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True Reflection: VDL Primer by Avon

Have you ever thought about having pearls in your primer to reflect what beauty is on the inside? Have you ever wanted to have a glass like effect for your makeup? Now you can with Avon’s new line of primer VDL LumiLayer.

Avon makeup Reviews

Face of Cashmere

Few things come as a comfort of wear to people and that thing can sometimes be a favorite shirt or hat. Or a good ol’ pair of trusty jeans that are just too comfortable to not have in your stash of owned items.

Avon makeup

Just One Last GlimmerKiss (Edited)

Recently Avon added new colors to it’s GlimmerShadow line and also added a line to go with it called GlimmerKiss. Glimmerkiss is a small side line of liquid lipstick that offers rich color pigment with sparkle in four new shades. You can build it up from a subtle shimmer to an all-out metallic look. It […]

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Busy Bee Hair Buzz

PropoliThera hair products are a great hair product line. Geared to those with dry, brittle, and also damaged hair, it has other benefits that can fit a few other hair types.

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CBD's and No THC

I want to quickly discuss Avon’s new line of CBD products by first explaining CBD and THC. As not many are aware of the differences despite a lot of already established explanations.

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Make A"room"a For the Mind

Avon recently launched two new essential oils meant to calm and energize. They come as a box-set and are great for everyday use. Either on the skin or in the diffuser.

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Three Powerful Reasons to Use Chi Essentials by Avon

When it comes to the market on hair, the market value is in the 85.5 billion dollar range. with an expected growth of up to 102 billion in the US alone. Asian countries have the largest market with North America coming in second. Hair has been a way to get attention by either gender for centuries now.

Avon Hair Reviews

Amazing to Dye for Hair Color Line By Chi

. For a long while, I said I wouldn’t dye my grays and hide them. I find no fault in getting gray hair. I know that many women and men don’t like this factor of aging. I understand. I do.

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Flaunt That Pout, Lipstick Tin: Gift for Anyone

What do you think of when you hear Valentine’s? Maybe candy. Maybe, pink, red, and other related colors. Maybe jewelry. But do you think about all the kisses that are exchanged? I have a gift for that.

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Love It/Don’t Love It: Fashion

We all have our own tastes in clothes. We all have our own look that expresses who we are. Some of us are fashionistas and can go with anything setting trends bring at us. But some of us may stop at certain looks while wearing something like a boss when it’s hot. This is a Love It/Don’t Love It list simply of my own point of view.