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Love It/Don’t Love It: Fashion

We all have our own tastes in clothes. We all have our own look that expresses who we are. Some of us are fashionistas and can go with anything setting trends bring at us. But some of us may stop at certain looks while wearing something like a boss when it’s hot. This is a Love It/Don’t Love It list simply of my own point of view.

Growing up I wasn’t always concerned about fashion. I did at one point want to be a designer. Then after moving I decided not to. I don’t recall what made me want to be one anyway. I went through a list of things I wanted to be. I have interest in many subjects. Mostly I wanted to be an archaeologist. I still wish I could but alas I now write about Avon, makeup, and a bit of fashion. While working to becoming a dietician/personal trainer for the disabled/elderly/both. Still, I keep a bit up on fashion. I am no fashionista. When it comes to fashion I go for function first then fashion.

Today’s post is going to cover some trends that will be around this Fall 2019. But the first thing that came to mind when writing about fashions I like or don’t like, Uggs came to mind right off the bat. Why? Because I never understood them. They are purely for show and couldn’t hold up in very cold climates unless they were very well made for such temperatures. Still, let’s start with trends that will be popular or at least more noticeable this fall.

Love It

Dusty Orange/Dusty Pink

Photo by Ogo from Pexels

This may shock you but even though I don’t wear a whole lot of either orange or pink, it’s not to say there’s a shade I will like and might incorporate into my look somehow. Dusty orange and dusty pink will be a few of the popular colors this fall. And honestly, I am just happy they aren’t as in your face as the more solid variants of either color. Given my skin tone, most of the time it doesn’t look good. But in small amount’s I’m fine with it. I do better with darker colors. And yet I can tan very dark and still prefer dark colors. I do where bright colors. Like maybe a green or purple. Though with dusty colors being on trend, I’ll be happy to sport them. They don’t hurt my eyes either. Also, both can be worn by most skin tones.


Photo by Bianca from Pexels

Now, not everyone does florals. I in fact didn’t care for them for the longest time. They have grown on me. If done in a manner that isn’t gaudy, they can be rather nice to wear. It’s not just a pattern for furniture. You may want to take a look around to see what suits you. Maybe small blue floral print with a white background. Big floral print with a black background. Or perhaps the more thought of meshed together like you see in furniture. There’s a few different kinds of floral prints. Don’t knock it until you find something you like and wear it like a confident person you are.


Photo by Nicolas Postiglioni from Pexels

Before you say anything, yes, many think of chunky sweater when they hear crochet. Stop right there. I happen to crochet and there are a lot of very gorgeous shirts and dresses that are crochet. If you like chunky then go chunky. If you want it more breathable, go that way too. Crochet is a time-old way of dressing. You don’t need to look like you are wearing am afghan, okay? There are amazing patterns and stitches that can create a crochet shirt or dress into something not so granny looking. I used to own a crocheted ugly sweater. I wish I still had it. But there’s more than just that image you get in your head hearing crochet.

Scarf/Fine Print

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

For those of you not familiar with the description, scarf print and fine print are much more delicate in detail. Some can look a bit much and others are down right nice and it’s not just when wearing a scarf. You can take the look to larger pieces like a dress or shirt. I find that much of the fall trends lean to a mature + cozy look. And I like that. That’s what fall feels like to me anyway. When I was younger I thought these types of prints were reserved for women roughly in their 50’s or some sort of elegant heiress. Now, being near 40, I don’t mind the prints and like to get them in skirts.

Hair Accessories

Photo by meijii from Pexels

This fall, a fashion trend that will be all around us will not be found in clothes but in the hair. while I can only manage to get away with a few items in my hair, using many doesn’t seem to suit me like those who can pull of some crazy beautiful designs with bobby pins. I also heard big hair accessories will be popular as well. Again, while I can’t pull it off, I love seeing how great others look with hair accessories.

Don’t Love It

Coral and Neon

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

I like coral just not in clothes. I can’t get past it. Something about it hurts my eyes. My beloved grandmother (RIP) would stand up for the color. It was want of the colors, along with salmon, that she liked. She used it in all of her crafts. That was fine. I just never liked it in clothes. Maybe it’s because colors like that don’t go with my skin tone. And neon I swear makes my eyes melt. But it is great for making cars stop when you need to cross the street. I do have a bright pink work out shirt. One day while walking down town, I had taken my sweater off because it had gotten warm suddenly. Up until that point it seems drivers didn’t see me. BAM! Hey, look. I’m wearing neon pink. Oh, you’re going to stop now and notice I need to cross? About time. But I still don’t care for neon colors. Since child hood I would avoid them. If you like it, that’s fine. But bees seem to also like me in neon. No thank you.

Western Trends

I am probably going to get grief for this. And given I grew up in the Rockies you think I wouldn’t mind so much. I don’t. But there is some really tacky ways of wearing western wear. Take for example this kid I knew in middle school. All out cowboy in his own right. He did raise horses. But for the love of Mike he had this shirt that was turquois and in western fashion that I did not like. Besides his pants and boots and hat, I hated that shirt. And the belts! Why with belts? If this is going to be a fall trend please don’t make it in bright colors. I feel like it’s a scene from Back to the Future. Pink western wear? I can see why it would look odd. Now if you like it, by all means. I’m sure you can pull it off. I like the more traditional look. Plain colors and simple attire. But most of the time people just add fringe, yes fringe is still big, and call it western. No. not all western wear is fringe. I know I will get so much grief for this because I know a lot of people, mostly ladies, who wear western wear with a pink or purple. Or blue. And they do just fine. But now it’s like snake boots with an otherwise street style. Can I ask why? I think I suddenly need to watch The Cowboy Way again. Or maybe Monte Walsh. Now Tom Selleck can really pull of western wear. I admit I find that man attractive. But he’s twice my age! Older than my dad even. Even off set he has this way of incorporating a western look without using colors I prefer not to see in western wear.

Wild Prints

Photo by Emma Filer from Pexels

Again, I know I will get flack for this. I don’t like wild prints. I can’t begin to express how odd it looks. I can’t find much a way to see it in a trendy way. Even with a pair of wild print jeans I bought my daughter because finding pants that fit her and her colostomy bag is very hard considering she’s growing and the waist is the biggest issues, I still try to not have her wear them. I find wild prints hard tp pair with any other print. Maybe a solid color. But I know people have mixed them before. It just looks cluttered that way. I known not everyone will agree, and that’s fine. I think the closest thing I ever wore was wild print undies. But no one saw those so I am fine with them. But like with the bra, well you think large sizes are hard to find, so are small ones. Sometimes I end up with a print I don’t like but I just need some under garments.

The 70’s

Photo by it’s me neosiam from Pexels

Now, I was raised with a lot of 1970’s surrounding me and then it went into the 80’s. I wasn’t born in the 70’s but my brother was. Luckily we never had to wear anything that resembled the 70’s. I have seen some tastefully done looks but I still wouldn’t wear it. Maybe except for bouffants. I like those. That’s hair so it’s not clothes. One time when I was maybe 10 I was reading a kids magazine. I don’t remember which and I saw this ad, no I don’t remember which, and it had a kid in full 70’s attire. The first thing I noticed was the bell bottoms. I don’t mind flares. But bell bottoms just shorten legs. Unless you want to look short, then I guess that’s fine. But I just never liked anything about 70’s clothes. Though when I was young some people still wore it and it had it’s surge in being brought back for a short time in the 90’s. I guess If I was sent back in time I would have a hard time trying to fit in. But I could go for anything from the 1920’s to the 1940’s. Sorry Mom and Dad.

So, that is my list. Love or don’t love it, it’s all about individuality. You love what I don’t that’s fine or maybe the other way around. That’s fine too. What are some trends in fashion now, then, upcoming that you either love or don’t love?

It’s Hair-Ficial

I know I haven’t written in a while. I am horrible and feel like a hack. Today, instead of Avon, since I have been slow and busy with a few medical issues to which I needed to turn my attention to, I would like to focus a bit on beauty news. I want to make it clear that while I am an Avon rep, it doesn’t hurt to talk about other beauty stuff. I do want to add a section at some point about women in beauty. Be it a makeup artist or an early creator of some beauty product of years past.

Today, since this has been such a growing trend and I guess I am in shock, I would like to talk about the 90’s. I feel old now. I think of the 90’s and I was just a very young girl on the verge of growing up. I even recall the magazine I saw in the school library (which one is was I don’t recall) essentially showing what would be the last time one would see, until now, classic 90’s dress, hair, and makeup. It was a teen magazine. Caucasian girl with this big smile. bright pink lipstick. I think she had on one of those jean jackets with all the sparkle on it. Hair done up in a side ponytail a-top her head with a pink scarf like tie. I specifically remember thinking, “You wont see that again.” I think the year was … goodness gracious… let me think, 1995. So, roughly 24 years ago. It was reminiscent of the 80’s in a way though not as neon. I noticed a slight shift in how girls dressed. At the time Brandy was a big and so were those weird plastic jackets which she was seen wearing in at least one of her videos. Visor hats. Combat like boots with dresses. To be honest that’s a trend worth bringing back. You may not see me wear it since I now either dress like a woman in her mid-40’s who still wants to wear something a tad younger (take for example today I have ripped jeans, a tan shirt with a tiny pocket, and a white cardigan sweater and slippers) or with a style of classic chic. Nice jeans and a gorgeous blouse with shoes suitable for the office. But I work from home so who am I trying to impress? HAHA No, seriously, I wonder what happened to my wardrobe sometimes. At the same token I wouldn’t wear Jnco’s. Though I did wish I still had my crop top and a belly chain that I used to have. What happened to that anyway?

So, on with the topic I picked: HAIR. Now I was never good with my own hair. I just recently was able to French braid or Double Dutch braid my hair while having my head slightly over the edge of my bed. Curling my hair takes a stone age. BUT, I remember all the fun new gadgets of the 90’s that changed our hairstyles. Some came out a a bit earlier though. I remember hair crimping in the 80’s. In fact I think it was seen on Weird Science the other fay which I saw aired on BBC America. I did have a crimper growing up. My step-sister and I would have fun putting on faux makeup and do our hair and dress as usual kids did back then. If you keep up on celeb news, I don’t care too to be honest just because I don’t feel their personal lives are my business, you will know that Khloe Kardashian and Ariana Grande have been sported with crimped hair! Let the flow of followers crimping their hair begin.

Other hairstyles making a comeback are the high ponytail (though it has never really left but the exact style hasn’t been what would be seen in the 90’s such as a high curly ponytail) and so have scrunci’s. I love scrunci’s In fact I crocheted one the other day and gave it to my oldest daughter.

Barrett’s. Though I will say this, there were barrett’s in the 80’s but mostly with young children. In the 90’s it was more sleek and metallic. I think these should never go out of style as it adds element to the hair.

Hairsprayed hair. Now I never did this, not unless you include going to my grandma’s house as a child and on Sunday she would curl up my hair the night before and use an iron to give me that tightly curled bang and then Aqua spray my curled hair to a crunchy consistency.

Spiked pixie. I still think it’s a cute look though not for me. No, I look horrible with such short hair.

Side barretted Bangs with a short hair still, slightly puffed in the back using that bump thing that came out and flipping the ends. No I don’t really know what the look was called but I do remember Drew Barrymore wearing it a lot.

The Rachel. Who didn’t covet her hair? I had mine redone like hers last year but this year I am sporting a choppy bob. Less hair to deal with.

Mixed texture. bits of flat ironed hair with tight curls. Now, if I could ever feel confident in rocking that look I would. Then again I have gotten older and as said, I range between two looks.

What hairstyles have you seen coming back? From any era. Have you actually seen a girl take out a huge can of spray, flip her hair over and spray the backside and let it air dry only to flip it back over thus creating a look I never understood? Yes, yes, that was a thing. That and using picks in curl permed hair. Also a big 90’s thing. Curls! Share in the comments.

How to: Skin-So-Soft as an Amazing Brush Cleaner

It’s been a few weeks and I have not written. A mix of both I somehow injured my hand and had to recover and also, I lost momentum. Of sorts. Don’t worry I am still here to talk about Avon products. Today I want to bring up an interesting use for Skin So Soft Bath Oil that I saw on a Pinterest post listing the various ways you an use the product. Being that I have more oily skin, well it’s become less oily over the years, I decided to take one of the big bottles I got as a sample (yep, big bottle) to see how it worked for cleaning makeup brushes. One of the many ways to use it.

Of course we makeup wearing folk know that you need to keep you makeup brushes cleaning so as to not spread germs and gets skin issues like acne. Or to mix your colors enough that they don’t come out they ways they should because of residual color still in the brush. I am going to admit something about my self here: Until a few years ago I never actually cleaned my brushes. Sure, maybe I cleaned ones used for eyeshadow when I needed to change color and didn’t want to muddy up my look. But I only rinsed the brush and used soap and a dry clean cloth. Running it over the cloth until I saw no remaining color. Other than that I never did it. I wasn’t told about this upkeep growing up and mildly using makeup. I wasn’t as into wearing makeup until a few years ago. So, when I read about using SSS Bath Oil to help clean brushes, I figured it would be worth testing as a review considering I don’t use the oil for my skin since I break out into acne easily anywhere on my body. Especially my back. I just use a lotion on my shins because they are pretty dry. And on my T-Zone because it went from being oily to dry as sand and peels. Now my daughter I use bath oil on because she has overly dry skin and has since birth. She is always being covered in a thin layer of oatmeal lotion after each bath and SSS body lotion each morning. She used to have severe eczema as a baby. So bad I had to carefully use a prescribed cream on here daily.

Onward with the topic. I want it to be clear I have not yet bought Avon makeup brushes but I hope to fairly soon. Most of the ones I have were given to me so it isn’t like I had a choice at the time. Plus, why waste a brush is it works? I gathered all my brushes. Including the one missing a handle. It just fell off but it’s still useful.

I put them on a clean towel I generally use for cleaning around the house. I wanted something white since most of my other towels are either blue or red. This way you can see the brushes better in a picture.

In reading how to make a good makeup brush cleaning solution, I used an equal part of SSS bath oil and equal part dish soap. Orange scented. Again this is not the scent I prefer for cleaning dishes. Again it was given to me. Orange smells horrible as a cleaner to me. I prefer sea salt scented by Preference. To make the two products equal I used 1/4 c each. I wanted enough to adequately dip the brushes in. Though both an oil, they did separate, with the dish soap landing at the bottom of my bowl. But using a handy wooden lollipop like tool I mixed it together until it made a creamy color.

Then I started with a brush. I dipped it in the solution and used my hand to rub the solution around the brush. I saw tons of color come right out of the brushes. Some more dirty than others. Specifically the eyeliner brush I use for gel liners. It was stiff and dark with black liner I purposely didn’t clean after use. My foundation brushes also had a lot of color come out of them. I was shocked since I don’t try to use a lot of foundation powder. It makes me look cakey up close.

After cleaning each brush I ran them under warm water to rinse off the oil. Now, normally I am used to having to get off oil from anything with dish soap and so I reminded myself I don’t need more. It’s already in the brushes. Making it easier to rinse out because of that fact.

I gently dabbed them on the cloth which showed more and more of where some brushes had just a bit of color still left in them until no more color came out and I set them upright in a small wine glass I use to hold my brushes. I don’t have conventional makeup brush holders and use cups with no pairs. About an hour later some were still drying and others were noticeably soft to the touch. You can clearly see the original color of some brushes now.

For someone who doesn’t use oils to moisturize their skin I will definitely say that SSS Bath oil works great because it did give my brushes a soft touch and did help clean them as well as helping them smell nice. Though I could still do without the orange scent that mildly lingers. Ew.

Skin So Soft Bath Oil is on sale this campaign. The 16.9 fl oz bottle is $11.99 (reg $22) and the 15 fl oz is on sale for $16.99 (reg $29). This is for all the fragrances and not just the original.



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