Avon Representative FAQ

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How Does Avon Work? Simply put, when you show a brochure or a sample product or demo a product to people, be it family, friends, co-workers (if allowed at the workplace), neighbors, you present them with a product that can enhance their daily lives. Many are looking for knowledgeable sales people on skin care and/or makeup routine. Many may not know if they are missing something or if they are using products that may not be best suited for their needs. When customers pay you, you earn commission. Much like those who sell cell phones, work in realty, loan brokers, and so many other jobs. There are different ways to receive payment. You can do cash, credit card (either online or in person using Square with or without the phone attachment), half now/half later, payment upon delivery (many customers who order in person do this as it was the norm for a long time). I would advise against checks of any form because they can bounce. Then depending on what it is you sell, you make commission off of that product. The product type will also determine your commission. Avon used to go strictly off of total sales but now bases earnings off of what category of items you sell. Please, keep in mind that this is a simple chart and as you progress through ranks of representative, the commissions will change some.

Now in how you make sure you get paid the right amount, always have a checking account connected to to your representative account. That way if you get paid by a customer by credit card through an app like Square, it goes directly to your account and when you pay Avon, it makes it easier to not worry about calculating the commission. With cash, deposit it before putting in orders. Make sure if you take payments in person that they have been submitted to your checking account BEFORE putting in an order. This way when you do put in an order, though the amount may be different in paying Avon, you will still get a commission back as Avon does direct deposits. Again this helps in making sure you don’t have a misstep. Avon does now have a credit system in place. This helps so if people make orders through you and then pay you AFTER receiving the product (or even before) you can put in an order and pay with credit. Think of it like a credit line. And you can only do so much of a credit amount and then you pay that back n the next campaign.

Is it Difficult to Sell Avon?
This is a tricky question. I will say yes and no. Yes, because you do have to put effort into the work. You don’t just drop off a brochure or advertise without engagement. Though sometimes people simply finding your brochure that you left laying about will be interested and give you a call. Other than that it is no different than when you work in retail and have to interact with customers. Sometimes just bringing it up in conversation works. You could wear an Avon shirt advertising yourself while you are out. You can put decals on your car and are essentially a driving billboard. There are flyers you can post. A list of ways to get the word out that you sell. It may be hard at first depending on your potential prospects when you start out. When I first started selling Avon well over 10 years ago, while working a regular minimum wage job, my coworkers and my neighbors and my mom (always my mom) were the first customers I had. I was socially more active then. Right now I have to use what ever means via the internet and talking to people I come across. So the way I do it now is very different than it was back then. Fun fact, I have a customer, besides my mom, that found me YEARS later after we hadn’t seen each other and became my customer once more. It’s a great feeling knowing you built up a customer/representative relationship well enough that they want you to be their rep after x-amount of years of not selling.

There is no easy way to say that Avon is easy to sell or not. Some find it hard and have to put in double the elbow grease while others have a lot of warm prospects. I think what gets people the most is doing marketing online. The old door-to-door sales is still around but it has changed a lot. And in many states, such as Idaho where I live, you have to have a licence to go door-to-door. It’s for customer safety in the legal aspect. So that if something happens, they are the ones protected. It seems harsh but there are scammers out there. With that, Avon has been around for a VERY long time. Giving it more of an edge, despite many who feel it isn’t an honest job (tell that to the Girl Scouts who are learning sales and marketing skills at a young age, they are potential entrepreneurs in the making). A company that is well known is more likely to sell and have a consistent base of customers. Even if people stop buying for whatever reason, the market for Avon is never so low that it isn’t worth it. What it takes is consistency. Yes, take a break when you need to but consistency is key to running a successful Avon business. Don’t feel like a failure. Though I am just now returning to Avon, it does take some years of hard work of making a decent living. You start small but eventually grow. That’s because you need to do something everyday. Even if you schedule things out online (like posts and such) and still take a holiday, the effort pays off. I will post in the tips section more about how to do all this.

What are Starter Kits?
Start kits are for new reps to have products they can use in a variety of ways. Use them as demos. Use them as samples. Use them, a few, on yourself so you can try the product as well and be more informed with a customer about the product. There are generally a select set of start kits that vary in size and what is in them. Currently we have these three sets. The first one is the most recommended. When you sing up, keep in mind that you do have to pay for the kit of your choice or you can just not pick one but I find that no fun.

Kits change from time to time. Originally when you signed up for Avon you only paid $10 for your first set of brochures. It’s different now. It does change during one part of the year. Yearly we have special sign up promotions. Right now it costs NOTHING to sign up and the start kit on the right above is only $30 with sign up. It’s value is more however. The rest of the year, it will cost more to sign up and the cost per kit will change. I want to share the kits that were available when I rejoined this amazing company in late 2018 during their “Share the Love” event. I luckily signed up just before it ended. I paid $50 for the middle kit for my first kit and only $30 to sign up. You can see that right now until March 31, 2020 is a great time to start with the low initial investment.

Remember that some items will change due to availability.

How Much Can You Make?
As stated above this is based off of commission. I have below a more full list of how earnings are made. You can click to view better or zoom in using your fingers on a touch pad.

Are there additional fees for Being a Rep?
Aside from the initial investment there are basically cost of brochures, shipping, and handling.

S&H Fees are free when you are presidents recognition club.

How often should I put in Orders?
Generally speaking you put in orders once every two weeks when the new campaign begins. This is only an option but it is good to keep in mind that if you do not put in an order, even if it is just for brochures and you do have clients buying online, that if you go three consecutive campaigns without an order you are considered inactive and removed as a Rep. If there is an extenuating circumstance, let Avon know. Down below I have included the policies and procedures Avon has laid out for it’s representatives.

How Do I Create an Account?
Creating and account is easy. You are basically starting as your own business but as a representative of Avon. Yes, Avon does have actual employees and how that all works is very different than being a representative. First, if you do not already have a referral code or link, mine is here, you can click “Become a Representative” at the top right corner of the Avon website and it will locate the nearest rep near you to either reach out to or sign up under. I will state that sometimes this part gets wonky. As I had decided to apply, again, under someone near me and for some odd reason I got an amazing mentor from California. Which is all good. You don’t have to go with someone near you. You can actually choose a rep if you would like. More on that in the tips section. Then it will take you to the sign up page which looks like this:

Then You will be taken to this page:

Followed by the official sign up page:

You will then proceed to enter required information such as legal name, age, divers licence, billing information. This is information your mentor will not see. It will not be made available to other reps. Only the company has that information and it is vital if you do make more than $600 in commission since at that point it is required by law to report it to the tax commission. This is a business and not a way to get paid under the table.

After signing up you can join all the other reps on Facebook and you may need to provide your new rep number so Avon Representatives USA on Facebook so they can verify that you are a rep and you can view the training videos they provide to all reps online. There are a lot of training videos. I love them all. You do not have to attend but I do suggest at least attending the biweekly ones where they discuss up and coming products that will be useful to know for customers. You will also, after signing up have access to Avon U and social media training in your Avon office. It is good to do this often as you will learn a lot and also have information available about products so you can better market them to customers.

Does Avon Check Your Credit or Report It?
They don’t check it but they can report it. If you leave Avon not in good standing this does get reported to the credit companies. And it can be hard to become a rep again if not resolved.

Do You Get Training?
Yes. I will note that compared to just over ten years ago, Avon has a TON of training to offer. From Avon U where you can learn about how to sell, find customers, learn about products, and even learn how the whole selling Online thing works. Because let me tell you, selling online is vastly different than in person-. There are many skills that cross over but also there are differences. Avon Representatives USA has a Facebook page. And if you have a mentor, they most likely will have a page as well for the team you are a part of. And when you create a team it will be much the same but with your own flare. I am part of the Dazzling Diamonds Avon team and my mentor is Theresa Kraai. She is a wonder mentor and very interested in helping her large team out. She does videos and she will even text you if you have a question. I have had a few phone calls with her as well. Compared to the last time I was a rep, she is the more interactive with her team than my last mentor. Whose name I don’t remember. I met her once though. My team, though just me at the moment, is the Roses and Violets Team. A name my son cam eup with. I already have files on my page for future team members. Having a team build comradory and you can quickly get help this way if for whatever reason you are having a hard time getting through to Avon Reps USA.

We also have a team of social techs and they have a page called Social Selling with Avon. They provide information about sales and marketing online. Scott Kramer is my favorite Brain. He is not a representative but his company does work closely with Avon for online training for Avon representatives. We even have our own makeup artists and hair stylists and those who know jewelry. So you wont be thrown awkward information by just anyone. You get badges and points during the training modules in Avon U and you can see where you compare with others in your team.

Do I Have to Do Parties?
No. But it is a great way to get more customers. And now, you can do online parties and reach more people who stumble across your videos. If you do online parties, it is best to set a day and then advertise it. Then when you go live, which I recommend as it is a party after all not only meant for current customers though they can attend, on either Facebook or YouTube (YouTube has limitations on who goes live and I will cover this later on in a post) other people will come across your online party. Bringing in more customers. I have yet to do a party but hope to do one in the near future.

Do I Need Products on Hand?
Again, no you don’t NEED to buy products. Though it doesn’t hurt to get samples. there are a variety of ways to use products for customers to use. We don’t always have small samples of everything but you can also make samples. This of source requires other tools of the trade and lucky for you Avon have incentives. Such as deals with Staples and a few other places if you need office supplies. Making it a bit easier to use products for sampling or demoing. There are reps who have been in the business long enough that have trunk sells. Where they pop-up a shop at an approved site (generally you need permission if it is as a road side, I believe) from the back of their vehicles. It’s an amazing little set up and a great way to get sales. This thing to keep in mind is that you will need to sell the items at full price. Even if you bought them at sale or through your rep discount, it is best to sell them at that price meant for customers so that you make a profit and don’t hurt your bottom line. One of these days I would love to do a pop-up. I will certainly show a picture of that. You can view others though on Facebook.

Do I Get Support?
Just as with training, you will get support. There are times when the site will be bogged down and you may not be able to get through to the page to put in orders. There were a few times when I couldn’t even make a payment and I had to call customer care. Many times just clearing your cache is good enough to do the trick.

“Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” — J.K. Rowling