Salt of the Mouth, Light of the Smile

When Avon came out with a new toothpaste that has pink Himalayan sea salt in it, I was curious as to how that would work. For the most part, I knew salt to be something we add to food for flavoring, to help when we have a wound that needed cleaning, or for people who suffer from low blood pressure (salt helps raise blood pressure). Some people veer away from salt when they have health issues. I decided to give this toothpaste a try along with the cute toothbrush. First, let’s get into the many not diet uses so that you can better understand the many benefits and uses of salt.


Salt has been used since 6050BC. That is a long time to be using salt, and even I was shocked to find this out. It’s part of many cultures and civilizations. It is no shock that salt was used by the ancient Egyptians and Phoneticians. Both have contributed much to modern uses of many things. In fact, “salary” is derived from the word salt as it was once used as a currency. Salt, along with bread, is not unheard of as an offering to guests in many cultures as a gift of good luck. The phrase, “Not worth his salt” refers to slave trade in exchange for salt currency. I find that part a bit sad, to be honest.

Salt is used in various ways in religion. Buddhists toss salt over their shoulder after a funeral before entering a house so as to ward off evil spirits. I may have to start doing that. This gives way to using salt to keep out evil and we see this done in many movies involving occult practice. Though not all of the movie depictions are accurate. You can learn more about the extensive history of salt here.

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Non Food Use

The fact that salt can be used in everyday items should come as no shock. Salt can be found in soaps, dish detergent, laundry detergent, and inn chemical applications. For sake of keep things beauty related, I will focus more on how salt is used in bath and body products.

In soap, salt helps balance out the softness/hardness of a soap bar. Depending on how you like it, of course. Salt is a disputed item in soap making. I personally cannot say whether or not it works. Though I can describe how it is supposed to work. Salt makes a soap harder while it cures. It helps heal the soap faster. It won’t make the soap like a brick, of course. That would depend on other ingredients in the soap.

If salt is used in soaps, whether we know it or not, unless we look at the label or make it ourselves, it is also used in salt scrubs for the bath. Salt gently exfoliates the skin and makes it feel soft. This I can attest to as my daughter seems to have issues with her skin needed to be scrubbed, but I worry about being too rough. So I make salt scrubs for her to keep her skin clean, soft, and not looking rough. Salt scrubs are more abrasive in comparison to sugar scrubs (obviously). So if you need a better clean, salt scrubs are the go-to. Salt pulls away irritants to the skin. A bit in the way it does if you have an infected hangnail. It doesn’t sting like a salt soak for a hangnail, of course. Unless you have cuts. Salt scrubs are great for relaxing muscles and are used in salt baths for that exact reason. I wouldn’t recommend this for delicate skin. Just a 411.

Salt in toothpaste can also be used to exfoliate the teeth. This may sound odd since your teeth don’t need to be soft. But they do need to be clean. Some people have a hard time getting certain spots on their teeth. There may be some build up from inadequate brushing and not seeing the dentist. Which is best for when you need a good cleaning. Colgate even mentions the benefits of using salt in your toothpaste. That is a good thing to know because if a brand such as them can boast about it, that means Avon’s new line is perfect for those wanting to take up on the benefits.

Avon Perioe Himalaya Pink Sea Salt Toothpaste

Avon’s new line has four products. Two in tubes, two inn pumps, and either flavored with a soft mint or floral. The new line is made with pink Himalayan sea salt and is chemically similar to regular table salt. It also has potassium, magnesium, and calcium along with several other trace minerals that give it it’s color. This is also why it tastes different. It is a natural mineral, unlike table salt, which is often refined to the max. Benefits of Perioe is that it has 2.9X as much toothpaste as the tube; it is vegan friendly and Fluoride-free. I can’t forget that it also has aloe vera in it. This line not only cleans your teeth, it helps whiten but not in the same way as regular whiteners, which I recommend asking a dentist about before using anyway as it isn’t always kind to whiten teeth if it may harm more then help. Unlike with this line that does it naturally.

Overall the ingredients are:

Ice Mint Tube
Ice Mint Pump
Floral Mint Tube. Best for sensitive teeth
Floral Mint Pump.
Best for Sensitive Teeth


The main difference between the tube and the pump is that the tube is a gel and the pump a cream. The ingredients for the pumps are:


The toothbrushes that go with the toothpastes are, “the key to pristine teeth. Deep-clean those hard-to-reach areas with this multi-level toothbrush, featuring two different types of bristles. Shorter bristles clean the tooth’s surface, while longer bristles eradicate plaque and food between the teeth.”

• Microfibers with natural Himalayan pink salt help keep teeth clean
• Wider brush head helps to clean hard-to-reach areas

• Shorter bristles clean tooth surface
• Longer bristles clean between teeth to help remove plaque and food

• Handle – polyester & rubber
• Bristles – polyester

My Review

I bought the floral mint tube and the Avon Perioe Himalaya Pink Salt Toothbrush in pink. I have happened to have several containers of other kinds of toothpaste that were given to me. I actually rarely ever buy toothpaste anymore, as I am always given some by someone who has too much. And now I have too much. laughs I really did want to try this toothpaste because I wanted to see how it would work. I get sensitive teeth due to not being able to brush as I should. I have a mouth that can’t seem to take to toothbrushes, and it’s hard to reach the back of my teeth, especially in the back inside molars. The right side of my mouth seems more resistant to toothpaste and a toothbrush taking of plaque. It is not a surprise when I go into the dentist every six months for a cleaning to get that side cleaned. I just have trouble on that side.

The tooth brush is a nice size for me. Not too big and shaped well enough to reach difficult places. It’s soft and doesn’t hurt either.

After brushing with AquaFresh and my pink Avon toothbrush. I still had some reside on my front teeth as well as on the back of those front teeth.
My teeth didn’t have any residue on them after using this. They were also shinier and in the picture, much whiter.

The toothpaste was a weird flavor at first. I wasn’t sure what to think. I am very used to the commercial flavoring of mint toothpaste. I had a slight sudsing of the toothpaste, which, for the most part, felt like soft bubbles. It seems like a weird description. But they indeed felt soft. After several uses, I grew to like the flavor and find other toothpaste a bit strong in flavor. My teeth really did get clean. The spaces between my teeth were cleaner than I am used to without having to use floss. Which I use anyway but unflavored now that I like the taste of Avon’s sea salt toothpaste. What I liked most was that I had no aftertaste. I find that toothpaste leaves an aftertaste, and if I ever want to grab a bite after brushing my teeth, I can’t because the flavor of the toothpaste ruins my ability to taste the food. With Avon’s sea salt toothpaste, I get no aftertaste. I can eat 15 minutes afterward if I wanted to and still be able to taste my food and not mint.

The tooth pastes are $10 per pump (reg $12), $5 per pump (reg $6), and the toothbrushes are $4 (reg $5) right now.

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