Easily Create a Useful Facebook Group: Avon Biz Boost

Easily Create a Useful Facebook Group: Avon Biz Boost

One thing I have noticed with the Social Selling for Avon Social group I am in on Facebook is that a LOT of people ask about whether or not they should have a group for their Avon and many don’t know the differences or benefits of having one. As both a business page and group page can seem very similar and therefore confusing. I had this issue up until recently. Though I took the rather quick course on Avon Social Training about setting up a group page, I find that the courses lack a bit of explanation beyond setting up anything social media-wise. Sorry Brains (name of the techs and specialists the bring up the ability to share posts through our Backoffice on Avon). We need something a bit more detailed.

It has been a few weeks since I have posted anything new and while I have a long list of things to write on and pages to update and yada-yada-yada, I must stress that it’s a mix of quarantine/social distancing/ and the end of the school year (college semester and the beginning of summer break (here in America at least) and I needed some time to just not do a whole lot. Granted I have made new sales during all of it, I just wanted time to relax. I still want more time off. But I know I can’t do that forever. I have goals. Even with goals, I need rest. It is essential after all so I can keep going. As we all need time to relax and not do as much if not anything. I happen to be doing laundry while writing this up. I wrote the rough draft yesterday and my brain almost wasn’t having me do that. It took hours!

On with the post.


Let’s first get into the differences between Facebook pages and Facebook groups. That way I don’t already confuse you with the similarities. A page is like a web page for fans. Where you can all keep up on updates whatever that page is about. Pages also require real people to run them just as they would with a personal page and this is how they can verify that it is more or less a legit page. Celebrities and TV shows are common pages that we see. Business pages are there to promote goods and services. They also show up in search engine results via Google or whatever search engine you use Ann can give information to potential customers looking into your brand.

Groups are community-based where people with shared interests can converse and share opinions. You get a notification on posts on a group depending on your preferences. Where you don’t get the same with pages unless you set them up to be seen first on your wall feed. The one way that you will see pages more than groups on your wall is with your ad preferences or interests if Facebook also tracks your web perusing’s. Make it is put out advertisements and of course this is how Facebook makes money in the first place. Though it isn’t recommended for Avon representatives to do this with their page as there are a lot of tricky things that go into placing an ad especially if there is anything to do with health involved with the ad. Such as with Espira it’s better not to promote that product as it is considered to be not FDA approved anyways

Groups also reach out to more people And have a better organic reach than most pages that don’t do advertisements. Groups are a more efficient way of promoting your page however and getting a better organic reach.

Now the question is should you or shouldn’t you? I have made a rather simple chart consisting of three questions referencing two either one to help you figure out if you want or need a group for your business page at all.

Do you want to inform people of events or announcements?Do you have people who want to connect with each other via interests?
Do you want to produce content/blogs?Do you want member driven content?
Do you want others to know you are a business?Do you want to attract supporters?

Now, most Avon reps have a page. I want to state that many reps use their page for business. This is not a bad idea per se. One of the perks there is you don’t have to add followers or send requests to people you already know. BUT, groups for personal pages run as a business are a bit different. I prefer to keep my personal page and business page separate. Groups for personal pages are great if you are setting up events or whatnot that involve friends. Such as if there is going to be a reunion of some sort and you want to invite and include anyone on your friends list a personal group page would be more ideal. Whereas a business group page is not just for any friends or family that might be your customers but for other customers who aren’t your family or friends and are found outside of all of that and for people looking for business but not needing to be on your personal page or your personal group page. And also business group pages can reach people that you don’t know outside of your area that can be both potential customers or supporters. hopefully, that isn’t all too confusing. not every Avon representative has a group page. But it is not a bad thing to use if you want to get more people to your business page. It’s like using a fundraiser to get more customers you’re not necessarily promoting your business you are using your business to promote a charity or fundraiser of your or a customer’s choice so you’re reaching the people in a different way than you would with a business advertisement in a newspaper, for example. Also, pages get interaction with “likes” and groups get more interaction with comments. Though both can get them one seems to dominate over the other depending on a mix of things.

Theme (Subject matter/Interest)

I want to feel a simple yet more detailed description of setting up a business group page for your Avon business. It isn’t just enough to think of a name for your group but to think of a theme, if you will that you know people can all connect on. My mentor for example likes to show-off her nails using Avon nail Polish that her salon nail tech helps her with. You could use something similar for hand in nail care with Avon by setting up a group surrounding anybody interested in taking care of beautifully polished manicured and decorated nails. And my first time creating a page I have decided to go with skin and beauty care because they do go hand in hand a lot of people want to look pretty with or without makeup in that requires skincare which leads to beauty care. I decided to go with this because of the popularity of my Kashmir foundation post On YouTube getting the most views. Though one of my most popular block posts has been on hair dye. Now a lot of my other posts related to her care or popular but not quite as popular as the hair dye but All in all I feel that my skincare and beauty care post between the two is it good seemed to go with.

I want to give an example of different groups I am in that have different themes or interests.

  • Hirschsprung’s. My daughter has an intestinal disease, and this is a support group for both people and family members of people with the disease.
  • Congenital Rubella Syndrome. I was born with CRS and have yet to meet anyone in person with the same condition; this way I can feel less alone in my condition.
  • Mompreneurs. As someone trying to work from home selling Avon and writing up posts and such, I am essentially in business by myself and I find these kinds of groups helpful. Mind you not all entrepreneurs are willing to accept Avon reps as legit business folk and I have run into many people who feel Avon is an all-out scam. Believe what you will. I won’t argue simply because this is what I do. Avon has been around for a very long time.
  • Two Avon related groups, one for my Mentors team that I am a part of and one for learning how to sell on social media that also keeps us up on new features we can use. I also follow Avon USA and Avon International which are a mix of being a page and a group.
  • Book Clubs, I love books and do have a page for that but also use it as a group.
  • Blogging, I blog, and having support is great not just for knowing when new versions of WordPress come out but to also promote my posts and share others. It’s a community worth looking into.

To note:

There are a lot of ways to connect a group to your page. Groups I do have is for my potential team, which I need to start building this summer as one of my business goals, and with this group, I want to be able to connect everybody that would be on my team to help discuss things that are coming up and such and I’ve wanted to start doing that more and more and I’ve been taking notes for my mentor who runs her group. She not only connects to us through her Avon business group page but through email as well as through text if need be. We also have meetings on Thursdays and today happens to be a Thursday so I will be attending that. And it’s just a great way to connect with other people that are Avon representatives within that same group. We have done well this year as a team and we have risen again this year on our sales. this is what a group page does, it brings people together. Whereas, again, with pages, it’s more to promote rather than two connect with the same interest.

In creating a page, as I have mentioned above, today I’m taking the leap and finally creating my new group page. I have mentioned that you can create a group for your personal profile and that it is a bit different when you create a group page for your business profile. and since we are creating a business page group I will walk you through how to set that up.


  • Go to page settings of your business page – Turn on the group’s tab in Templates and Tabs.
  • Create Group – Go back to the regular viewing of your page and click groups. From here you will see “create group”.
  • Fill out Fields – This part has changed a bit over the years. So, if any information you find here is different elsewhere, check the date of the post. This post for example is for the 2020 year. A post that is dated from 2010 may have slightly different instructions. Either way, fill out the information about your group. Such as:
  • Naming your group – Mine will be ISpeakAvonlish Beauty care Tips.
  • Invite people who already like your page if you have any
  • Select Privacy
  1. Private – Only members can view this page and the posts therein.
  2. Public – Anyone can view, member or not
  3. Group Visibility – This is for search within Facebook (recall that pages are found more in search engines outside of Facebook but not groups, as much)
    • Visible – Anyone can find this group
    • Hidden – Only members can find it.

I need to stress something has come about recently, if you select your group as private, you cannot change it later as groups used to be able to do. There isn’t even a “secret” option that you may be familiar with. Keep this in mind when creating a group.

  • I’m ready for my cover photo Mr. Daville! – You can either picture a cover photo from a search, create one in Canva, or use one from Avon’s Social section of creating and posting Avon related things from your Backoffice. I created mine ahead of time. I wanted it uniquely mine. Note that group cover photos are differently sized than page cover photos or personal profile cover photos. They measure 1640×856 last, I recall.
  • Complete the About Section
  • Refine Group Settings – Here you can change group type. Yes, type. I don’t mean theme. There are 6 kinds of groups.
  • General (I will be using this one for my new page)
  • Buy and Sell
  • Gaming
  • Social Learning
  • Jobs
  • Work
  • Create group rules – You can get to this either from the side or within the 3 dotes above the post area, click Moderate Group then Create Rules. There are pre-made ones you can use, and you can add others yourself.


  1. Turn notifications on to “All Posts” That way you can moderate better. If you decide to have other admins for the page, this will help them as well.
  2. Use messages to chat with members privately. We now have rooms on Facebook. I will write up on that in another post.
  3. You can create events on group pages like you can with personal or business pages.
  4. Use Files. If you have a group for your team, here you can create files to help others keep up anything business-related. If you don’t need it, don’t worry about it.
  5. Use Insights. Just like with pages, you can see how different posts are doing and adjust accordingly. Knowing what works and what doesn’t.
  6. Connect your websites. Your business page will already be connected and easily accessible to others. But if you want to add your website, you can.

I hope you found this useful and if you have any questions, feel free to ask down below in the comments. Stay safe. I have provided a video if you would like to watch that for a different method of instruction.

7 Reasons a Business Plan Will Make You an Awesome Rep

7 Reasons a Business Plan Will Make You an Awesome Rep

Roughly 18 years ago I don’t think I would have ever thought about getting a business plan set up when I originally started with Avon and “before the days of mom-hood”. I already was working at the time and for whatever reason that I simply don’t recall, I started selling Avon. I liked it and my small business grew over a few years. After moving to another state that does not have a huge population, I stopped selling. I did try once more but the town I was in was more of a Mary kay town. Not that I am upset by that. We had a few Avon reps but honestly making money there was not going to be easy and also, there was a lot going on in my life that it didn’t seem to go well. Fast forward to 2.5 years ago when for personal reasons I had to show that I was doing something with my life. As if being a parent to a child that is 24/7 care wasn’t enough to show that the regular 9-5 job would not suit my needs as a mom. While there are a ton of jobs that you can work from home for, many of the well-paying ones require training and educational backgrounds that I don’t have or a much more dedicated workspace where it would have to be quiet so I can be on the phone all day. No thank you. I already use the phone for keeping up with doctors, therapists, the pharmacy, transportation services, and all the fun stuff that comes with being a mom of a child with special needs. Hey, I won’t say that I won’t call a customer for taking orders. That’s a bit different. This time I started with a super small idea of a business plan. Okay, so it was more of a small sum of money to get stuff going and running with it from there. Not the best idea.

Avon is always on the look-out for new recruits and we offer many enticing perks of being a rep. The thing is, and this is noted on many blogs and websites that discuss starting a small business, that you still need an action plan. A business plan. You don’t just jump in with both feet. But we tend to anyway. This shouldn’t stop you from having a business plan even after signing up as a rep. After all, there is training involved. Constant training. It is much better now than I first became a rep ever so long ago. Granted you have initial charges such as sign up fees and perhaps getting your starter kit. Which I highly suggest you invest in. But after that, you should at least give yourself an idea of how to financially go from there.

At this point, you may be wondering what the benefits are for having a business plan for being an Avon representative. How hard can being a rep be? You get catalogs/brochures and hand them to people. They browse, they buy, you earn. Well, there’s more to it than that. There is marketing as well but also if you demo products, you will need to figure that in. Because if you buy the catalogs and little demo products to show off, you still need to make up for the cost of buying those. Otherwise, you will be in the red. Let’s go over some good reasons to have a business plan even as an Avon rep. It is a business for you after all.

Chalk Board with "Success: Go Get It" written on it.
Photo by Gerd Altmann from Pexels
  • To Have Goals and Objectives – What is it that you want to get out of being a representative in the first place, financially? It is an extra $100 a month? An extra $300 a month? To eventually be the one source of income you have (super big goal)? Or just as pocket money for what not (small goal)? When the company first started, it’s good to keep in mind that our founder wanted to help women earn their own money. Most of the time they were stay-at-home wives with husbands that worked. They sometimes had extra time on their hands and could have also needed a boost of esteem. The company started before women could vote. And that says a lot. Don’t worry, there are a lot of male reps out there. Our founder sort of started as one. No matter what your goal and objective are, you need to use that as a starting point. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t always happen. In fact, many of us current reps were hit hard during COVID and some of us are still recovering. We had to reassess our goals and objectives. And that is fine. You can do that on a regular basis if you feel it needs to be done. You can grow not really having a goal other than just to sell but as you grow, having a plan for a goal and objective is at the top of the to-do list.
Written visual board using sticky notes and pins on cork board.
Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels
  • It helps you plan your own business purchases better – You don’t just spend on things you can’t afford to make your business grow if you aren’t making back the money you invest. Say one month you make less than you had previously, well, you may need to rethink any purchases you get for a demo or for yourself. It is fine to buy for yourself in this business. But if this is your only source of income sometimes you may need to forgo doing that. If you have a regular job outside of Avon you may be able to get away with it. Though if you want to plan an event such as a fundraiser and have an on-site set-up, you will need to know how much you can do for that and not be in the red and not really be earning anything.
Black and Gray Laptop Computer With Turned-on Screen Beside Person Holding Red Smart Card in Selective-focus Photography
Photo by Negative Space from Pexels
  • It’s good for taxes – Even if you don’t meet the $600 in earnings each year, it is still good for taxes. And no Avon doesn’t really send out info unless you make a certain amount. Other than that you can do it yourself. If you are new to it, you can get tax help. It does help if you feel you aren’t doing well in the market to decide to keep going and reassess or perhaps stop altogether. Not everyone stays being a rep. If you do well, you will know you are on the right track and also if you get help on taxes, you will know if you are in good standing with Uncle Sam. Or if you are reading this in another country than use can use whatever other figurative characters your country may have. We use Uncle Sam in many ways including for military recruit and not just for being nice in referring to the IRS.
Black Calculator Near Ballpoint Pen on White Printed Paper
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
  • Keep yourself accountable – Are you doing what you should be doing as a rep? Are you sure you are out there selling or maybe using your social media to the best of your ability? I will be honest right now I am taking a break from social media because it is the end of the school year and I want to focus a bit on not just my college courses but my kids finishing strong. Though they really don’t care. I still am very aware that I have a goal to meet. I am only readjusting because I am busy. So, my business plan keeps me thinking of how I am managing everything and not hurting myself in the end. I have a responsibility I gave myself. I need to keep to it. It is part of my overall goal to make a better life for me and my kids.
Red and White Alarm Clock Displaying 9:11
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
  • Work out what isn’t working out – Is your plan working for you if you already have one? Do you think whatever plan you gave now will be good in the next six months? Is that ad you took out really helping and should you be paying for it? These and other questions play into having a business plan. If that ad isn’t working, stop. Just stop. I have heard of many reps doing ads on Facebook to no avail and they get discouraged. It brings in views but not money. It could be for a number of reasons. Mostly it isn’t engaging enough. But that is another topic for another day. In the end, if it isn’t working either take it out of your plan or reconfigure it.
yellow and Black 2-way Signage on brick wall
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
  • Viability – Many start Avon because they love Avon. We are mostly all guilty of that for those of us who chose to be a rep for that reason. But it has to be more than interesting int he brands. You need to show you can do it. Not everyone likes Avon. Some like Mary Kay. I had a friend that liked Mary Kay and did ask me to join. I just didn’t care for how the business model worked out and there were downsides I was aware of. This time around I did Avon so I can prove that I am not just being a stay-at-home single mother. I have a plan to get to a point in my life, a goal I keep to myself, and having to start somewhere was an idea I had to prove that I am trying my best to keep moving forward. I am more than just a mom of three who can’t work a regular 9-5 because I have familial limitations and a small support group. I have one but they can only do so much. I love Avon. I trust the history it has. I like that it started as a business for women that was the idea of a man. But this can’t be the whole reason for becoming and staying a rep. I want to be self-sufficient. I know pretty much where the earning lie in light of which people tend to buy. And this should be considered when you have a business plan. Is there going to be competition? Is there a market for it where you are locally?
Person Using Macbook Pro on Table
Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels
  • Lay of the Landscape – The last reason leads me to know where you stand as a rep in the industry. I am still new. I am well aware of that. I am nowhere near the level of my mentor and that doesn’t bother me. I know if I make the right moves I could move on up. But if I feel I can’t then I will change my plans. As I have mentioned when I moved to a town where I honestly couldn’t make it as a rep. I knew that. I have a much better chance of where I am and a better chance of moving on up. As long as I keep myself accountable.

Business plans don’t have to look complex. You are not a multimillion international hub. You are staying small. Think small, to start. You don’t need to be fancy-schmancy and have the same plan as a bigger company or as a rep that has been in the business longer than you. This is why business plans can be personalized. It wouldn’t hurt to take a few classes but if you are fine scouring on the internet, let me tell you it can get a bit overwhelming knowing where to look. You may not know what a business plan looks like and that’s fine. I am here to help. Keep in mind that math is involved. Dreaded math. I went and found a great post written by Susan Ward of titled One-Page Business Plan Templates. Mine turned out to be more like 3 pages and that is why I did a video on it referring to it as a 3-pager. It really is comprehensive to use and that’s why I chose it. You can change it if you need to, over time, and choose a different one, but I really liked her post and information on her page.

Part of any small business, even being a representative (essentially a contractor because you are selling the companies products for them), it is good to know that you need a plan. It doesn’t have to be fancy but it helps to know where to start and how much to start with so that you can plan how much you will earn and how you will run what you do as a profit and not a loss. No, it isn’t easy. But it can be done and can be profitable. You won’t become an overnight success. No. Success takes work.

We are still taking on new recruits through campaign 12. If you would like to join with me as your mentor, that would be great! I would love to help you become the best boss lady (or guy) you can be. It’s free still and you have a great option for starter kits. Click this link and sign up. If you want to see how it looks signing up, check out my Avon Representative FAQ page for any questions you may have and if you have others, comment below.

Also check out my post on Creating a Facebook page for your Avon business Creating a Facebook Page for Avon Business + Pointers

Creating a Facebook Page for Your Avon Business + Pointers

Creating a Facebook Page for Your Avon Business + Pointers

Back in the olden days of being an Avon representative, we didn’t have websites or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn to help promote our business. We just did door-to-door sales and parties. We still do both but depending on the state you live in, door-to-door sales can cause an issue. In Idaho, you need a license to do it. It protects consumers from scams so, it has nothing to do with you. Parties still happen though now you can do online Avon parties at a customer’s request. I haven’t done one yet. With the Internet being a humongous platform to promote your business as a representative, it’s good to have some support and knowledge of what to do and how to set up. There are many resources out there to give you the 411. I would like to go over how to set up your first business page as a representative. I want to mention that all of this is done on the laptop. The mobile layout is very different as things are in different places. To follow along, use your computer to set up your page. I will be adding pictures later as I am also making a video for this post. And will include it at the end of the post when I am done with it. That way you can get more visuals with the directions.


  • Login from your Personal account – This is important. Sure you could create an entirely separate account but the perks of logging in from your personal account are that your business account is connected to your personal account and you can more easily add yourself as a member of your business. Silly, that you can do that but it’s all about connection. Because of this important and recommended the first step, you can also add your business page to your personal account’s place of employment. I recommend that when you list employment on your page to your place of employment on your personal account that you also add a blog if you choose to create one, as well as sitting yourself as a representative with Avon. Doing all this helps people to find you easier and know that you are legit. I can’t imagine anyone creating a fake Avon rep business page on Facebook. Also, it helps Facebook know how owns that page and a bit more about you. I know. Facebook knows a lot already but this is also a practice to protect from scammers. And I can’t cite if this has ever happened. It would be horrible if it were the case. You could also find the create link on the left-hand side where there is a quick link list but I don’t have that on my personal page as I already have a lot on that side anyway and for me, it is up at the right side. Another detail I would also suggest in creating your business page, is when you list your online store on your business page, that you list it on your social links on your personal page as well. You can do this as well in your business page under Contact Info. I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s get to the next step of setting up your Facebook business page.
  • Locate “Create Page” – “Create” will be at the upper right of your personal account when you are viewing as you usually do.
Picture of location of the Create button on Facebook.
  • Click Page and then Business – After all, you don’t want to click brand as this isn’t exactly your brand. It is but you are representing a company as an independent contractor (a representative). When you create a business of your own, that is a bit of a different ball of wax.
Picture of Business/Brand or Community/Figure Option for Facebook Page
  • Fill Out Necessary Fields – This includes the name of your page, where it’s located, the category that best fits it (as a representative my category is beauty and spa), and a phone number where you can be reached. Also good so customers can call you if they choose not to message you or go to your store just yet. Make sure to locate the pages, events, and policies. This has useful information for your page and to make sure you follow Facebook’s guidelines to have a page and whatnot. You don’t want to run into issues with Facebook. I have never been to Facebook jail and I don’t plan on ever experiencing it.
Picture of Create Page and space to type Page name and select category. Category is beauty
Be sure to select the category that best fits your page. This will open up the next part where you can add your information for your business.
  • Add a Profile Picture – I recommend you use your self-portrait, meaning you use your face. This way it gives a personal connection to those who view your page. You can also add an Avon frame to your picture for a more personalized touch. Just type in “Avon” and a shortlist should pop up.
  • Choose a Cover Photo – After you have signed up as a rep, you can go to your Avon Social link and click “Content Planner” At that page, you will scroll down to “Facebook Covers” and you can use either generic or ones related to the current campaign. I prefer the current campaign option as it lets people know what you might be promoting. Right now mine is about the new Chi hair styling tools we have.
Picture of Avon Social and finding the Facebook Banners section to post a banner.
  • Add a Call to Action Button – This button can serve many purposes. For representatives, it should be a “shop now” button. Make sure to test it. You will add your online shop URL that customers go to, to shop your personal store. Click on the Add Button on the left under your profile picture. You will get a selection option of what kind of button you want. “Shop Now” is a choice selection. Now you need to be aware that some people have actual products on their page. So instead of clicking the shop option, select the URL option. Here you can add the URL that takes people directly to your Avon shop. Again, remember to test it.
  • Make Your Page Private, First – I know this seems like it isn’t helpful, but it is. Your page is new and you want it to look polished before sharing it and letting others see it. You don’t always have to do this but if you don’t want to have anyone see your page just yet, it wouldn’t hurt to do. Go to settings at the upper right corner, you will be taken to the setting page. Make sure you are in the General tab. Directly to the right, it should say “Page Visibility”. Here you can change to “unpublish”. It should give you a list as to why you are doing this. Click, “This page isn’t finished yet”.
  • Adding Hours – Continue to edit your page. You can add hours, where people know that you do have time limits. I find it best as then people can know when they may be able to get a hold of you or if they were to book a meeting, then they know between which hours are the best to schedule. I find it helps in letting them know when you may respond to messages.
  • About Us (You) – Now with this, I highly suggest editing while in regular Facebook mode. There is a dark mode (desktop only) and it hides this option as well as others. Making it not useful for when you need to tweak a specific area of your page. This is you can express who you are and it invites others to know that you are more than just a seller of great Avon products. You can add a picture to it as well. I use Canva for making personalized photos on many of my platforms. I recommend it here. I will write more about the use of Canva at a later date. You will need to click the
  • Add Your Website – Click Settings and you will once again see the tame page as when you set your page to unpublish because it isn’t finished. In “Page Info” you will see an option to add your website under the Contact area. Add the same URL as you did for the button.
  • Edit Your Vanity URL – This is the URL for your Facebook Business page. When you create one, up in the address bar you will notice that there is a mix of letters and numbers for your URL. It is good to change this and make it easier to use on Instagram, Twitter, and such. Again, I will write more on those later. Under your profile picture there with being a “create page @username” in grey. Click on that. You can personalize this and it will change the vanity URL in the address bar.
  • Create Your First Post – It can be anything right now. It could be you waving and saying hi. You can also pin this post to the top of the page. I change mine a few times as I do blog and make a video. Currently, it is a post about a special flyer Avon is having cor Campaign 13 that will be selling items to help people keep safe during the current COVID pandemic. I will be having it up until campaign 14 starts. Generally mine changes about twice a week.
  • Publish!! – Send to friends and family as they are the best first options to have like and follow your page.
  • Connect to Your Avon Social – Go to the Avon Social button at the top left corner of your screen. Once on that page, look for the gear icon at the top. Here you can connect your Facebook Business Page, your Group Page, Pinterest, and Twitter. Instagram is shown but not yet an option. Which is weird considering Facebook is a sister site and owned by Facebook where you can schedule posts already.
  • First Avon Post – Next you will need to go to your Avon Social if you aren’t already on that page or perhaps logged out completely. Go to “Content Planner” on the Avon Social page. Here Avon has curated a week’s worth of posts you can use. Keep in mind that for future posts you can schedule them. For now, the first one you should click “Post Now”.

There is a lot more to setting up your page, but this is just the first part of doing so. Look around on your page and edit what you would like to edit. There is so much you can do it can get a bit daunting sometimes.


  • Like other pages as your business page. This used to not be an option but now it is. Sometimes when you like a page from your personal page, Facebook will give you the option to like the page as your business as well. It has been a big help when I join blogging groups or the other Avon groups I am a part of. Such as Avon USA Representatives and Avon Social. Following and liking other pages lets you interact with other businesses as a business.
  • Pay attention to your Facebook Business Insights. This helps you figure out what other actions to take with your page.
  • Earn the Very Responsive badge. This lets people know that you will respond to them as quickly as possible. I admit I don’t have it. I do get busy and sometimes it will take me a day to respond to others. If people see that it takes a long time to respond, they may not contact you as they should.
  • As you grow, add milestones. This also I have yet to do but I plan on adding the 2 years milestone, the 50 followers milestone (yes, it’s a small number but I get fairly good interact and views). A milestone can be whatever you want it to be.
  • Customize your tabs that show up on the right. You can add services and events. Add the About Section. That is helpful. I go to all the About pages of a page I follow or am interested in following. If they have nothing, I am not sure how interactive they may be.
  • If you have a blog, be sure to add your Facebook buttons to them. This is done on certain levels of websites. Through WordPress, I have a business account and so I can add the buttons to all my pages.
  • Subscribe to Facebook’s official blog. That way you can stay in the know of upcoming changes and what it may mean for your page.
  • Use audience insights to get to know who your page reaches out to the most. Letting you cater to those who meet your pages criteria. Especially if you run an ad or a boostable post.
  • If you do an ad, test multiple versions of it to see which one fairs better.
  • Take the Social Course through Avon Social as well as the courses offered through Avon U.

I hope that you found this post useful. Please follow me on Facebook so that if you have any questions, you can reach me easily. If you become a rep under me, make sure to find my Roses and Violet’s Avon Team community page for my team members that you can find on my business page. That way you can find information about the biz and interact with other members of the team. Which is just now open to taking new members.

Don’t forget to check out my other post on 7 Reasons A Business Plan Will Make You an Awesome Rep