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Creating a Facebook Page for Your Avon Business + Pointers

Starting a Facebook business page as an Avon rep can be a bit confusing. This is a simple comprehensive, though not exhaustive, tutorial on creating your first business page as an Avon representative.

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Love It/Don’t Love It: Fashion

We all have our own tastes in clothes. We all have our own look that expresses who we are. Some of us are fashionistas and can go with anything setting trends bring at us. But some of us may stop at certain looks while wearing something like a boss when it’s hot. This is a Love It/Don’t Love It list simply of my own point of view.

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It’s Hair-Ficial

Khloe Kardashian and Ariana Grande have been sported with crimped hair! Let the flow of followers crimping their hair begin.

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How to: Skin-So-Soft as an Amazing Brush Cleaner

I am going to admit something about my self here: Until a few years ago I never actually cleaned my brushes. Sure, maybe I cleaned ones used for eyeshadow when I needed to change color and didn’t want to muddy up my look.