Love It/Don’t Love It: Fashion

We all have our own tastes in clothes. We all have our own look that expresses who we are. Some of us are fashionistas and can go with anything setting trends bring at us. But some of us may stop at certain looks while wearing something like a boss when it’s hot. This is a Love It/Don’t Love It list simply of my own point of view.

Growing up I wasn’t always concerned about fashion. I did at one point want to be a designer. Then after moving I decided not to. I don’t recall what made me want to be one anyway. I went through a list of things I wanted to be. I have interest in many subjects. Mostly I wanted to be an archaeologist. I still wish I could but alas I now write about Avon, makeup, and a bit of fashion. While working to becoming a dietician/personal trainer for the disabled/elderly/both. Still, I keep a bit up on fashion. I am no fashionista. When it comes to fashion I go for function first then fashion.

Today’s post is going to cover some trends that will be around this Fall 2019. But the first thing that came to mind when writing about fashions I like or don’t like, Uggs came to mind right off the bat. Why? Because I never understood them. They are purely for show and couldn’t hold up in very cold climates unless they were very well made for such temperatures. Still, let’s start with trends that will be popular or at least more noticeable this fall.

Love It

Dusty Orange/Dusty Pink

Photo by Ogo from Pexels

This may shock you but even though I don’t wear a whole lot of either orange or pink, it’s not to say there’s a shade I will like and might incorporate into my look somehow. Dusty orange and dusty pink will be a few of the popular colors this fall. And honestly, I am just happy they aren’t as in your face as the more solid variants of either color. Given my skin tone, most of the time it doesn’t look good. But in small amount’s I’m fine with it. I do better with darker colors. And yet I can tan very dark and still prefer dark colors. I do where bright colors. Like maybe a green or purple. Though with dusty colors being on trend, I’ll be happy to sport them. They don’t hurt my eyes either. Also, both can be worn by most skin tones.


Photo by Bianca from Pexels

Now, not everyone does florals. I in fact didn’t care for them for the longest time. They have grown on me. If done in a manner that isn’t gaudy, they can be rather nice to wear. It’s not just a pattern for furniture. You may want to take a look around to see what suits you. Maybe small blue floral print with a white background. Big floral print with a black background. Or perhaps the more thought of meshed together like you see in furniture. There’s a few different kinds of floral prints. Don’t knock it until you find something you like and wear it like a confident person you are.


Photo by Nicolas Postiglioni from Pexels

Before you say anything, yes, many think of chunky sweater when they hear crochet. Stop right there. I happen to crochet and there are a lot of very gorgeous shirts and dresses that are crochet. If you like chunky then go chunky. If you want it more breathable, go that way too. Crochet is a time-old way of dressing. You don’t need to look like you are wearing am afghan, okay? There are amazing patterns and stitches that can create a crochet shirt or dress into something not so granny looking. I used to own a crocheted ugly sweater. I wish I still had it. But there’s more than just that image you get in your head hearing crochet.

Scarf/Fine Print

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

For those of you not familiar with the description, scarf print and fine print are much more delicate in detail. Some can look a bit much and others are down right nice and it’s not just when wearing a scarf. You can take the look to larger pieces like a dress or shirt. I find that much of the fall trends lean to a mature + cozy look. And I like that. That’s what fall feels like to me anyway. When I was younger I thought these types of prints were reserved for women roughly in their 50’s or some sort of elegant heiress. Now, being near 40, I don’t mind the prints and like to get them in skirts.

Hair Accessories

Photo by meijii from Pexels

This fall, a fashion trend that will be all around us will not be found in clothes but in the hair. while I can only manage to get away with a few items in my hair, using many doesn’t seem to suit me like those who can pull of some crazy beautiful designs with bobby pins. I also heard big hair accessories will be popular as well. Again, while I can’t pull it off, I love seeing how great others look with hair accessories.

Don’t Love It

Coral and Neon

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

I like coral just not in clothes. I can’t get past it. Something about it hurts my eyes. My beloved grandmother (RIP) would stand up for the color. It was want of the colors, along with salmon, that she liked. She used it in all of her crafts. That was fine. I just never liked it in clothes. Maybe it’s because colors like that don’t go with my skin tone. And neon I swear makes my eyes melt. But it is great for making cars stop when you need to cross the street. I do have a bright pink work out shirt. One day while walking down town, I had taken my sweater off because it had gotten warm suddenly. Up until that point it seems drivers didn’t see me. BAM! Hey, look. I’m wearing neon pink. Oh, you’re going to stop now and notice I need to cross? About time. But I still don’t care for neon colors. Since child hood I would avoid them. If you like it, that’s fine. But bees seem to also like me in neon. No thank you.

Western Trends

I am probably going to get grief for this. And given I grew up in the Rockies you think I wouldn’t mind so much. I don’t. But there is some really tacky ways of wearing western wear. Take for example this kid I knew in middle school. All out cowboy in his own right. He did raise horses. But for the love of Mike he had this shirt that was turquois and in western fashion that I did not like. Besides his pants and boots and hat, I hated that shirt. And the belts! Why with belts? If this is going to be a fall trend please don’t make it in bright colors. I feel like it’s a scene from Back to the Future. Pink western wear? I can see why it would look odd. Now if you like it, by all means. I’m sure you can pull it off. I like the more traditional look. Plain colors and simple attire. But most of the time people just add fringe, yes fringe is still big, and call it western. No. not all western wear is fringe. I know I will get so much grief for this because I know a lot of people, mostly ladies, who wear western wear with a pink or purple. Or blue. And they do just fine. But now it’s like snake boots with an otherwise street style. Can I ask why? I think I suddenly need to watch The Cowboy Way again. Or maybe Monte Walsh. Now Tom Selleck can really pull of western wear. I admit I find that man attractive. But he’s twice my age! Older than my dad even. Even off set he has this way of incorporating a western look without using colors I prefer not to see in western wear.

Wild Prints

Photo by Emma Filer from Pexels

Again, I know I will get flack for this. I don’t like wild prints. I can’t begin to express how odd it looks. I can’t find much a way to see it in a trendy way. Even with a pair of wild print jeans I bought my daughter because finding pants that fit her and her colostomy bag is very hard considering she’s growing and the waist is the biggest issues, I still try to not have her wear them. I find wild prints hard tp pair with any other print. Maybe a solid color. But I know people have mixed them before. It just looks cluttered that way. I known not everyone will agree, and that’s fine. I think the closest thing I ever wore was wild print undies. But no one saw those so I am fine with them. But like with the bra, well you think large sizes are hard to find, so are small ones. Sometimes I end up with a print I don’t like but I just need some under garments.

The 70’s

Photo by it’s me neosiam from Pexels

Now, I was raised with a lot of 1970’s surrounding me and then it went into the 80’s. I wasn’t born in the 70’s but my brother was. Luckily we never had to wear anything that resembled the 70’s. I have seen some tastefully done looks but I still wouldn’t wear it. Maybe except for bouffants. I like those. That’s hair so it’s not clothes. One time when I was maybe 10 I was reading a kids magazine. I don’t remember which and I saw this ad, no I don’t remember which, and it had a kid in full 70’s attire. The first thing I noticed was the bell bottoms. I don’t mind flares. But bell bottoms just shorten legs. Unless you want to look short, then I guess that’s fine. But I just never liked anything about 70’s clothes. Though when I was young some people still wore it and it had it’s surge in being brought back for a short time in the 90’s. I guess If I was sent back in time I would have a hard time trying to fit in. But I could go for anything from the 1920’s to the 1940’s. Sorry Mom and Dad.

So, that is my list. Love or don’t love it, it’s all about individuality. You love what I don’t that’s fine or maybe the other way around. That’s fine too. What are some trends in fashion now, then, upcoming that you either love or don’t love?

Love it/Don’t Love it: Makeup

Many of us have our own tastes. Some of us like certain trends, and others not so much. Not everyone will agree but that’s completely fine. Here I want to share makeup trends that I either don’t like or like. I wouldn’t say hate because it’s a strong word. Some of these are from this year and others are ones that have been with us a while.

Love It

Winged Eyeliner

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiyfrom Pexels

Though I have never fully mastered the winged look, it is a trend that has stemmed over centuries. From ancient Egypt to now. Some are really great at it while for me, I need that makeup tape as a guide. See I have this tiny itty bitty fold at the corners of my eyes and also that fold sort of slants down. So I have to use tape and fake not having this tiny fold. I can’t seem to find anyone that has this fold online and if there is someone, please tell me who they are and if they have tips. generally I just do a simple line top and bottom. But winged looks take more effort for me. I love the look. It adds so much depth to the eye.

Bold Lips

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

Not everyone can pull a bold lip with the same color. Just this year I tried Poppy Pink in Avon’s Moisturizing Lipstick. This past spring bright lips were in and I usually don’t go for anything bright. I end up laughing at myself. Even one of the brighter shades of lilac made be giggle. It didn’t go well with my skin tone. But it looked great on another customer who loves purple. Bold lips are great especially if the color looks fabulous on you. Sometimes you can shock yourself because you may not wear a lot of bright colors, but there’s that one that just seems to fit you.

Bronze Skin

There was a time where bronze skin was looked down upon and in fact many countries still use skin lighteners. But it wasn’t until Coco Chenelle came back from a vacation and sported tanned skin that it really took hold. Since then we have have created countless ways of getting it. Tons of products. Some of us need more help than others. All I ask is that you not use a tanning bed. Stop. Right now. Just one use, especially the younger you are dramatically increases your chance of skin cancer. If you can’t take the heat well, like me and I used to be a big time sun baby growing up, use sunless tanning. But at least get some vitamin D in after the days hottest point so that you aren’t inflicting unseen damage. So many people have low Vit D and getting sun helps.

Bare Skin

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Wait? bare skin? Do I mean no makeup or less attire? Well makeup wise you don’t always need to contour. Sometimes just adding a tinted moisturizer before adding eyeliner. I still using setting spray with mine. I use Magix by Avon in light/medium. There’s six shades. You can mix them as well if you need something in between. I like my shade currently because it added enough tint that I feel like I tanned without using bronzer. You don’t always need to contour and sometimes when your busy a bare faced look is a great way to go.

Liquid Shadows

Photo by Úrsula Madariaga from Pexels

Earlier this year Avon sold a line of liquid eyeshadows that were such a hit. I did do a review of it called Glimmer + Shine: 8 New Colorful & Amazing Avon Glimmer Shadows. They were such a hit we sold out and currently are waiting for more to be in stock. I like liquid ones because they just add more color to your eyes. And if you are doing regular powder shadow and want to add some sparkle to the middle of your eyes, you can do that, too.

Don’t Love It

Pencil Brows

At this point of the article I want to note there are less pictures. Mostly because I couldn’t find many suitable within my budget for the blog.

Now, a nicely done pencil brow is worth the look. But so many just do them thin in ways that are not becoming of the face. thin McDonalds arches, thin but a bit too high above the eye, thin but too short, thin but far too long. If don right depending on the face and sometimes the age of the person, they can look great. I have what I can only describe as thick to start and then sparse as they go away from the face. It makes having a clean look hard to accomplish without primping. I do actually have to work at the top. They say not to and this is good advice. But you will see eyebrow hairs go up into my forehead in a sporadic manner and also go onto my lids. So, I do have to clean up a lot. I like to have a soft arch above my eye but also have a mid-level thicker start to my eyebrows towards the nose. They do tend to grow thick at the bottom. I feel like it almost overshadows my lid. But I have rarely over plucked and given myself a pencil brow. We all know how much work it takes to grow them back in properly. Thick eyebrows can be great as well. It is a popular trend as of late. The thick and slightly messy brow. But I prefer to keep mine cleanup up. Just not to the point that I almost have no brows. Also, please don’t do those stubby short brows. It just looks silly.

Overlined lips

I get it. People want big lips. Guess what? my upper lip is thin and slightly off center and even when I attempted to overdraw a bit, it looked unnatural. In fact it’s best if I go just within the line. Especially given the fact my lip line is blurry. And a bit wonky. I’ll have to do a close up sometime both with and without makeup on. I have still yet to make sure it doesn’t look odd. As for making my upper lip look bigger, well, there is contouring your lips. It helps a bit. But using a shiny lip gloss up top has given the effect of a thicker lip when I don’t have one. You can do Botox if you want. I recommend not doing that though. It is not just the side effects, but the history of how Botox came into being is actually disgusting. Here is an article/podcast titled The Rotten, Sausagey Secret Origin of Botox from one of my favorite StuffYouShouldKnow channels called Ridiculous History. I should warn you it may not be advisable to eat while reading or listening to the content.

I went way off from talking about overlined lips.


Now, it isn’t as much of fad as it was in 2015. But its still done with shimmery highlighter at the cheekbones. Some people I have seen can pull it off. Mostly with those of fair skinned nature or people with less oily complexions. I have combination oily skin. I prefer a matte look. I don’t care for strobing where its all the higher points of the face. I feel like people are turning themselves into human versions of a lighthouse. Now with people doing it just above the cheekbones and to the side, I can stand it a bit more. It’s not as in your face. Again, I have noticed fair skin seems to look better with it. Though I am still not a fan.


Glitter is cute one preteens and kids. But it’s not good if you ingest it or get it in your eye. It can cause damage. It’s not good for the environment. And I don’t understand the effect one is attempting to achieve. And it’s hard to get rid of. My daughter once had one spec of glitter on her scalp for months. It wouldn’t come off. If you do it, sparingly is key.

Box Coloring

I don’t mean hair color. I mean making boxy colors with eye shadow. I know it’s more edgy and perhaps Avant Garde. But unless you have an eye shape that’s perfect for it to not look like you stepped off of a sci-to film, I wont understand why it should be done. It will be a popular trend this fall. So, more people will be wearing it.

Extra: Glopping

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

I want to say I love this picture. It’s artistic. I mostly used it just to show how I see people using products to drip on their face in videos. But I lile this picture.

Now I am not alone in this. I call it glopping. Where a person in a video wants to show how a product looks on the skin by letting it drip down their face. This isn’t a makeup trend, thank goodness for that unless its cosplay of some sort. It is part of product videos that many YouTubers or Instagramers use to give effect to a product. I don’t think, unless you have really dry skin, that its necessary. For many it leaves the skin feeling heavy with product. Especially if you put on other products. I prefer feeling like I am not wearing anything and don’t need to wash anything off immediately.

This is my Love It/Hate It list for makeup. Do you agree with anything on the list? Either way tell me in the comments and if there is anything you aren’t a fan of, let me know. I may just agree with you.

5 IMPORTANT & Valuable Tips for new bloggers

This site does not contain affiliate links to products. I will not receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

This post is coming to you a bit later in the day. Though I am a new blogger, I did want to share 5 things I have learned about being a new blogger.

Blogging is a big thing to take on. Even if you aren’t initially planning to take it beyond an actual website. Thinking about starting a blog takes work and writing a blog takes even more work. Being a blogger can, at first, start off as a hobby then sometimes grow to something bigger. Now I have have had several blogs before that I just simply stopped doing. One was for when I wanted to talk about essential oils and the other, another was on life in your thirties (not a bad topic but back then I really didn’t even know how to make it a full on bog and ran out of ideas), another was on makeup as well, but again, I had no clue what I was doing and abandoned it. All-in all I basically was such a noob that is was sorely obvious. Now, I really wanted to reach a wider audience about Avon as a beauty blogger. I know there are a lot of bueaty bloggers out there, and even bloggers for Avon. But I wanted to stand out and did research a few Avon bloggers before I decided how I would approach beauty blogging. Here, I will go over things I learned and in fact am still learning.

If You aren’t Sure, Start Simple

Some people start by blogging about their day. Others want to discuss something that they know may be present in other’s lives such as being a parent. You can start by writing reviews about books you read. If you aren’t planning on taking it full time, then there isn’t as many expectations, beyond having constant content just to grow an audience, that you really run into. That and asking people you know to read it and maybe share it.

Also, you can brows blogs for a while and see which ones fit something you feel you have enough to blog about but from your own perspective. Some people don’t write blogs but read a lot of them. I don’t read a whole lot. The most blogs I go to are about food because I am a mom and need recipes. Sometimes I may not even read the blog and just go straight to the recipe. I don’t think I am alone on that. And it is by no means meant to be taken offensively. I just usually get busy and need a recipe so I can write down the ingredients if I am planning on a meal or just reading the instructions if I have all of the ingredients. So, reading blogs for a bit before you decide to do it as a hobby or take it full time is completely fine. Some people go from it just being a hobby to making it their work. I kind of skipped the hobby part as of late and went to more full time though I am still getting the hang of consistency.

Read Up First

Though when I decided to take my bog as a full on website and job, I decided it would be good to do my research. Though I did a lot of reading about blogs, believe me I was no where near as prepared as I should have been.

Take for example I should have fully prepared my site for launch by having a decent amount of material first instead of creating my layout, picking a name and theme, launching and then going off to find something to write about. Now, the answer as to how to start a blog can be found everywhere on the internet but not everywhere has a full answer to everything. Such as when I wanted to see about writing up a privacy policy (still in the works and I will explain why) I didn’t know that having a business address was recommended. Now, I live in an apartment complex and I don’t want my actual address in the business info because technically speaking that would be saying my business in on a property that prohibits me from essentially working from my house in a many that would conflict what business (the property holders of where I live) is technically already here. If that makes sense. Yes, I sell Avon and thus I do work from home. And my landlord knows this. But it doesn’t violate my agreement because it’s not like I have a shop set up or have clients coming in and out of the complex. That would be an issue. Also, I can’t advertise on the premises.

There is a lot that goes into building a blog or even a website and there are also legalities that tie into it that are best read up on before you launch. Knowing about SEO, tags, categories, sometimes word length, using pictures that are not yours legally, how to use links (there’s a whole slew of information on that), if and how you want to use affiliate marketing, using social media that connects to your blog/website. It is all a lot to learn and many more established bloggers that offer business advice and blog advice have courses you can take to help in on the road to blogging. Some of them are priced and a few are’t. So read all you can about blogging and take notes. Be well set up, unlike I was, before you launch whether as a hobby (because it’s still important), or as a professional. I will be writing a separate post on blogging resources that helped me and will make sure to link it here when I have it finished.

Join Groups

Joining a group is helpful and there’s a few different kinds. One will be able to help out if you need an questions answered regarding your site and to keep up on the latest news on platform updates and plugin issues/updates/reviews. Even small questions, like how long should my post be are allowed in such groups. Most of the time, in my experience, these groups may not allow you to promote your site unless you get permission in regards to a question. But there are groups that do allow promotion where you mingle with other bloggers and help them out by reading their blogs and promoting their blogs. They tend to do the same in return. Bloggers helping bloggers. Because while there is competition out there, most of the blogging community is their to hep you out because support is great in numbers.

Two groups I recommend and am on are by A Self Guru. Amira is a lawyer and blogger. She has a Facebook page for not just her website but for a community of bloggers. She helps you make sure your blog is legal and offers courses as well as an affiliate program. Her community on Facebook has specific days where you can promote your blog, Twitter, Pinterest, ask questions, and support others. One major rule is if you post something, you must support 4 other members of your choice. It’s just polite.

Another group I recommend is by Productive Blogging. Eb is from the UK and has a mass amount of information to share in becoming a productive blogger. She has a Facebook page and Facebook Community page where other bloggers give advice about blogging. There isn’t much promotion here but if needed you can link your site if someone wants to give more accurate advice on your question. Such as when I asked what my freebie should be for opt-in’s. I am working on that now. See, this is where I say read up, take notes, and be prepared when you launch.

Set Up a Schedule

Before I thought of being a blogger to expand my reach about Avon, I really hadn’t thought about a schedule. I didn’t know it mattered. I am still getting into the swing of that. My life is constantly busy being the mom of three with one being disabled and here soon I will be returning to college. That is why it may seem erratic right now. I have a huge list of things to write about and have them written on my white board calendar. I try to batch, which is a great thing to do so you can give your self some breathing room to just live life. Also, writing down what topics to write helps with a schedule. You can theme your days even. I do have a theme set up but as for now I am trying to batch as best I can before college starts so then I can really work on a schedule knowing that I will have other material for people to read between postings. A schedule lets your audience know how reliable you are and that you aren’t going to have writers block. Though this does happen to everyone at some point or another. Many bloggers offer print outs for blogging. My best advice is when you find one you like print out a few pages to actually write on, and have a set where you can either put it in a plastic sheet or even laminate it so you can write something you may have to redo. Saves on paper. It took a while for me to find a social media calendar that fits my needs because sometimes I forget if I set something up for a specific time or not and hate having to double check. I want to be able to have a check mark next to time slots. I have accidentally overlapped social media posts. Before you go looking around for a nice set of printables, I suggest using Trello and Tailwind. Trello is good for creating a to-do list. Tailwind is good for Instagram and Pinterest posts and have groups called tribes that go mostly by subject. You can link posts to the tribe and they can hep share you posts for more reach. Also, they have a great set of videos and tutorials so you can know how to use it effectively.

If Going Pro, Shop Around for Platforms and Hosting

You will get a lot of reviews for many different people about which platform to use for blogging and which host is best. There will definitely be terms that you don’t know so it is good to get to know these terms, write them down where you can see them and decide if that term fits your needs. Terms like cPanel. Do you know what that is and would you use it? It is an administration tool used to help users to configure their own accounts. Your webhost of choice most likely will use this tool but others will use Plesk or some other admin tool. This is one of the many things to consider when looking for a webhost. And there a of of them. Mine is Hostgator. But many use Bluehost or another in the long line of options.

Platforms. There are a few. Blogger, Wix, SqaureSpace. Mine is, of course WordPress. It was one of the few I knew of. I used to be on Blogger. But they had limited features. So I chose WordPress. Shopping around for these will be based on what you want out of the website. Such as how fast your site loads based on traffic. The features they have. Cost is always a big thing to consider. Either way it’s good to shop around and look at reviews. Even ask other bloggers if they have switched between one and the other and why.

So, there you have it. Five tips I have about bogging. In no particular order. I will be writing up a blogging resources post for you as well that have been helpful to me. If you are a more established author or even still fresh, what are some of the things you learned about blogging since you started?

5 Things I have learned About Makeup

I was young when I started using makeup. But I didn’t use a whole lot. I only used eyeliner. I have a condition called trichotillomania. It’s a condition where a person pulls out their hair. It’s uncontrollable and generally starts in puberty. Something I learned it that when not addressed early enough, it is rather hard to stop. I won’t go into it but it once of the reasons I wear eyeliner to this day. I do still have trichotillomania. I was never treated early enough. It began when I was 13. I began wearing eyeliner, even to bed because I was that self conscious about it, at age 15. For a long while I wore it every day. Now, I don’t wear it every day. Some days I may not wear it when I go out. Like to take our garbage or check the mail. But I do wear it if I have to go somewhere. Sometimes that’s the only thing I put on. It’s rare to catch me without it on outside of the house. Or in a picture.

I started to sparingly wear makeup in my last year of high school. My step dad has an amazing eye for colors and so he helped pick them out. He is even really good at picking out something someone would like. It’s not common in all guys. I started with neutral colors maybe a bit of pink. I didn’t start to really know how to put makeup on though until just a few years ago. I am almost 40. It took me that long. But in the short 10-ish years I have started using makeup, there are at least 5 things worth mentioning in what i have learned.

Start Small

You don’t need to go all out when you first wear makeup. I think that’s what most tweens do when they experiment. Or even little girls do and even some boys. Many makeup artists are male so don’t get too upset if your little boy does this. He may grow up to be a famous makeup artist to the celebrities. Start with tinted lip glosses. Avon sells Dew Kiss Lip Dew. It adds just a tint of color to your lips. I started using that at 15 as well. Mostly to keep my lips soft but I liked the color it added. It is a long time favorite for many. Maybe do some eye liner and mascara but no eyeshadow, Keep it simple. Watch videos or ask friends and family their techniques for applying makeup. You can practice at home even if you aren’t going anywhere and since you can take a selfie now, use that to see how you like it.

Dew Kiss Lip Dew Regularly $2, on sale for Campaign 17 at $1.29 shop my store at

Don’t Do It for Others, Do It for You

One of the many things I think girls and women may feel is that they should do it for others. Yes, some men and women are shallow and will base how you look on how they treat you and how they say others will treat you. The fact of the matter is, do it for yourself. Especially if someone finds out there may be a deep meaning as to why you do it. Such as people with noticeable scars or birthmarks or skin conditions you want to mask. I say let your real you come out but if you really want to hide it, that is your choice. Not others and if they find out what you look like without makeup and chastise you for it, well they aren’t a great person to be around to begin with. Makeup should be something to enhance how you feel about yourself. Yes, many celebs do it for appearances sake. But that’s the message we get and sometimes for the wrong reason. They have to represent a brand that isn’t everyone. Make your own personal brand. The more authentic, the more real you are being about it. And you don’t need to wear makeup each time you walk out the door. Some women fear too much about being seen with no makeup. Relax. You are human.

Don’t Overdo It

It may come as a contradiction from the previous lesson I mentioned. You don’t need to do a whole lot sometimes. Yes, the no makeup makeup look does take more effort than most people think, but at the same token you don’t need so much makeup it looks like you could leave a dent just by touching it. You don’t need overly bright colors if it takes away from another feature. Smokey eye looks can go horribly wrong. I saw a girl back in high school with what would be a good example of racoon eyes. I tried hard not to look for too long. I am sure she was trying to do an emo look but even the way she did it was a bit too much. The rest of her looked fine.

Take a Break

Just as I said in my 5 Things I Learned About Skin Care (previous post), it’s fine to take a break from wearing makeup. Let your skin be skin. Someone sees you without makeup, oh well. It’s your day off from makeup. It isn’t a must just to be seen. Any non-shallow person will not judge you for being without makeup. Even today, I am not wearing any. I’m writing.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Not all of use are great at applying makeup. So practice is a must. I still can’t do some eyeliner lines without using that tape as a guide. I hate the tape. It bugs my face, but it helps. Getting it right takes practice. Contouring takes work. You have to blend so much and know where to highlight and where to contour for you face shape. What parts you want to accentuate? Sometimes though there’s a feature you want to even out and even some guides wont be helpful. If you are able to ask a professional about it then that helps too. I took stage class in high school for one year. We learned not just about the types of theatres plays were done in in history and other theatre history as well, we learned about plays and, stage setup and even using stage makeup. It was then that I knew why the news lady on tv had such a highlight on her nose. It was to bring out her nose as a feature. In stage, contouring helps with what image you want to set for your character. Along with lighting. If your playing an elderly person, it’s not just using a nose prosthetic, but also the way makeup is used to give the idea you are older than you are. And that type of technique takes practice. It’s the same with everyday makeup. I get told a lot that I look like I’m 20. This is without makeup on. It doesn’t help I have a lean build and am short and have no chest. But my face apparently looks young. So, with makeup I use techniques to make myself appear older. But it takes practice to get it right when you are learning. Also, I am actually closer to 40. Yes, I know. Take it as a compliment. But that’s hard when you get treated like you don’t know anything and couldn’t possibly have three kids much less one who is 16. Tell me I look 20 years younger in ten years.

What are somethings you have learned about makeup? Share in the comments.


I wanted to bring together my list of five things I have learned about skin care and makeup. Remember I am no professional. Simply an Avon Representative and regular female who started late in life when it came to knowing what I do know about makeup. Though I have been wearing eyeliner since I was 13 due to having trichotillomania.

Start Early

Many people are taught to give their babies gentle soaps and lotions to keep their skin healthy and soft. As we get older though, I have noticed not as many parents do this beyond the infant or toddler stage. They just make sure kids wash up. Not that this is a bad thing, but at least teaching kids about sunscreen and using a lotion on rougher areas will teach them that their skin is on big organ of the body. You try to teach them to eat healthy. Their skin should be included. I was watching Today on channel seven where I am at and they mentioned that people 18 and up have seen a rise in skin cancer. Mostly those tanning beds and it’s been touted for a long while that those things aren’t good. I have never used one. Plus, people aren’t always using sunscreen. When you are young and when your kids are young teach them to at least wear sunscreen and follow up with after sun care. Put what lotion is best for them on their skin. Just yesterday when the kids went swimming or playing in the water at grandmas house, I made sure they put on sunscreen. I used Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus with SPF 30. It is water resistant up to 80 minutes. Sometimes mosquitos are in an area simply because there is a pool or maybe a water puddle nearby. I let that sit in for 15 minutes. I used Anew Hydra Fusion Daily Beauty Defense with SPF 50. As for aftercare I use Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration. It has 24 Hours of Hydration. Plus the smell is wonderful.

My Skin Care Collection SSS Bug Guard Plus at regular Price $11. On sale Campaign 17 at $7.59

I have mentioned some great skin care products for regular skin care in my post titled 4 Skin Care Saviors + 1 Popular Brand.

Know That Your Skin Type Can Change

byr skin type is affected by so many things. Genetics and hormones are at the top. But what also causes your skin to be the way it is can be from medications and diet. I for one can personally say that since becoming vegan, my skin is less oily and I have less breakouts. But my back still has issues, thus why I use one of the products mentioned in the article I linked above: Panoxyl. I love it! Still, growing up I had oily skin. I had breakouts. I still have oily skin but now my face and even the skin on my shins has changed to being combination oily skin. So I treat it as such. Treat your skin to its type. Get to know products and what is in them as that has a major affect as to whether or not it will work. Take for example that for us oily skinned folk toners should not have alcohol in them. I like witch hazel with no alcohol by Thayers. My brother got me into using Witch Hazel when I was 15 when he was having really bad backne. It really is genetic for us at least. It was my brother that taught me this one thing about skin care for acne. Also, lotions should be oil free. There are some like Jojoba is said to mimic your natural oil production but I have found that it isn’t that way for me. But if it works for you that is awesome. Dry skin comes with large pores. Mostly. This is the case with my mother. In recent years I have noticed the dry spots on my face do in fact have large pores. You get large pores because your skin is trying to create more oil so it dilates. Here is an article that I like that talks about skin types and how they can change do to a variety of factors called.Your skin type is affected by so many things. Genetics and hormones are at the top. But what also causes your skin to be the way it is can be from medications and diet. I for one can personally say that since becoming vegan, my skin is less oily and I have less breakouts. But my back still has issues, thus why I use one of the products mentioned in the article I linked above: Panoxyl. I love it! Still, growing up I had oily skin. I had breakouts. I still have oily skin but now my face and even the skin on my shins has changed to being combination oily skin. So I treat it as such. Treat your skin to its type. Get to know products and what is in them as that has a major affect as to whether or not it will work. Take for example that for us oily skinned folk toners should not have alcohol in them. I like witch hazel with no alcohol by Thayers. My brother got me into using Witch Hazel when I was 15 when he was having really bad backne. It really is genetic for us at least. It was my brother that taught me this one thing about skin care for acne. Also, lotions should be oil free. There are some like Jojoba is said to mimic your natural oil production but I have found that it isn’t that way for me. But if it works for you that is awesome. Dry skin comes with large pores. Mostly. This is the case with my mother. In recent years I have noticed the dry spots on my face do in fact have large pores. You get large pores because your skin is trying to create more oil so it dilates. Here is an article that I like that talks about skin types and how they can change do to a variety of factors called Does Your Skin Type Change As You Age?

You Skipped A Wash

Granted that skin needs daily care but if you miss a wash because you got busy, as long as it isn’t when you pass out with makeup on, you will be fine. The only time I got upset with missing a wash was when I was pregnant with my middle child and due to hormones, I needed to wash my face A LOT. I even had to shave daily. It was horrible. But now, I do occasionally miss a wash in the morning. Not so much at night. The thought of the days oils on my pillow, though it gets dirty with use regardless, just grosses me out. But if you are on a strict regimen due to prescription, it would be best to keep up at it as best you can. Sometimes we get busy. Just wash when you can twice a day. Plus, as recommended by Refinery, it’s okay to break a routine. In fact it could be beneficial. Let the skin be skin.

See a Doc If Something Is Very Bad

The two times I have had to see a doctor for a skin issue is this one time I had a really hard and tiny black pimple-like thing on my arm that hurt. I am still unsure what it was but had to have it removed. I missed work for it though I would have been fine to work. It was just I worked in food so they take stuff like that serious. The other time is when I got a cyst. I have noticed I am having them more frequently and it is noted that some people just get them. I had one in my armpit. The best I could think is maybe I nicked myself shaving and now use an electric shaver. I had it for about a week. I did see a doc on the third day and was prescribed meds. Now, not that I am advocating this, but it did work, I used the old heated bottle trick to bring it to the surface and drain naturally. It did work. I did it for a few days and even did soaks using a special bottle I keep for such needs because it isn’t easy doing an effective compress on your armpit. The rag got cold far too quickly. So I used salted water in a bottle necked bottle and kind of laid down. I was still taking my meds. I did wear something comfortable though because it hurt putting my arm down. And I had to wear very loose shirts. But things like this need medical attention as you may never know if there is a more serious cause. It can really play havoc on the skin. You don’t want an infection to spread either. Please don’t be like guys I have dated a use a blade to dig it out. Dude, just no. And it’s gross and unsanitary.


You wash. Sure but do you exfoliate? When you are wanting to make sure all parts of your skin look even and to have makeup go on better or even use sunless tanning lotions, its best to exfoliate. Some people get skin build up and even though they wash, it still shows because it makes the skin look darker and a bit dirty. My daughter gets it on her chest. I can tell if she didn’t exfoliate because it’s dark in spots. You would be amazed at how much it helps everywhere on the body. Lotions and makeup just work better on clean exfoliated skin.

What are things you have learned about taking care of your skin? Let me know in the comments below.

4 Avon Skin Saviors + 1 POPULAR Brand

Each one of us has a different need when it comes to our skin. We have oily, we have dry, and we have combination skin. This post I will focus mostly on a total of 5 products I have found to be saviors not just to myself, but to some Avon customers as well. One will be a non-Avon brand that I just love. And it focuses on acne. I have yet to try the acne products from Avon but I hope to soon. Here we have in no particular order, skin care saviors!

Vitamin C Serum

Avon Anew Vitamin C Serum
Brighten’s skin instantly with 10% pure Vitamin C as much as 30 oranges! Regularly $44. On sale for $17.49 in Campaign 17 (2019)

I have tried this product myself. I love that even for my combination oily skin that I only need just a very small amount and it works wonderfully. I use it moreso on the dry spots of my face which is most of my T Zone. A little around my nose. In using this I would recommend starting with cleaning you skin, letting it dry, starting with the Vitamin C Peel Mask and then using this before using a moisturizer. Finish off with our Vitamin C Lip Balm. You can use it in the AM or PM or both. It is clinically proven to brighten skin after the first use by up to 44%. It also refines texture and visibly improves skin tone. I do have samples if you would like any. Just message me if your interested or head out to my online store at

Anew Power Serum

Anew Power Serum
3x more powerful than a regular serum. $40 with plus a special offer of Buy any two Skin Care SuperHeroes for $40 in Campaign 17.

The suggestion this comes from my mom. Who says she’s loved using it since ordering. Thanks mom for the suggestion to this post.

Anew Power Serum debuted earlier this year and was a big hit with customers. Before getting into all of the selling points, I would like to add in reviews from the Avon website.

As you see this product has helped people of all skin types and also a wide range of ages as well. My mom has dry skin. she says, “It works well for my skin type and is light weight n adding moisture. It isn’t too heavy making me feel like I need to wash it off.”

In one week, 89% showed improvement in texture, radiance, wrinkles, firmness and moisture. After two weeks, 94% saw a difference in the most advanced signs of aging. This product pairs well with Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Crème.

Ultimate Day Cream with SPF 25

Anew Ultimate Day Cream with SPF 25
100% of women showed improvement in texture, clarity, uneven skin tone and overall fine wrinkles
Reg $42. On sale for $23.99 Campaign 17.

This product I do use because it add moisture to my face but not so much that it makes my face create more oil as most lotions do to oily skin or even combination oily skin. Also, it has SPF in it so i don’t need to add more to my face with or without makeup afterwards. My face also doesn’t feel like its wet or greasy. It dries well. I haven’t had any issues with it clogging my pores either. My mom also likes it and again she has dry skin. Very different from mine. I am wearing it today as I do every day. At night it use the night cream. And though I am not concerned about wrinkles I have noticed my face seems like I get enough sleep.

Skin So Soft Original Lotion

Skin So Soft Original Lotion
11.8 oz Skin So Soft Lotions $10 with special offer in Campaign 17, Buy One Get One Free

The classic is a classic for a reason. Because it stands up to it’s name. I use this on my son since he sometimes gets dry skin. He gets complemented that his has nice skin. I have made sure to give him lotion since he was a baby. Using a different brand as a baby of course. My aunt likes the bath oil of the original scent and buys it frequently.


I now come to the last item on the list. The not-an-Avon-product, Panoxyl. About two years back I was bothered by the fact that no other product seemed to help my backne. And I was starting to get in on my arms and legs. I shower. I scrub. I tried several brands advertised to get rid of this issue and non seemed to work. So I decided to google information on the best body acne products. I don’t recall which page I ended up on mut as I read through the list I found one that seemed to be something to try. Panoxyl has Benzoyl Peroxide in it which is prescribed by dermatologists. I get the stronger formula and among many reviews some people do say it bothers their sensitive skin. It doesn’t for me however. I use it each time I shower along with a natural loofa scrubbing pad that has a strap that I can use to slip my hand through. It works pretty well. I bought one at my nearest Albertsons. At first when it isn’t wet it feels pretty rough but when you get it wet and use the Panoxyl, it works great. Within a week I saw a markedly visible difference using both products. Now sometimes I do need help getting my back so I have to use a much longer scrub that is like a strap with handles. The middle of my back is the hardest spot to get.

That is my list of skin skin saviors with Avon and one non-Avon product. As recommended by customers and my mother and one from me. I hope you enjoyed this list. Also, a healthy diet really does wonders for the skin. But I find that to be a harder subject to sell people on.

What are some Avon or non-Avon products that you have found to be the most helpful for your skin? Be sure to let us know what you skin type is so other commenters can try that out as well. We are in Campaign 17 right now. The new Lip Tattoo lip colors are making their debut and are a huge hit right now. I hope to bring you a review for that next month. I am sorry that’s a bit late. We still have some amazing deals going on such as Hydrafusion’s special offer as shown below. Don’t forget that with orders over $40 you can get the A Box for $10 (valued at $40) as well as free shipping in orders over $50. You can visit my Facebook page for any deals that may come up such as days where you get free shipping in orders over $25. We always have a sweeps going. Right now it is a chance to win two sets of the new Lip Tattoo’s in colors of your choice. Have a great day and leave your comments about your skin care saviors in the comments below.


I have meant to write each day until the 11th of next month. Just to get more posts on my site and to then afterward only post a few times a month since I will be very busy with college. For the past several days I have suffered a migraine and have been in bed. Today, I am doing much better and need to catch up. My goal is to have a significant amount of reading material for everyone. A mi of Avon, makeup, beauty, and I would love to tart adding in woman who made their mark in the beauty industry as well as some posts on inspiration. We all need that. My blog/website is primarily about Avon but I can’t always write about that. I would run out of topics that weren’t about products and reviews. Speaking of reviews, I should be able to have a fresh one for everyone sometime at the beginning of next month. I would like to cover lip tattoos and a new set of lip gloss coming out in a few campaigns.

Life is meant to have moments that shape you. The make you who you are now and we are always being molded either by choice or not. But it’s the ones that we don’t have control over that can have a deep impact on our lives. Each person has their own experiences. But that doesn’t keep us from being able to share and understand each other. Or even to say, “I’ve been there.” Our life-changing experiences we do hope to use to help others who may be somewhere you have been or somewhere you hope they may never have to go.

Today I want to share 5 life-changing experiences I have had that shaped who I am today. While not feeling well I was able to brain storm a few things. Now, much of the time the small happenings in life are what impact us the most. This post has some of that as well as more major events. I hope to hear from people about any events in their lives that changed them for better or worse. Mine go over the better outcomes. I do have a few that changed me for worse but I would like to keep on the bright side for now. I would like to pre-apologize for any family that reads this. I do mention a few things from that past and hope not to offend. After all, I do share this site with family.

Printer Paper Cut With Orange Scissor by Pixabay at

The Aftermath of My Parent’s Divorce

I was very young when my parent’s broke up. I don’t remember much before the age of . . . six I believe. And even now a few things are fading in my memory. I was about one year of age when they broke up. I wont go into why. That’s far too personal. But at around age four my parents argued over me. It lasted for many years. It’s not something any child should go through. So much happened. I moved a lot. I saw and heard things I vowed to not have my kids experience. I recall this one day saying that someday I would learn the whole story. I was very young and I knew I knew nothing of the whole story but I knew it was being kept from me. The way this changed my life has both good ad bad consequences. The bad was that I was scarred by it all and later on I would learn in anger management class, yes I have taken anger management under my own will not by court order, that I was unknowingly making choices about the men I would later marry that weren’t good choices. The marriages were abusive, not so much physically but I think they could have ended up that way. I wasn’t given a good example of how parents should interact. I don’t know how my parents were when they were married. The stories I have heard but its a different experience to actually remember it. I do know how they after after divorce. It lead to my choices later on and also lead to the result of those choices as well. As a parent now I did keep to my promise of how my kids would experience the aftermath of my two divorces. It’s not perfect by any means. My childrens experiences are far different than my own but they wont be affected the ay I was. At least I hope. I also have learned how far it affected my life and what that all meant and how I can change the pattern. It’s not something one recovers from easily. The good result was at a very young age I had an idea of how to not model how I interact with my exes in front of my kids. I do try my best to not say things I shouldn’t. It’s shocking the things you take in as a child that you remember telling yourself to remember and then actually doing it. It rarely happens I think to be that aware of being aware as a child because many things are on a subconcious level.

Man and Woman Near Waterfall by Nandhu Kumar at

Being Told to “Let it Be” During a Camping Trip

Oh, the significance of a camping trip. Fun memories, interacting with family (or friends but I haven’t had that luxury) and being in nature away from society.

It has been years since I have gone camping. Since before I had kids so roughly over 17 years. Out of all the camping trips I remember, it was one of the last ones I had that left a lesson to be learned.

My dad was at the very beginning of a new relationship after his second divorce. I am not sure but I think it was maybe the second year into his relationship and I was camping with him, my now former step mother, I think my brother was there, and my aunt and uncle. Many kids don’t take to having a new woman in their parents life. Or man, but actually I took rather well to my second step-father. But the experiences of my father’s second divorce affected me a lot. I went from living with my father to living with my mother. They lived in separate states. I visited my dad in the summer every year until freshman year I think. At this point I was in middle school. I knew who the new woman he was dating was. In fact it was during my father’s divorce that I met her. They had known each other for many years. But I wasn’t wanting a new step mom, a second one, at this point. I had just lived with my mom then (again) for a year and I was still processing what had happened the year before. Another life-changing event I actually don’t cover in this post. I was feeing a bit angry and said something to my uncle who turned to me and said, “You may not like who your dad is with. But he is happy. You need to learn to accept that and just get on with it.” Now I am technically paraphrasing. I don’t remember the actual wording. But it stuck with me that I can’t make my parents choices whether I like them or not. My brother and I both weren’t ready for a new person in the family but eventually after a few years we accepted it. And I take that with me now when it comes to just not letting other peoples choices I feel aren’t good get in the ay of my relationship with that person I more close to. It their life not mine. If they ask I will try to be honest but respectful. My uncle taught me that in one single sentence on a camping trip.

Woman Covering Her Right Eye Using Her Right Hand during Daytime by Pham Khoai at

Being Kicked Out

Moving a few years ahead into my life, I come to when I was kicked out. Now some may think, “Oh, wow I am so sorry.” Don’t be. I’m not really upset about it anymore. I don’t really have a reaction to it only that it prompted my having to grow up a tad faster as a result.

I was dating my now first ex husband. I did work but my dating him caused a riff between my mother and I and she didn’t like how I was being, she didn’t like him. One night after calling to say I wouldn’t be home, I was 19 at the time, I got a phone call the next morning on New Years Eve that I wasn’t allowed to be there anymore. I was homeless for a short time. Maybe two weeks. I stayed at a friends house. He has since passed on. While working and looking for a place. Which isn’t as easy as it seems when you have no rental history. What being kicked out taught me was that I had to et up very quickly and be an adult. I was 19 and honestly I should have been in college or something and already on my own. I had initially planned on being in college at this time. But I failed to follow my own plans and there I was. But I was far from having needed to grow up at this point. No. No, it would take until three years ago that I had to really experience even more and I can say right now I don’t think anyone can say there’s a point where you are all grown up and experienced. Some grow up early. Kids having to get a job at a young age to help their parents for what ever reason or maybe they have to take care of a sibling. Some people don’t grow up at all, I can name at least two who are now in their early forties that will NEVER grow up. And they are far from a Peter Pan version of not growing up. I watch coming of age stories and mine is not near like I see or read about. My dad would say he is just now growing up and he’s . . . over the hill. Love you dad.

Left: Woman Placing Her Finger Between Her Lips by Kat Jayne at Top Right: Red Amazon Danbo on Brown Wooden Surface by Burak Kostak at Bottom Right: Man sitting Near Wall by Skitterphoto at

My Second Divorce and Surviving Abuse

My first marriage and first divorce didn’t affect me quite as much as the second time around. I really don’t want to go into detail but my second husband came off as charming to my former and naive self. I was just barely leaving one relationship and jumping into the fire with another never a good thing. Give yourself space, I am so serious. So, as someone in my family said, I don’t remember who, I was too close to the forest to see the trees. It, in my mind started out fine. But looking back I am horribly wrong. Red flags everywhere.

When I left my ex, I fled across state I had said I was going on vacation to visit family and had my kids and my cat with me. When all honesty I was leaving. So, my ex knew the city of which I went, therefore protecting myself from legal issue involving kids (take that very serious folks) but I never said exactly where I was. The first day was so hard. I cried uncontrollably. I practically wanted to go back because I was so scared. For a week after it was like being off meds and I had an itch I couldn’t scratch. I stayed with a friend for three months. My mind wasn’t at all in the right state for 9 months after I left. Then I lived in a hotel in another city. I did work. I had so much to deal with it wasn’t until an old friend said I wasn’t taking it seriously enough that I felt a bit angry and made my life so busy enough that no one can say I don’t take it seriously enough now. I was so scared of being in a shelter I lived in hotels for four months. My parents paid for a short stay once, my church helped for several. I bounced between one hotel that I was at for three months to three others for the other two months of the total five months. Then finally, even while working, I wasn’t able to stay at hotels. I HAD to go to a shelter. And it terrified me. before I ever did I did try looking for a place. But a mix of things made that impossible to accomplish.

The first shelter felt like a prison. You woke up at 5:30 AM every day even on the weekend. You had an hour and a half to get dressed and ready and be out of your doorless room for breakfast at 6:30. You weren’t allowed back in until 4PM. You had to be inspected and turn in phones that had to be turned off. Then you had to bathe and could relax a bit until dinner at 6. After that it was church services or being in the back yard. You weren’t allowed in your room until 7 when you had to get ready for the kids to go to bed and you did chores and had to be in bed by 8:30 unless you were working and in which case you still had to do chores at whatever time you got in and go straight to bed. At 7am we were effectively not allowed in the building but couldn’t leave until your morning chore was done. It didn’t matter what season you living there. It was every. Single. Day. On occasion if it was too hot, as in my experience, they would let you sit and hang out in the dining area but you were allowed to go back in your room. The kids could play outside in the play area. If you were awaiting a call they had to call the shelter and ask for you. Even for work. They had lunches for people but they weren’t very appetizing. I worked so I could just get the kids lunch after I left. Since I worked I did have daycare. On days I didn’t work I was trying to stay out of the heat.

The second shelter came right as I was about to have to leave the other. The other you were only allowed to stay for a month and then you would have to leave for a month and if you still needed a place to stay then you could come back It was so other people had a chance of having a bed to sleep on. The new shelter I only learned about through a lady that worked at a dollar store who had happened to have been previously homeless. I was on a wait list. I had to be in a different shelter to qualify. There were others shelter like this. But this one has a good rep. I got in just as my month at the then current shelter was up so I took up the opportunity to go the net day. I didn’t have to work so it was perfect timing. I was so happy to leave. There’s things at the old shelter I wont mention that made it feel like a prison I cried so much before being allowed to return each day at 4. The only thing I liked was the head manager. She was lovely. The rest of the staff was not nice.

I spent a year and a half at the second shelter. I paid rent. I did community service to help pay for half of my rent. I worked for a time until my daughters medical needs prompted me to have to quit the “9-5”. There I didn’t have horrid food made for me. I got to cook for myself which was great because my daughter has a specific diet. I didn’t have to be kicked out during the day I just had to note when I left and came back in. Even when taking out garbage. I had classes to take. It was here that I took anger management and learned so much. I recommend it to everyone. You will never know what issues you have that you aren’t aware of until you attend. I took it because at this point in the grieving process of my divorce, I was at the anger stage. And letting it out on people I care about. I also started getting counseling which I sought out myself after a bad anxiety attack. It was at this shelter I found help to get divorced at a reduced cost. The divorce took up until a few months before I got into my own apartment. I still keep in touch with the staff. They became such helpful people. A great support when I needed it the most. Gosh, this is long. While in saying all of this my homelessness and escape from abuse taught me that I can do it on my own. It’s hard. But I can do it.

I would write more but I think this is a decently lengthy post. In the end, how this brought me into Avon and this blog is that while being homeless I felt like makeup gave me a new start to who I was. I felt better about myself. It wasn’t until last year that I started to sell Avon, I had sold many years before but started selling again. I decided on the blog as a way to reach more people, meet other bloggers, and also hopefully monetize off of a website and making it easier to earn somewhat of a living as a single mom of three with one being 24-7 care.

What are some of the life-changing moments you have had? Share in the comments.

My Clean Face is 5 Minutes AM/PM Simple

I never was one to really keep a routine regarding my face growing up. In fact I didn’t really have one until about a year ago. Growing up I just washed with a generic bar of soap and water. When you’re young, it doesn’t really matter as you haven’t had your hormones kick in yet and you have no wrinkles to worry about. Just dirt from playing outside.

Now that I am older, and as of last year, I started my own very simple routine. I don’t like over complicating the process. Some people have very meticulous routines. I just use a few products. Plus I get busy and don’t want to take long. Unless makeup is involved. I have include some pictures, taken to the best of my ability, I wish the shadows weren’t involved, of what I use in the morning and at night.

Here I use Anew Ultimate Cleansing Cream. Many of the products I have are trial versions. I have a small bathroom so space for everything is a must. I love this cream. You don’t have to wet your face first. You just put the cream on an then rinse it off. Then I use the Anew Hydra Fusion De-Puffing Eye Serum. I sometimes look like have been crying the whole night even after a good nights sleep. This has an applicator. You don’t need very much, either. Then I use the Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum to give my face a glow and some good old C. Then the Vitamin C Lip Balm. I still have yet to see my lips plump. I swear hey said it did that but either way I do nibble on my lips. No reason, really. Just a bad habit that I have no clue how it started. To top it off I apple Anew Ultimate Multi Performance Day Cream with SPF 25. Needing to protect you face in the sun, or no sun in the winter, is just goo health practice. This morning routine, unless makeup is involved, takes me about 5 minutes.

My nightly routine is just as simple as my morning routine. I use Anew Hydra Fusion Cleansing Water. I am almost out of it and need more because I love it that much. You just use it on a cotton ball or reusable cleaning pad and you take off the days dirt and oils that have built up. Next, Anew Hydra Fusion Replenishing Serum. As you can tell I use a lot o Anew products and also Hydra Fusion produts. For having combination oily skin, it hasn’t been harsh and I have developed sensitive skin since I was young and none the products irritate my face. But if you use them and they do that, then lessen the usage. Still, the serum give me back some moisture I may have lost during the day You can also use it in the morning and follow up with the Gel Cream. I know I am just shy of 40 and to be honest I am not too worried about wrinkles. I welcome crows feet. I think they add so much to a woman’s face. It’s just the forehead lines I am not fond of. I get makeup creases with them. I have one that is especially deep and granted it may never go away but I might as well work on those finer lines. The retinol is meant for deep lines. My deep on has softened some. Topping off my night time routine I use Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Night cream to lock in the moisture I just added. Again, this routine takes me about five minutes unless makeup is involved. Then I add more steps.

What kind of routine do you have and have you always had one? Let me know in the comments.

Uh-oh, What’s In My Makeup Bag.

I hadn’t had the chance to write this week. And when I looked down to see what to write next, since It will be at least another month before I can do a review (really really wanted to do one on Avon’s new Lip Tattoo), I saw that I had written down to write about what’s in my makeup bag. Oh, goodness. To start, I don’t have an actual bag. I need one though. No it’s a gallon size ziplock bag. Oh, the tragedy! This has got to be a no-no to other makeup bloggers and maybe some YouTubers. I used to have a small makeup bag. it was just a dark black one. It’s been ages and I have no clue where it wold be now.

On with what’s in my makeup bag. I don’t just keep a few things. No, I can never tell what look I might be doing so it’s a big full of a variety of things. but I do tend to move thing in and out depending on what I have been into wearing.

So, starting from the top left and gong to the bottom right, in my bag I have:

My whole makeup bag. Look at the next caroursel to see the pics and the descriptions that go with each pictures.
  1. A Profusion Cosmetics 21 Color Pallette in Sultry. A gift from family from last Christmas. No, its not a bad pallette. Some colors are nice but some don’t live up to their color presented. Still, worth using though.
  2. An Avon Holiday Spectacular Blockbuster set containing 66 eyeshadows, 5 blushes, 4 lipgloss, and two bronzer blushes
  3. Two Avon True Color Lipstick Sample Packs of ten (one is missing a color) in Nourishing and Ultra Hydrating.
  4. LA Splash Classic Horror Lip Stain, Dracula Themed. I got this last year for my daughters Halloween costume. She was a cowgirl Vampire.
  5. Physicians Formula Bronze Booster. I tend to use this the most in the summer to give what ever tan I have obtained a boost.
  6. Avon True Color Transforming Contour Stick in Light/Medium. Fairly new I got it because another contour stick set was all used up. I like that the contour side doesn’t go on as thick as my previous contour stick.
  7. Avon Magix Tinted Moisturizer in Light/Medium. I LOVE this. It’s a whole face moisturizer that can be used by it self or with your regular routine. It blurs imperfections. Like my large nose pores. And gives the face some vitamins. I feel like I have tanned just a touch when I wear it,
  8. Avon True Color Setting Spray. Also new. I was previously using LA Colors Setting spray. It ran out an it gave me a reason to by more from Avon.
  9. Avon True Color Blush in Perfect Plum. I don’t use it all the time and it’s one of the very few purples that have ever looked good on me.
  10. Avon True Color Concealer Corrector. I Compared this to Loreal’s True Match corrector concealer. While I like both, this one isn’t as messy. I had to be light handed with Loreal’s product.
  11. Avon Nourishing Lipstick in Peony Blush. This matches my natural lip color to a T. I am not sure how many girls can say the same.
  12. Avon True Color Powder Foundation in Light Beige. I don’t always match my foundation to the my powder. For some reason it never works for me. So, I go a bit lighter and then it leaves my face looking less…. unnatural.
  13. Avon Glimmer Shadow in Rose Gold, Fools Gold, Iron Violet, and Ultramarine. I also have it in Jade. But not in my makeup bag at the moment.
  14. Avon Glimmerstick Lip Liner in Pink Cashmere. This also matches my natural lip color as well as the Peony lipstick I have. Glimmerstick Eyeliner in Blackest Black. My go to color. I have never gone with another color unless it was a very dark brown but it’s been years since I have used that shade. Glimmersitck Eyeliner in White Awake. I Occasionally use this is a look calls for white. But I always pair it with another liner.
  15. Avon Crave Lipgloss in Salted Caramel, Honey Tea, Cherry Creamsicle, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Brownie, and French Toast. I don’t use them much unless I’m adding color to my lipstick for extra oomph.
  16. Avon Skin-So-Soft Hand Cream. It may seem odd, but yes I use this when doing my makeup. Not a lot just a little because I am picky how my hands feel when doing my face.
  17. LA Colors Jumbo Eyepencil in Seashells. I use this to help some of my eyeshadows appear more pastel. It also helps keep some eyeshadows from dusting off.
  18. Loreal Brow Stylist Brow Plumper. I have not yet tried Avon’s brow products. I have when they first had a brow gel ages ago. This I use for more natural brow look. Yes, I do draw on my brows after I shape them but recently I have been doing a more natural look. This works very well.
  19. Last but not least Revlon’s Cream Shadow Pallettes in Wild Orchads and Moonlit Jewels. This aren’t new. They are a bit older but still in good condition and some are barely used. I use my own applicator for these since they don’t already come with them.

Get to Know Me!

I figured I should add more content than just about Avon. This is something I have meaning to do. I will admit, at the time I am writing this, that I am a noob blogger and should have planned out blogs a lot better. Now that I know more about blogs. Eventually I plan on writing a series on starting a blog. Yes, this is something can can be found in so many places on the internet but now that I look at it, many bloggers do this so they don’t leave anyone wondering how that did it. I want to note ahead of time that the links provided I am not an affiliate for and so I will not make any commission if you click on them.

Now, on to the subject of this post. Me. I am not one to go on about herself. At least I try not to. I feel if I do that it will be figuratively similar to the scene in The Breakfast Club where the Basket-case dumped out her purse in front of everyone. And the others were speechless and sort of picked at her things. Still, I found a list of questions asked of bloggers for their audience about who they are as a person. And since this is a beauty blog, most of the questions are about that general topic. On wards!

Let’s Play 20, No Wait, Thirty Questions

  • Is your hair naturally curly or straight?

It’s slightly wavy but mostly straight. It’s also fine and I have a lot of it.

  • Do you dye your hair at home or go to a salon?

I haven’t dyed my hair at home for a while. Not sure when the last time I did it was but I noticed I was starting to collect a lot of very fine silver hair. The real kind. Not those thick stiff white hairs. So, it’s really happening. Not many can see it but there is a pic of me where you can see it very well. I’ll have to share it some time. Other than that I have always done it at home and started when I was 15.

  • Do you have the same style everyday or switch it up?

Sigh. Well I am just a natural go-to kind of girl for a true messy bun. I don’t even brush right away in the morning and just pile it up and continue on with my morning. But if I have to go somewhere, it’s either down or in a high pony tail. The only time I really do my hair now is for pictures for the blog or for my videos on my Facebook business page.

  • How often do you change your nail polish?

I don’t wear nail polish. My nails are naturally oily and so it comes off far too easy. I do do them once in a while and am thinking of starting to do them on the regular. I noticed in my videos that my fingers are sorely plain.

  • Do you do at-home mani-pedi’s or go to the salon?

The last time I had a mani was back in high school. LOL And my mom did it. I got French tips.

  • Do you polish your toes in the winter or just the summer?

Last time I wear polish on my toes was over a year ago. I didn’t even attempt to take it off months later. I just let my toes nails grow out and I trimmed them. They have bumps and so it’s hard to really get them to look nice. Maybe I should invest in some nice acrylic toenails.

  • How long does it take for you to do your face?

That is a loaded question, my friend. It depends on if I planned it or not. Most of the time I do just eyeliner. I don’t like being seen without it since I have trichotillomania. Which is a hair pulling disorder. Luckily it’s just with the eyelashes. Though TBH I used to do it on my legs but that was 20 years ago. So, 3 mins there. Now if I have to go out and it’s not a big deal. I will do my eyebrows, eyeliner, sometimes my Avon Magix Tinted Moisturizer in Light/Med and use a translucent powder to seal. 5 mins for that. But for videos and pictures, I never times it but maybe 45 minutes to an hour because I tend to look up eye-shadow looks and follow steps to get that look.

  • Which do you do first, face or your eyes?


  • Do you collect makeup or just buy when you need it?

Used to be I bought it when I need it but I have now started to collect.

  • How often do you wear falsies?

Not as often as I would like. I buy mine at RedCherry. The ones I have are Penny 501 in Black.

  • Do you do a full face of makeup everyday?

Gosh no. LOL I have a very busy life so when I do I full face it’s planned out ahead of time.

  • Do you wear makeup at home and/or around family?

At home, only for the blog and videos. Around family, sometimes but mostly eyeliner.

  • Will you leave the house without makeup?

I have. But I prefer to wear at least eyeliner and sometimes I use my Brow Mascara because it’s quick and looks most natural than filling them in.

  • How many high end products do you own?

Oh, gosh. I was thinking about this last night. I would say 2. One is the Trophy Skin RejuvedermMD Microdermabrasion On-The-Go. Now I didn’t buy it, it was given to me. And also NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment. Also, given to me. I don’t really use either of them bus sometimes I do.

  • Do you plan your OOTD every night or when you get dressed?

Every once in a while I plan. If there’s something big coming up. Though recently I have decided to start doing it because my middle child goes through clothes really fast and I do so much laundry because of that. I’m hoping to get a system going for everyone in the house. If it helps to decrease laundry and make clothes last longer between washes then I am call for it.

  • How often do you change your handbag?

Generally twice a year. I have one for summer and one for winter. I do have several bags and recently donated most of them. Sometimes I will pull out one that suits what might be going on on a particular day.

  • What is your wake up time and bedtime?

I have a mixed form of insomnia. Sometimes I can’t control it. The whole issue started about two or three years ago. But I am actively trying to make my bed time 8 PM and wake-up time 5 Am because this fall I will be returning to college after many many years and considering how transportation will be I have to plan accordingly.

  • Do you work out? If so, how often?

I need to get back into it as I do have back issues that cause severe spasms that leave me unable to breath deeply. I do recommend, as I will be starting it again soon, Ashley Conrad’s 21-Day Clutch Cut . The videos can be found in full on YouTube. The program will make you so sore and very few weights are required so it’s something you can do at home.

  • Left-handed or right-handed?

Left-handed for writing and right-handed for everything else.

  • What languages do you speak?

American English though I know a tiny bit of Spanish and am learning French. I am hoping to become a polyglot.

  • Do you have any pets? If so, how many?

One pet for now. He is a black cat named Ulysses Bynx. Named after the former Civil War General/Former President of the US and the cat from Hocus Pocus.

  • How often do you blog?

Not as often as I should but recently I have really gotten into updating this whole website. I hope to be more proactive.

  • Do you keep a list of products to try?


  • How did you come up with your blog name?

I really don’t know. LOL

  • What camera do you use for your pictures?

My Android. It’s an LG but I forget what model.

  • How often do you clean?

My house? I have a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, once a year (for the landlord inspections), and annually cleaning list. So… a lot.

  • Do you swear?

Yes. I try not to. And It’s not as bad as it could be.

  • What was your favorite subject in school?

English, art, and history.

  • What’s your sign?


  • What does your day look like?

Well, I hope to add more to the website. I did some cleaning today. I am waiting on a phone call but I am not banking on it just in case. I also need to get a hold of the college, pick up meds, attend an Avon meeting that’s held every two weeks and maybe I’ll get to put in some time to crochet and later watch more Supernatural so I can be caught up.

  • Why Did you start Avon?

I started Avon, again, because I am a stay at home single mom who takes care of two of my youngest. One is disabled and is 24/7 care. I missed having a paycheck and interacting with people.

  • Why did you start a blog/website?

I started because I figured it was a good way to get out to more people. The way Avon reps now market to people has changed a lot since the last time I was a rep. I am used to D2D and P2P. I still do P2P but people are wary of D2D because now it’s possible it’s not legit. I live in Idaho and now in order to do D2D you have to have an issues card and I am not sure how that would work for an Avon Rep.

That was a lot of questions. If you have any others, please leave them in the comments below!

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