeth if it may harm more then help. Unlike with this line that does it naturally.

Overall the ingredients are:

Ice Mint Tube
Ice Mint Pump
Floral Mint Tube. Best for sensitive teeth
Floral Mint Pump.
Best for Sensitive Teeth


The main difference between the tube and the pump is that the tube is a gel and the pump a cream. The ingredients for the pumps are:


The toothbrushes that go with the toothpastes are, “the key to pristine teeth. Deep-clean those hard-to-reach areas with this multi-level toothbrush, featuring two different types of bristles. Shorter bristles clean the tooth’s surface, while longer bristles eradicate plaque and food between the teeth.”

• Microfibers with natural Himalayan pink salt help keep teeth clean
• Wider brush head helps to clean hard-to-reach areas

• Shorter bristles clean tooth surface
• Longer bristles clean between teeth to help remove plaque and food

• Handle – polyester & rubber
• Bristles – polyester

My Review

I bought the floral mint tube and the Avon Perioe Himalaya Pink Salt Toothbrush in pink. I have happened to have several containers of other kinds of toothpaste that were given to me. I actually rarely ever buy toothpaste anymore, as I am always given some by someone who has too much. And now I have too much. laughs I really did want to try this toothpaste because I wanted to see how it would work. I get sensitive teeth due to not being able to brush as I should. I have a mouth that can’t seem to take to toothbrushes, and it’s hard to reach the back of my teeth, especially in the back inside molars. The right side of my mouth seems more resistant to toothpaste and a toothbrush taking of plaque. It is not a surprise when I go into the dentist every six months for a cleaning to get that side cleaned. I just have trouble on that side.

The tooth brush is a nice size for me. Not too big and shaped well enough to reach difficult places. It’s soft and doesn’t hurt either.

After brushing with AquaFresh and my pink Avon toothbrush. I still had some reside on my front teeth as well as on the back of those front teeth.
My teeth didn’t have any residue on them after using this. They were also shinier and in the picture, much whiter.

The toothpaste was a weird flavor at first. I wasn’t sure what to think. I am very used to the commercial flavoring of mint toothpaste. I had a slight sudsing of the toothpaste, which, for the most part, felt like soft bubbles. It seems like a weird description. But they indeed felt soft. After several uses, I grew to like the flavor and find other toothpaste a bit strong in flavor. My teeth really did get clean. The spaces between my teeth were cleaner than I am used to without having to use floss. Which I use anyway but unflavored now that I like the taste of Avon’s sea salt toothpaste. What I liked most was that I had no aftertaste. I find that toothpaste leaves an aftertaste, and if I ever want to grab a bite after brushing my teeth, I can’t because the flavor of the toothpaste ruins my ability to taste the food. With Avon’s sea salt toothpaste, I get no aftertaste. I can eat 15 minutes afterward if I wanted to and still be able to taste my food and not mint.

The tooth pastes are $10 per pump (reg $12), $5 per pump (reg $6), and the toothbrushes are $4 (reg $5) right now.

True Reflection: VDL Primer by Avon

True Reflection: VDL Primer by Avon

Few know the origins of Snow White. Many may think it is a simply fairy tale that attribute to either Disney, The Brothers Grimm or even more recently a retelling in Once Upon a Time (a show I LOVED). There was some truth to the story however. It is said to be loosely based on Princess Maria Sophia Margaretha Catherina von und zu Erthal of Bavaria. After her father died he married her step mother, Claudia Elisabeth von Reichenstein. Who brought with her children of a previous marriage. According to, last accessed March 16, 2020, “Maria Sophia von Erthal grew up in the castle, which is now a museum. One of its rooms contains a “talking” mirror – an acoustic toy – made in Lohr, renowned for its looking glasses.”

The ‘talking mirror’ constructed in 1720 that furnished the home of Maria’s stepmother, the Countess of Reichenstein. Credit: Manfred Scherer / Spessart Museum
Portrait of Maria Sophia von Erthal. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The real life Evil Queen has little information that I have found but the mirror did in fact exist but it didn’t talk the way we think it did though it is still called The Talking Mirror. The best guess is that maybe the room it was in had an echo and one could think that it was talking back. Either way Sophia was later sent to live with her uncle and lived to be in her 20’s never having been married but always fought over to be courted. There is no evidence of a poisoned apple given to her but there is rumor that a vile man was selling apples laced with poison to children. It is possible that her parent’s had some involvement in her death but we can’t say.

Why VDL Lumilayer?

There are a lot of primers out there and all have a main purpose to help create a barrier between the face and makeup. And many have specific purposes such as making the makeup look more photo ready or to help minimize the appearance of pores. With VDL Lumilayer, the main idea is to give the face a glassy appearance. To create a smooth surface and to reflect light off of the face. To do this, Avon’s new line uses pearls. You may be wondering how this works. How they get pearl inside of facial products. I wondered the same and am here to tell you a little bit about how that works. According to the cosmetics industry a pearl can be crushed to a powder only microns wife. Scientifically pearl is being looked at for it’s many benefits. For skin, it can “strengthen(s) the internal structure of the cells responsible for skin nutrition and density.” because certain proteins in pearls can reduce wrinkles, and firm, tone, and illuminate the skin. Pearls also have keratin which is, of course, one of the many parts of the structure of hair, skin and nails. Many Asian makeup industries use pearl in their products. As you may have noticed, Avon has incorporated many Korean products into our company as of late.

Mythology of Mirrors

Back to the mirror. It does exist. And it is now the epitamy of vanity and how we see ourselves. Mirrors have an interesting history to them and if you have ever seen the movie Mirrors (a bit scarier than Snow White or Avon’s new Primer collection), you can view a history of mirrors on it’s extras. Such as in the mesoamerican culture believed that mirrors were portals to other realms of reality. In Jewish tradition mirrors are covered after one has died so as to protect the soul from being trapped in the mirror. There are many ideas behind the the belief of what mirrors do. Some people do in fact, not physically, become stuck in the mirror because they are in love with their reflection. Much like Narcissus of Greek mythology who pined his own reflection. Sometimes they see something that may not be there and begin to critique themselves. It isn’t unheard of that we do this too often in mirrors and sometimes people go a long time without looking into one for that reason.

What if instead of seeing what we want to see in a mirror, we can reflect what is already there on the inside to the outside? That’s what Avon’s new VDL Primer line can do. It gives the face a glassy look and has different finishes.

The VDL Lumilayer Primer

As with all other primers in this collection, the lumilayer Primer captures and reflects light. So you see a smooth surface and a luminescent glow. The products use prismatic pearls that emit red and blue radiance creating a soft violet sheen for a lit-from-within look. It blurs pores and enhances the wear of foundation, adding to a silky texture. Dullness will be gone with this product with it’s violet pigment. Your face will have added dimension and volume.

Price at $32 (Reg $50)

How to Use It
• Apply after skincare routine and before
• Can be worn alone, under foundation or
as a sheer highlighter.
• Use a pea-sized amount.
• Warm primer between fingers and apply
to face.

VDL Lumilayer Metal Cushion Primer

This primer has a metal plate and delivers a cooling sensation while adding light to the skin. It does all that the one above does as well as adds 80″% skin conditioning ingredients for rough and dull skin. It has Vitamin C and niacinamide and 30% more lumilayer pearls. Includes a refill and 2 applicators.

Price at $40 (Reg $50)

VDL Lumilayer Primer Fresh

This primer gives your skin a sun-kissed glow with pore-filling technology that blurs and smooths fine lines and add’s 70% more moisture. The glow is brought by red, gold, and white pearls that absorb and reflect light. The effect’s are in four steps: Hydration, Light Moisturizing, Smoothness, and Radiance. This one can also be used as a highlighter.

Price at $32 (Reg $50)

VDL Satin Veil Primer

This primer finishes with a matte look. Which is what I had hoped to pick but my eyes are needing new glasses an I got the Fresh. It helps with oil and shine control, perfect for those of us with oily, combo/oily skin. It has prune water to replenish skin and rose enfleurage oil to improve skin elasticity and texture over time.

Price at $32 (reg $50)

My Review

I used the Fresh Primer in my latest YoutTube video along with my new Cashmere foundation and concealer. Which I also wrote about here. It had a high shine to it once I put it on. Just having it on my hand was a sight to behold. It was immensely pretty. I liked that it gave my face a glow. And for being someone with combination oily skin, generally I keep away from lotions and makeup that give my face a shiny or dewy appearance. But this is different. The primer gave a a shine that was obvious but not in an oily or wet way. I have to admit it is nice to move my face back and forth in the mirror just to see the difference. As I did in my Gif where on my left side, I have the primer on my un-made face and on the other, it was bare and had only received the anti-pollution serum. I slowed the Gif down the best I could for you to see the difference. I think I could keep my face like that for most of the day without makeup to follow.

My face, with only having used Anti-Pollution serum by Avon after washing it. I have very very little makeup on. In fact, I tried getting most of my eyeliner off.
What the VDL Lumilayer Fresh looks like on my hand before using it.
My face, moving from left to to right. On the left I have the primer on and on the right I don’t. You can see that my left cheek is brighter than the other as well as half of my forehead. I used the primer all over my nose so it is all reflective.

I hope that this post was interesting and I hope that you come shop with me. Be sure to check out my previous post where I go over Avon’s new line of foundation and concealer Cashmere. Where there are 12 new food named shades of concealer and 30 new shades of foundation. Also food named. I want to also note that during the recent Corona Virus event’s, Avon may experience delays in orders. If you have any questions for orders, please call 1 (866) 513-AVON

Face of Cashmere

Face of Cashmere

Few things come as a comfort of wear to people and that thing can sometimes be a favorite shirt or hat. Or a good ol’ pair of trusty jeans that are just too comfortable to not have in your stash of owned items. I think one of my favorite comforts, though I haven’t used it in a while, is a nice, big, heavy robe in the morning. Unless it is too warm then I am sorry dear robe, I can’t wear you. Sitting with a rob and nice cup of coffee on the porch early morning is something I may not have done in a while but it is a comfort I enjoy when I do do it.

What is Comfort?

I start my post in the oddest of ways. Talking about comfort. We don’t think about it much. Comfort and the history thereof. When you think about it, the word can mean many things. It can refer to the comforts of the rich who never seem to have to worry about anything.. The lap of luxury as they say. It could mean comfort food or soul food. For those times you feel like a pick me up, a good piece of mind and advice over a steaming bowl of red beans and rice. Comfort could mean simply conversation with those you trust and can talk to anything about. Let’s look at the etymology of comfort.

The comfort of a cashmere sweater brings to mind how great it feels on the skin.
Photo by the framestreet from Pexels

According to the Oxford Dictionary online, last accessed March 15, 2020, comfort is a noun and a verb. As a noun, it means “consolation, solace; pleasure, enjoyment,” coming from the old French word confort.

Comfort and Makeup

Exactly, how does this relate to makeup? Many of us relate comfort and makeup in that wearing makeup shouldn’t feel like your face is bogged down and the makeup doesn’t dry. It’s not fun. Makeup should feel as if you aren’t wearing it. Though how could you forget? for me these means that I can still feel the makeup on my face. I don’t like feeling like it hasn’t set on my face. So, when you hear the word “breathable” it means that it is lightweight and most likely a liquid formula. It should say water as one of the first ingredients on the label. You don’t need a lot either. Making the makeup comfortable to wear. Other ingredients in makeup can make a product comfortable for the skin and recently I cam across a wonderful cosmetic dictionary by I think I fell in love learning more about all the many ingredients of makeup and makeup products. Getting to know more of why makeup can be a comfort to some especially in how it can be worn.

Avon’s New Cashmere Line

This is where Avon in it’s new line of Cashmere Makeup and VDL primer products can make us feel more comfortable in wearing makeup and understanding why it is so darn soft to wear and why it is breathable. Because, honestly, in doing my most recent video on YouTube I am in love with how soft my face felt and how light it all felt on my skin. In learning more from Paula’s Choice and demoing the new products, Avon is going to create waves in how great this new line is. Your face is going to feel so soft and so comfortable, I promise!

Let’s get into some the ingredients of Avon’s new Cashmere line as well as what each ingredient does that will explain why this product feels so soft on the skin. I will be quoting much of what Paula’s choice says about each product:

The wonderful well of foundation (outer circle) and concealer (inner circle)

Water/Eau – makes a product more breathable.
Isohexadecane – Synthetic, dry-finish ingredient with a powder-like finish. Wont go too far into the skin. So this ingredient helps it to finish more matte and wont leave the makeup a wet on the skin.
Dimethicone – forms a permeable barrier that works to prevent moisture loss and impart a wonderfully silky feel. Derived from natural silicone. This ingredient helps to give the product a soft feel on the skin.
Trimethylsiloxysilicate – Used as a skin-softening and occlusive agent. Another ingredient to make it feel soft and cashmere-like.
Hordeum Vulgare Seed Extract – contains gluten but is not overly bad unless you are allergic.

There are, of course, other ingredients like mica, that are commonly found in makeup products and also vitamins and minerals. These first mentioned ingredients help the product to feel more light weight and also help to give it a nice softness that we like to have with our makeup.

My Review

The new Cashmere line does stay on for many hours and in fact can stay on for up to 24-hours worth of wear. It sets matte and is water resistant. Is ideal for all skin types and is vegan friendly with no parabens, sulfates or phthalates and comes in 30, yes 30 shades! It blurs pores (I have big ones around/on my nose and between my eyebrows) and fine lines for a smoother appearance. The shades range in skin tone types Cool (C), Neutral (N), Warm (W), and Warm Olive (WO). Comes in a bottle that might I say is much larger than I was expecting and a wand that has an angled tip perfect for this tight places like around the nose. You can blend with your fingers, a makeup sponge, or brush.

I already had Magix tinted moisturizer which came out last year and fell in love with that because you can where it by itself with a translucent powder over the top. I did a comparison with that and the new Cashmere line to see which I liked best. I like both to be honest and either has something the other doesn’t have. The Cashmere line truly does feel soft on your face and blends perfectly. It has a larger collection of colors to choose from compared to Magix. You can blend two different colors together with Magix and I figure you could do the same here as well though the color range is much larger. Both blur imperfections and are light weight. But with Magix I felt it more on my face and used it less liberally. Both are buildable but Cashmere you don’t have to use a lot of whereas with Magix you can use more if you feel you need it. I like both but I truly do love how soft my face is with Cashmere. It’s my new best friend and I was able to pick my color easily. The colors have yummy food names like Truffle, Ganach, Marshmallow, and Cannoli. A bunch of sweetly named shades for a sweet face. The concealer as well blended into my face much better than Avon’s True Color Concealer. Which I chose a light shade for my face to better conceal under my eyes where I use it most. The Cashmere concealer is also soft in it’s touch and didn’t over add to the softness of the foundation. It would be weird to have a different in softness somewhere on my face. Not that softness is bad just it would be noticeable. I feel Cashmere is aptly named and it really does make you feel more comfortable in how you look. Like that favorite cashmere sweater you have in your closet. Though now they days are getting warmer so we need a good replacement for that sweater. Why not with this product line? Also, in lieu with this line I also used one of the new VLD Primers that Avon also is rolling out. Meant to make your face have a glassy look. I will write the next blog post on this as well. It is covered in my video of both lines. I compared it to Magix Primer by Avon.

The concealer is priced at $14.99 (reg $22) now and the foundation is priced at $21.99 (reg $32). It is well worth the price.