What's New Catalogs (Preview Only)

When it comes to the What’s New Catalogs, a customer can’t purchase items directly online. I can, however, take early orders. All that you see in each What’s New will be within the following campaign of the current one. Ex: We are in Campaign 15 until July 9, 2019, at 2PM Pacific Standard and What’s New Items can be purchased a Campaign ahead at wholesale. Not representative cost. The items below are not yet for sale and are previews of what Avon will be rolling out. Contact me on my Facebook Page for pre-orders. To view the images close up, you can click and use fingers or touchpad to pan in.

Campaign 6 — Starting Feb 19, 2020

Campaign 5 — Starting Feb 5, 2020

Coming up in Campaign 5, we will be rolling out a new short line of CBD products that are THC free. I repeat THC Free. Check out the offers section of this pages for details about how to get a free sample. There is also, as always, new jewelry as well.

Campaign 2 (2019/2020) Preview and Links to Additional Offers

Campaign 4 will be all about Serums.

Don’t worry. It’s not just about serums in Campaign 14.

As you can see we have serums, essential oils, new tooth pastes with a tooth brush (a new way to use pink Himalayan sea salts), and new hair products. Including new hair dyes that would work well with our root touch up products. I do hope to demo these on my new YouTube Channel. Check it out I Speak Avon-Lish

Campaign 18 Preview

Campaign 17 Whats New Preview

Campaign 16 What’s New Preview