CBD's and No THC

CBD's and No THC

No doubt you have noticed the increase in popularity of CBD products as well as the slow but sure growth in legality of CBD products being sold in many states. Colorado is one of the most popular states to legalize CBD and other related products. California is also well known for allowing the growth of either hemp or cannabis within restrictions. This has led many to be confused about what is what and if it is ethical to allow this rise in products with the ingredients many deem bad to be sold much less used medicinally. Idaho has had its fair share of dispute. That is why I want to quickly discuss Avon’s new line of CBD products by first explaining CBD and THC. As not many are aware of the differences despite a lot of already established explanations.

CBD Information

In 2018 the Farm Bill was passed and legalized industrial hemp and medical and recreational cannabis at the state level. This is one of the many aspects of confusion behind what is legal and isn’t. Because one state differs in what it deems legal and not legal compared to another state. As CNET stated in Aug of 2019 (last accessed February 29, 2020), “. . . This . . . discusses substances that are legal in some places but not in others and is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You shouldn’t do things that are illegal — this story does not endorse or encourage illegal drug use.” I want to emphasize that I do not promote illegal activity outside of this post. I only want to explain more behind CBD and THC before you yell foul behind Avon’s new line. Which are great, by the way, and I will get to the products here soon. Now many different places within different states sell varying products. Until recently in Idaho, many places didn’t sell CBD products. Within the last year, we have, in my local area, had an influx of stores pop up. As well as some food locales that add water-soluble CBD to drinks upon request. I will be honest, I tried it. With this growth of products, more confusion seems to have spread. Even Avon representatives have been unsure how to market the new line without confusing the customer. I have known about the difference between CBD and THC for a while. Truth is, it really shouldn’t be so hard to comprehend. No offense. Still, I do see how there is confusion given how either is produced and also the images used to promote both.

Avon’s Cover Featuring the Facial Oil plus the plant leaf.
Hemp vs Marijuana horizontal infographic, healthcare and medical illustration about cannabis.
Image not my own and is from the lifecannmd.com website. Click here for more information. Or the picture.


So what is the difference? CBD and THC are both structurally similar. Also, our bodies have natural endocannabinoids. Oh, you must be shocked at this point. Yes, we have a system within our bodies that have receptors (similar to neurotransmitters in the brain) to both CBD and THC. The fact of the matter is that CBD is a weak form and doesn’t bind the same way THC does to our own receptors. Making it non-psychoactive and not able to produce a high that is more commonly associated with both CBD and THC. THC, on the other hand, is able to bind to our receptors and produce a high. What’s more, is that Marijuana and THC are heavily regulated nationally. It isn’t uncommon for some stores that sell CBD products to be monitored for the ingredients of their products to be sold. In order to know more about that, I suggest looking at your state information to be more informed. Since depending on whether your state is allowed to grow the plants will determine if you can buy the products. I can’t say how often I have had to politely explain this. I have met some angry people just discussing my state’s own laws on the matter. Many seem to think that what happens in one state will be the same in the other. It isn’t true.

The image is from Green River Botanicals and their website. I don’t claim this image my own. This image is for educational purposes only on my blog. You can see more information about this image at https://greenriverbotanicals.com/what-is-the-endocannabinoid-system-and-how-does-it-work/

Avon’s new line rolled out earlier this year and it created a buzz within the Avon community. There are three CBD products that we now sell.

The Product Line

Green Goddess Facial Oil: This, as well as the other two products, is 99% in its ingredients. It is geared to those with dry, irritated, and sensitive skin. It reduces redness, improves moisture and also soothes the skin. It has 100 mg of CBD as well as vitamin E and omega fatty acids. It is fragrance-free, vegan, and absorbs easily into the skin. Other ingredients it has are:

The solution that soothes. Revitalize your skin with Green Goddess, a topical oil with 100mg of CBD and other plant-based ingredients like hemp seed oil, squalane oil, and turmeric. This nutrient-enriched formula provides a calm and relieving feeling, making it the refreshing last step to both morning and nighttime skincare routines. .95 fl. oz. Price for sale $34.99
  • Hempseed oil: for moisture, anti-inflammation, skin cell repair, balanced oil production, and anti-aging.
  • Sunflower seed oil: for moisture, a source of Vitamin E which protects you from UV rays, has fatty acids (in combo with Vit E these two together are what help soothe the skin) and anti-aging.
  • Turmeric: antibacterial, antiseptic, brightens the skin and removes excess facial oil.
  • Jojoba seed oil: has Vit E and B which help with sooting the skin and repairing damage.
  • Squalene oil: anti-inflammatory, antiaging, and balances oil.
  • Azulene: essentially it does what all the other products above do.

Use 4-6 drops and massage all over the face, then follow up with your favorite moisturizer and for AM use, follow that up with sunscreen. Unless your moisturizer already has it, then you are set.

Veilment CBD Nourishing Body Cream: This product is for the body and is much the same as the oil but in lotion format. That way you don’t have to use as much oil. You can use this all over your body.

Sit back and relax with our nourishing body cream, featuring 100mg of CBD and touches of hemp seed oil and turmeric. This natural formula will help moisturize and rejuvenate skin. 100 mg CBD / 5 fl. oz. Sale Price $28

• Helps to enrich and soothe your body
• Reduces irritation and dryness
• Absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling soft and nourished
• Light jasmine scent
• Hypoallergenic
• Dermotologist-tested


Veilment CBD Soothing & Nourishing Body Cream:

This product is the same as the other lotion but much more concentrated. Meaning that the same 100 mg of CBD is found in less lotion and so more can be added to any given spot on the body. Best for those who need extra care for their skin.

Smooth generously all over the body as needed, especially to areas that need extra care. Sale Price $28

My Review

I do not have dry skin overall but I do in some areas of my body such as the T-Zone of my face, my elbows, and my shins. I decided to one day primp my eyebrows, as I do every week. Generally, this creates irritation. I waited a full day as it is never good to apply any product on broken skin and though I didn’t have broken skin, I prefer to take precaution. My skin can be irritated for a while after primping it. A half-hour after using it on my T-Zone, my skin wasn’t as red and didn’t feel as sensitive as it usually was. On my shins, which have been dry forever and I always have to gently scrub to get rid of dead skin after a shower, they were surprisingly more moisturized after application. I will be honest and say I don’t really use a moisturizing lotion. I simply have never been one to do it on the regular for my body. Unless it was for acne treatment. A topic for another post.

I feel this product does what it is meant to and suggest anyone try it. You may not have overly dry skin but we all suffer irritation of some sort throughout the year. I recommend giving this a try. Don’t worry, you won’t get high. Check out my video on YouTube where I demo the products here.

Here you can see a little bit of redness from a day later of doing my eyebrows. They can get very red from the plucking. The redness I noticed was between my eyebrows. A small spot. Hard to see but it is there.
I tried doing a close up of my leg. It was a bit dry even after using a moisturizing wash in the shower.
The redness Here isn’t as prominent. Also My skin looks better overall after using Green Goddess.

A few minutes later after using the concentrated formula of the CBD lotion, my skin looks shinier in a healthy way and less dry. Smoother as well.

Product Caution

It is not recommended to ingest this product or use it on a child unless it is given the okay by a doctor. Never use these kinds of products on minors unless it is medically okay. These products are meant for adults.

Make A"room"a For the Mind

Make A"room"a For the Mind

Along with CBD on the rise since the Farm Bill of 2018, there has also been a rise, for several years, on essential oils. Many people make their own for sale. Many companies have established businesses for the sole purpose of using and selling essential oils. This is because of a mass movement to go “au natural”. People have steered to less chemically based products to accompany their modern life styles of non-GMO, locally sourced, plastic free, and waste free. The list is endless really for this movement that encompasses many different kinds of products. Yet, this isn’t the first time essential oils were all the rave. They have a long history in the world of man’s use for them. From topical use, use in foods, use in medicines, and for aroma therapy.

There are books and websites and YouTube videos that cover the history of essential oils. For sake of not overdoing content here, I want to break the history down enough so that you get the gist.

Brief History of Essential Oils

Ancient Egypt used essential oils in everyday life. They used it for cosmetics, medicine and for the embalming process of their great Pharaohs and other members of the royal family. China and India used it pretty much the same way but also in Ayurvedic medicine. Which is a holistic heading system consisting of the body, mind and spirit that promoted health and fight disease. The Greeks followed the Egyptians and used essential oils. In fact Hippocrates endorsed the use of them. Romans took the idea from the Greeks (as they did with many other things) and used essential oils in the bath. This is just a brief run down of how essential oils have been used since ancient times. These, of course, were herbal infused oils and mixed with other natural oils such as olive own. Distilled oils, what we use now, is a more recent creation.

Misconceptions of Essential Oils

It is only fair to discuss the misconceptions of essential oils. I used to sell essential oils and recall some information about them. Here are a few misconceptions I am aware of regarding essential oils.

1: Essential oil purity Equals Essential oil quality

There are a lot of discrepancies about this. First off it depends on the plant, the batch, how it is processed. Quality here is subjective. But not every oil is made for the same purpose. Some you can ingest. Other’s you can’t Always check the product information and look at the bottle. It should be on there. That being said, there are synthetic oils out there. Be wary of those.

2: Therapeutic Grade is it’s Own Grade

All oils have some therapeutic element. Again it is how it is used. I don’t ingest any oils. For the products I used to sell you could ingest them but I never cared for the sharp taste. I tend to use mine for skin and for breathing in. There is no therapeutic grade. This is mostly a gimmick. Grade is more along the lines of where a product has more or less ingredients. Food Grade is a term you may have heard of and this basically means the product is made for consumption and isn’t toxic. Avon’s essential oils are not food grade. Grade is also not to be confused with quality. That would denote how well a product works for a customer. Not it’s function. Food can be therapeutic. Much study is done on that.

3: A Skin Reaction Means Detoxing

No. Just NO! If you have a reaction to an oil, you maybe allergic. It is best to seek medical help if this happens.

4: Each Part of the Plant Can Be Used for the Same Oil

Actually this isn’t true. It’s like saying any part of your body can be used for the same function. Which is not correct. Certain parts of a plant can be used differently in oils. Therefor they wont work the same other other oils from the same plant on the body. Take the dandelion for example. Different parts can be used in a tea and others for topical use.

5: Essential Oils Have Vitamins

I have no idea where this came from. Granted, food wise, plants such as spinach have nutrients. The same cannot be said for the oils that are extracted from plants. Nutrients are added in after the oil is made and used in a product. Avon’s oils do not have nutrients in them.

6: It’s Safe Because It is Natural

Not all plants are safe and not all oils are safe. Never confuse these two words. Arsenic is a natural element.. Poison Ivy is a natural element. They are NOT however safe. It is even shown that some oils are not safe to our pets. I advise you not use them for pets. Oils are made in a specific way so they are safer to use. But again, if you have a reaction, stop using it and see a doctor.

The Products

Earlier this year Avon introduced two new essential oils: Calm and Energize. They are part of a set called Minding-My-Mood.

Energize – Feel refreshed and focused with lively mandarin and stimulating ylang-ylang (an exotic floral derived from the tropical ylang-ylang tree).
Calm – Channel your tranquil inner bliss with comforting lavender and soothing star anise (a fragrant spice).

These are hypoallergenic and Dermatologist-tested.

1. Apply directly to pulse points, such as wrists, neck, temples, base of skull and bottom of feet.
2. Add a few drops to a warm bath.
3. Mix a few drops into body lotion.
4. Add to a room diffuser (10-20 drops or to your liking).


Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil
Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil
Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil
Caprylyl Glycol.

This video starts after 7 mins of the whole video and just before the product is shown. This is from over a month ago. I haven’t meant to be so late on making a blog for this.

These products are great for using for everyday use. You can use the energize for the morning or while doing school work, like I do. To keep motivated. I even use it while cleaning because though I can really get on a roll for cleaning, sometimes I need a push. I diluted the Calm oil and sprayed it on my pillow at night to help sleep. I can’t say that my cat is fond of my use of lavender. He hates it. 🙂 The products are sold together and not separately and are priced at $24.

Amazing to Dye for Hair Color Line By Chi

Amazing to Dye for Hair Color Line By Chi

Be sure to notice the update down below as well as a link to the new post about the line.

Since 1907 when the founder of L’Oreal created the first hair dye product, women have continuously colored their hair to match fashion trends and celebrity looks. Women can change their appearance and cover up unwanted grey hair either at the salon or at home. So, it is no surprise that Avon has launched its line of new hair color. This made so many representatives very anxious to try the product so they can show off to their customers the amazing results. Before I jump right into my experience with the hair color I chose, I want to give you a short rundown of the reasons why it’s a great product.

Over 80% natural, ammonia-free formula
• 100% gray coverage that stays true for up
to 8 weeks
• No parabens, PABA, phthalates, PPD,
gluten or sulfates
• Comes with a deluxe size of our sulfate-free,
color-safe CHI Essentials shampoo,
conditioner and serum
• 1-800 number with direct contact to CHI
Color professionals

The line so far contains 12 colors. Ranging from a dark brown to light brown, to two reds, two darker shades of blonde and two what I call mature colors. That being Medium Silver Blonde and Extra Light Silver Blonde.

Avon Hair color in 12 Shades.

Now, on to my thought of the product I used. I bought the Medium Silver Blonde. Why? Because I am already getting some beautiful grays. I am not ashamed. For a long while, I said I wouldn’t dye my grays and hide them. I find no fault in getting gray hair. I know that many women and men don’t like this factor of aging. I understand. I do. I just find that there is something to be proud of in getting older. True, we aren’t as young as we were. Many of our late nights are gone. Especially after having kids. Some of us are lucky and don’t gray much as we age. Others start to gray in high school.

About the Ingredients Not Found

The fact there is no ammonia in this product makes it great in that there is no harsh smell. In fact, it is a relaxing smell. Two big thumbs up in that department. It is one of the many reasons why women don’t like dying their hair. The smell is overwhelming. But not with Avon CHI Essentials Hair Color. I like being able to work a product in my hair without feeling like my nose will fall off.

As for grey coverage for up to 8 weeks, I can’t say just yet how long the color will last. I did frost my hair before putting on the product so I could better show the color it can produce. I will update this post in March to let you know how well the product stayed true to not fading. I also can’t speak for it covering grays. In truth, I feel it blended the gray I already had. I am not upset by this.

None of the bad stuff people don’t want in their product. I’ll briefly touch on the ingredients not found in Avon CHI Essentials Hair Color.

Parabens, as noted by phhairscience.com, are “Parabens are a common category of preservatives used in cosmetics and hair care products. Compared to other, safer alternatives, they are cheaper and mimic anti-microbial agents in plants. However, they also have the ability to mimic estrogen and cause breast cancer. Research has found that parabens and mineral oil may cause considerable damage to the hair and scalp,” last accessed January 27, 2020. This is good news for people not wanting to continuously damage their hair from repeat dying. After my experience of lightening my hair a few years ago to go plum purple, I can safely say I don’t want to have brittle hair again. And thus, having to use a hair balm to repair.

PABA is generally a natural product but due to some being sensitive to it and not being able to use it to the benefits it can have, it is taken out of products for allergy reasons. For those who are sensitive to PABA,, according to mdsun.com, “People with a PABA sensitivity will develop allergic contact dermatitis and may suffer photo contact dermatitis when exposed to sunlight after applying a product with PABA to their skin. This can cause burning or stinging and a rash. Since PABA is frequently mixed with alcohol or other synthetic materials in order to be absorbed into the skin and be active, even those without a PABA allergy can still be sensitive to those products.” mdsun.com does offer great insight into how this ingredient isn’t always bad but also lets you know why it may not be suitable for people with sensitivities.

Phthalates are used in a wide range of products. There are also a few different forms of it. Not just one. It prevents stiffness and brittle outcomes. Like in nail polish. But has been scientifically found to interfere with male and female hormones. Making is best left out of this line of hair products by Avon.

PPD is used in hair dye to help give it a more natural look. But, just as with PABA, people may have an allergy to it. Its side effects are pretty much the same as PABA. Symptoms can calm down after the ingredient has oxidized but that still doesn’t mean a reaction can’t still occur. Therefore it isn’t in this product line.

You may be wondering why this product is gluten-free. Isn’t gluten a food item? You ask. Yes. Yes, it is. But it can also be used as a preservative. Even in food and hair products. Many people are not gluten-free but some are gluten-free due to the condition known as Celiac Disease. I have known roughly three people with this condition. It is no laughing matter and they take the condition seriously. In fact sometimes even with taking precautions, symptoms can still occur from the least likely products. Even contamination from other products with it posses a threat to those with Celiac. I want it to be known that you can also have a sensitivity to gluten but not have Celiac. It’s a different kind of precaution. As in that case you can’t say by how much of that ingredient will cause a reaction. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

So what does it have in it if it doesn’t have all that other stuff? This line has many ingredients but to name a few of the great ones:

• Aloe – with vitamins and essential nutrients to help nourish every strand
• Silk – a natural protein that helps strengthen hair
• Olive oil – infuses hair with replenishing moisture

My Experience

Get on with it already, you must be thinking. Alright, alright.

The product contained:

Avon Chi Essentials Hair Color Kit

Everything you need:
• Bottle of color, 2 fl. oz.
• Developer, 2.5 fl. oz.
• CHI Essential Shampoo, 1 fl. oz.
• CHI Essential Serum, .5 fl. oz.
• Pair of gloves
• Shower cap
• Instructions

My frosted hair.

I first frosted my hair, it is similar to highlighting and a once very popular way of adding subtle color to hair for a long while. I have very dark brown to black hair. It is near impossible to lighten if I want to add a color that is better used on lighter hair. Then I used the chosen Avon Chi Hair Color in Medium Gray Blonde.

My hair after using Avon’s Chi essentials Hair Color in Medium Silver Blonde.

The results were wonderful. It blended with my hair. I did use the color all over my head after frosting it. I didn’t want to waste product. It added a subtle change to my natural hair. Blending in the color it gave to my newly lightened hair. It blended the handful of grays I already had. The smell was great. I didn’t itch while waiting for it to do its work. It washed out rather easily. You know how frustrating it is to wash out color after more than five minutes. And then I gently washed with the small bottle of Chi Hair Shampoo and Conditioner. The next day I used the serum that was also provided in the kit. It added moisture to the hair. Ensuring the color stays and is hydrated. A must when you dye your hair. Especially since I did lighten some of it. The color has stayed in since. I am happy and have had compliments on it already. I am providing a link to the video I made that included the product as well as others which I have also written on. I highly recommend this product. The color is wonderful. As always, make sure to do a patch test to ensure you don’t have any reactions to the product. And call the professionals in the number provided on the box if you have any questions. You can get a refund through me if I am your rep, or through your already established Avon representative if you feel the product didn’t live up to your expectations.

Update (April 7, 2020): The grey has faded for the most part but where it was my hair isn’t exactly blonde after I did the highlighting. Also, given the recent popularity of this post, I have created a new post about all the other colors and determining which is right for your skin tone. Read it here.

Did you try the product? If so, what color did you use? Show me via my Instagram or Facebook page after leaving a comment below.

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