About Me

Where’s the reviews?! When I was looking to write a blog, to which I hope to convert into a website with a blog soon, I wanted to look at what to write about. I noticed after some searching that there weren’t many personal reviews of Avon products by Avon representatives. Which, in my long time experience in sales and marketing, makes being a representative less personal to the customer. You can’t just talk about the product without saying what you think. Customers wont be convinced if you don’t believe in what you sell. That is what I wanted to do and here I am. Hello, my name is Ashley. I am newly returned to the world of Avon. I sold as a representative before for a few years. Then I moved to an area low in population and high in reps for both Avon and other beauty products. I am now back in the state of Idaho and started selling again last year.

The new ways of selling have changed a lot for the better. I originally started selling Avon back when blogs were still new and Avons website wasnt like it is now and we didnt use Facebook because there wasn’t a Facebook. I’m not sure Myspace was even around. So I did what traditional sales folk did. I pounded the pavement knocking on doors and then going to my 9-5 telling my coworkers. Visiting family and having catalogues on me. I still like being face-to-face because thats how I learned. Even when I wasnt with Avon and I did other sales jobs. It was in-person. I may still be new to online marketing and sales but it opens up a whole new bag of makeup. I hope to bring what I know and integrate it into the world wide web.

“But what about you, the Avon rep?” You might be asking. That’s what an About Me page is for. Well, I’m a single mother of three between the ages of 9 and 15. I home school two of them as one is disabled and needs 24/7 care. I’ve moved more times than I can count and I dont think I’m done though I wish I were. It’s exhausting! I moved back to Idaho in 2014. My hobbies include crochet, needlepoint and reading. My TBR list is long. I may never finish it. Aside from moving a lot I have visited Canada and just across the border of Mexico. My childhood days consisted of open road and listening to a variety of music that my maternal grandparents curated for me. A mix of country, rock, and pop. I visited many little landmarks that I’ve lost many pictures to and I wish I hadn’t. Some I still think about to this day. All with my maternal grandparents. My goal is to own a decent home with a big backyard with a small garden, an outdoor kitchen and living room (who wouldn’t want that?) And a small petting zoo for my daughter. I dream of someday going to England where my paternal ancestors came from. The other side is from Germany. But I don’t speak German. 🙂

This site will be updated frequently. Let me know if theres any product you’d like me to review or what you’d like to see in my budding site. Have a wonderful day.