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It’s Hair-Ficial

Khloe Kardashian and Ariana Grande have been sported with crimped hair! Let the flow of followers crimping their hair begin.

I know I haven’t written in a while. I am horrible and feel like a hack. Today, instead of Avon, since I have been slow and busy with a few medical issues to which I needed to turn my attention to, I would like to focus a bit on beauty news. I want to make it clear that while I am an Avon rep, it doesn’t hurt to talk about other beauty stuff. I do want to add a section at some point about women in beauty. Be it a makeup artist or an early creator of some beauty product of years past.

Today, since this has been such a growing trend and I guess I am in shock, I would like to talk about the 90’s. I feel old now. I think of the 90’s and I was just a very young girl on the verge of growing up. I even recall the magazine I saw in the school library (which one is was I don’t recall) essentially showing what would be the last time one would see, until now, classic 90’s dress, hair, and makeup. It was a teen magazine. Caucasian girl with this big smile. bright pink lipstick. I think she had on one of those jean jackets with all the sparkle on it. Hair done up in a side ponytail a-top her head with a pink scarf like tie. I specifically remember thinking, “You wont see that again.” I think the year was … goodness gracious… let me think, 1995. So, roughly 24 years ago. It was reminiscent of the 80’s in a way though not as neon. I noticed a slight shift in how girls dressed. At the time Brandy was a big and so were those weird plastic jackets which she was seen wearing in at least one of her videos. Visor hats. Combat like boots with dresses. To be honest that’s a trend worth bringing back. You may not see me wear it since I now either dress like a woman in her mid-40’s who still wants to wear something a tad younger (take for example today I have ripped jeans, a tan shirt with a tiny pocket, and a white cardigan sweater and slippers) or with a style of classic chic. Nice jeans and a gorgeous blouse with shoes suitable for the office. But I work from home so who am I trying to impress? HAHA No, seriously, I wonder what happened to my wardrobe sometimes. At the same token I wouldn’t wear Jnco’s. Though I did wish I still had my crop top and a belly chain that I used to have. What happened to that anyway?

So, on with the topic I picked: HAIR. Now I was never good with my own hair. I just recently was able to French braid or Double Dutch braid my hair while having my head slightly over the edge of my bed. Curling my hair takes a stone age. BUT, I remember all the fun new gadgets of the 90’s that changed our hairstyles. Some came out a a bit earlier though. I remember hair crimping in the 80’s. In fact I think it was seen on Weird Science the other fay which I saw aired on BBC America. I did have a crimper growing up. My step-sister and I would have fun putting on faux makeup and do our hair and dress as usual kids did back then. If you keep up on celeb news, I don’t care too to be honest just because I don’t feel their personal lives are my business, you will know that Khloe Kardashian and Ariana Grande have been sported with crimped hair! Let the flow of followers crimping their hair begin.

Other hairstyles making a comeback are the high ponytail (though it has never really left but the exact style hasn’t been what would be seen in the 90’s such as a high curly ponytail) and so have scrunci’s. I love scrunci’s In fact I crocheted one the other day and gave it to my oldest daughter.

Barrett’s. Though I will say this, there were barrett’s in the 80’s but mostly with young children. In the 90’s it was more sleek and metallic. I think these should never go out of style as it adds element to the hair.

Hairsprayed hair. Now I never did this, not unless you include going to my grandma’s house as a child and on Sunday she would curl up my hair the night before and use an iron to give me that tightly curled bang and then Aqua spray my curled hair to a crunchy consistency.

Spiked pixie. I still think it’s a cute look though not for me. No, I look horrible with such short hair.

Side barretted Bangs with a short hair still, slightly puffed in the back using that bump thing that came out and flipping the ends. No I don’t really know what the look was called but I do remember Drew Barrymore wearing it a lot.

The Rachel. Who didn’t covet her hair? I had mine redone like hers last year but this year I am sporting a choppy bob. Less hair to deal with.

Mixed texture. bits of flat ironed hair with tight curls. Now, if I could ever feel confident in rocking that look I would. Then again I have gotten older and as said, I range between two looks.

What hairstyles have you seen coming back? From any era. Have you actually seen a girl take out a huge can of spray, flip her hair over and spray the backside and let it air dry only to flip it back over thus creating a look I never understood? Yes, yes, that was a thing. That and using picks in curl permed hair. Also a big 90’s thing. Curls! Share in the comments.

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