Avon Senses: Lily & HoneySuckle Blossom Bubble Bath Review + Pics

Who here loves bubble baths? Most kids do and many adults a well. A bubble bath is a great way to relax at the end of a hard day/week or for kids, a fun way to get clean. Scented bubble baths are even better because scents can be relaxing. Avon releases a line called Avon Senses. I like getting bubble bath products as I do have kids and a teen girl who is nuts for bubbles. I am going to review the Lily and Honeysuckle Blossom. Released earlier this year adding to other scents such as Soft Pink Lavender Garden, Sensitive Skin, Cucumber Melon, Endless Ocean (I love the smell of water), Cherry Blossom, and Vanilla Cream.

This bubble bath is 24 fl oz. So far it’s lasted a good month. I don’t use more than recommended on the directions. One of the features of any bubble bath is that there should be a lot of bubbles! And with this particular bubble bath, the product did not disappoint. Also, I like when bubbles don’t go away after a few minutes. It’s always sad when you get a good bubble going and suddenly your sitting there and realize the bubbles are all gone. When I worked fast food, one of the rules of thumb was if the bubbles were gone, you needed to refill the wash sink. It shouldn’t be that way so quickly with bubble bath. The scent is wonderful too and you can smell it on the skin for a while after you’ve gotten out. Another nice way to know the quality of product. The smell needs to be as promised and last. When using this on my daughters skin, it left her skin soft. Some bubble bath products are oily. Or they leave your skin dry. My daughter has dry skin. It needs moisture. Since infancy her skin needed oatmeal baths. Since then her skin has gotten better but still needs moisture. What better way than in a bubble bath? My son loves just washing his hands in it; though I think after helping me with product pictures that he might want a bath later. He may be getting big on me but he loves bubbles too. Avon bubble baths he loves because he likes the smell of flowers and likes how fun the product is. Me? I take a relaxing bath once a week as a way to have time to myself. I am not big on baths but having the product is still important in this house with teens and kids.


  • Lots of bubbles
  • Great scent
  • Great for any skin type
  • Doesn’t leave residue
  • Scent lasts


None so far!


water, sodium chloride, cocamide mea, sodium laureth sulfate, fragrance, disoium EDTA, citric acid, sodium hydroxide, methchloroisothiaolinone, methylisothiazolinone

This item can be bought at my online store here . It and the other bubble baths are on sale now until April 2, 2019 for $5.99 (Reg $8) be sure to subscribe to emails via my shop if you re a first time customer you can ave 10% on your first order. Check out my welcome page to note the deal we are having for March 2019. When yo spend $50+ online you get 20% in April. Be sure to take up the offer of the A Box, which changes every two weeks, when you spend $40+ dollars to get the box for $10. If you ever need help with a price or have other questions, contact me on my shop or on my Facebook page. For contact with Avon directly please call 1-800-500-AVON (1-800-500-2866) seven days a week between 7AM and Midnight EST. An Avon Customer Service Assistant will be happy to help you. Avon is an Animal Cruelty Free company.

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